Thursday, October 13, 2016

Renewed Papal "Hostility" Against Cardinal Sarah -- Who Can and Can Not?

(Rome) Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has been   Prefect of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments since the autumn of 2014, has developed over the past two years into one of the most prolific and courageous representatives of the universal Church. His traditional understanding of the Church and his public ministry has led to increasing rejection in papal circles. Within the last three months, the Cardinal of Guinea has been rebuffed for the second time.
Cardinal Sarah says what he thinks and he knows what he is talking about. He has written, among other things, two books. The first book, "God or Nothing", was published in 2015 and became a Catholic bestseller worldwide. Since then it has been translated into thirteen languages ​​and topped numerous books on Pope Francis.
Recently the Cadinal's new book, "La Force du silence" (The Power of Silence) was presented in Paris.Translations in other languages ​​are in preparation, and there is every indication that this book will be a sales success.

Clear language is essential for renewal of the Church

The clear language, spoken by the Cardinal, is different from the ambiguous formulations currently preferred in Rome which leave much room for interpretation. The controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris Laetitia became a prime example of the new papal language. Although the Church leader has been asked publicly by various groups of theologians and philosophers to provide clarity to ambiguous formulations, or withdraw the document,  the reigning pontiff has avoided since 2013 from a definition. Pope Francis hides behind references to third parties, without taking even their interpretations himself. He repeated several times, the authentic interpretation of Amoris Laetitia was what Cardinal Schoenborn explained at the presentation of the document in Rome on the 8th of April. What the Archbishop of Vienna said has not been exactly repeated by the Pope. Lately, a "pastoral document" of the bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Buenos Aires consider it as the "authentic" interpretation. There is "no need" to add anything, said Francis, but without saying what exactly is said in this document. Those in Rome speak cautiously of an "indirect interpretation". The braver ones say that it is "obvious" that Pope Francis wants to change previous doctrine, but he does not dare to say it. He therefore is handling things more "dietro le quinte" behind the scenes.
The black African Sarah is made of different stuff. He speaks in clear language, because he considers it essential for a renewal of the Church.

Call for all priests to celebrate ad orientem from First Sunday of Advent

Last July 5 Cardinal Sarah spoke as a speaker at the 2016 Sacra Liturgia UK Conference in London, asking all priests worldwide to celebrate Mass ad orientem in 2016 from the First Sunday of Advent, and on the basis that Pope Francis (see Cardinal Sarah: call to priests , from First Sunday of Advent 2016 to celebrate ad orientem again ).
The cardinal said:
"It is very important that we return as soon as possible to a common direction of prayer of the faithful and priests - to the east or at least the direction of Apse -. from whence the Lord will come again"
So he repeated a statement he had made in May in an interview with the French magazine Famille Chrétien. The Cardinal also contradicted the assertion spread in recent decades that the priests  turn their  "backs on" the people, he also celebrates facing ad orientem (to the east). It is "essential that the priest and the faithful face east together. That is exactly what Council Fathers wanted "because" priests and faithful face together in the same direction, on the returning Lord, whom they expect." In the rubrics for the celebration of Mass it was specified exactly when the priest turns to the people (see Cardinal Sarah: "Priests, celebrate ad orientem" ).

Cardinal Robert Sarah

In some circles the brightest excitement prevailed and it was followed by the first affront to Cardinal Sarah. One could also speak of a shot across the bow. On the 11th of July an anonymous statement was published by the Press Office of the Vatican. One does not know which dicastery and which person was responsible. Yet it is certain that it has been endorsed by Santa Marta, otherwise they would not have been published by the Press Office.

Vatican statement with "irritating nonsense"

With the statement  someone hastened to clarify that "no new liturgical directives" are provided for the start of Advent, as someone "falsely" had concluded from the words of Cardinal Sarah. It should also be "better to avoid the expression, 'reform of the reform' regarding the liturgy, as it was sometimes a source of misunderstandings."
In short, Cardinal Sarah's statements were denied by mention of his name. Moreover, the Cardinal was virtually represented as a liar. In the anonymous the Vatican statement it said: "This all happened by mutual agreement within the course of a recent audience that the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship was granted by the Pope." (see also Direction of Celebration: Pope Francis stops foray by Cardinal Sarah ).
The matter was quite differently explained  from the point of view of the Cardinal addressed. Cardinal Sarah appealed specifically to Pope Francis. He presented to him his liturgical concerns, and the Pope had encouraged him.
In London, the cardinal had announced:
"It seems to me useful to remember what I have said on other occasions: Pope Francis asked me to continue the extraordinary liturgical work begun by Benedict XVI.  (see. the message to the Sacra Liturgia-Meeting 2015 in New York, USA). It is not so that the views of his predecessor is ruled out, because we have a new Pope. On the contrary, the Holy Father Francis has an immense respect for the liturgical point of view and for the retired Pope Benedict XVI.  in conscientious fidelity to the intentions and objectives of the Council Fathers' implemented decisions."
This startled the  papal entourage which also responded and denied what the cardinal from Guinea so fearlessly and steadfastly maintains. Cardinal Sarah has stuck resolutely to what has been said, because he is convinced of the profound importance of celebrating Mass facing liturgical east: "The Lord will come from the east", which is why priests and people in the sacred liturgy should turn together to the east, as the whole Church has done more than 1900 years ( Jesus will return from the east, but in the Vatican they have misplaced the compass - Cardinal Sarah reaffirms foray to celebrate Mass ad orientem ).
The anonymous press release from the Vatican clearly explained concerns  that haunt the papal entourage. It also "clarified" that the Missal of Paul VI. is the "ordinary form" of the Roman Rite, and as such should not be replaced by the "extraordinary form".  It was also "clarified" that the altar must always be designed in such a way that the celebratio versus populum can be performed. A "false" statement, according to experts, because this quoted from Institutio Generalis Romani Missalis 2002 only applies to new churches. A celebration direction to the people moreover, was also as the leading liturgists agree, liturgical "nonsense," because the priest turns in the Eucharistic celebration with the people  to God and not to the people. Every priest  can and should celebrate eastwards, repeated Cardinal Sarah again. This requires neither a permit nor a change in the rules in force, because it corresponds to the applicable regulations.

The Outreach

In his new book "La Force du silence," Cardinal Sarah reaffirms the need to celebrate "versus orientem": The reform of the post-conciliar liturgical reform will take place, because it is necessary, said the Cardinal Prefect.
A week after the book came onto the market, a second affront to the Cardinal followed and again directly from the papal entourage.
This coming October 27 the academic year for the  Pontifical Institute of John Paul II for Studies on Marriage and Family  opened its academic year. Cardinal Sarah is to have given the opening speech. But now everything is different. The opening speech will now be held by Pope Francis personally.
The change was disavowed not only by Cardinal Sarah, it also relates to the institution itself, which was founded by John Paul II., together with Cardinal Carlo Caffarra and also in connection with the Synod of Bishops on the Family, deciding how to hold firm on the sacrament of marriage and the traditional moral teaching of the Church. Too firm according to the papal entourage, because the Institute's attitude stands in the way of the "new mercy"  to which Cardinal Kasper and Pope Francis  showed the way.
Although the staff of the Institute are the official, papal experts in marriage and family, they were neither consulted on the preparations nor the synod. Thus, the Institute has been clearly shown that his line is no longer desirable.
Last summer, Pope Francis made a tabula rasa . He replaced the leaders of the Institute from their positions and assigned those of his orientation. The new Grand Chancellor was Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio (Assisi Interreligious Meeting), who is also appointed as the new President of the Pontifical Academy For Life. The New institute director was Pierangelo Sequeri. In other words, Pope Francis brought the Institute which held to "the Old"  back "on track" (see "Stormed and Humiliated" - The Rebuilding of the Institute John Paul II by Francis and the "sexual revolution in the Vatican". )
The Vatican expert Sandro Magister wrote:
"The result is, that Paglia has boasts to all and sundry of having received the assurance from the Pope that he will personally hold the opening speech for the new course 'of the Institute, dedicated to the contemporary and  openness - instead of the outdated and closed Sarah."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is the :Hillary Clinton" of the Catholic Church....lies, deceit, cover-ups, double-speak, underhanded attempts at sabotage those opposed to him, vindictiveness, etc.
But as with Clinton's attempt to sabotage Trump with the "old news" of Trump's comments about women and old interviews he gave making disparaging comments about them, Pope Francis' harassment and nasty games against good Catholics will backfire in his face.
Clinton is now drowning in a sea of scandals about her e-mails and time as Sec. of State. UNlike her dirty tricks against Trump...they are all true.
Likewise, before the year is out, Pope Francis and his Vatican will be awash in scandal and rumors, abuse and accusations.....and they will all be true. It'll carry on into 2017....and it'll wind up bringing Francis down and out (either it'll kill him, or he'll quit in disgrace.
Damian Malliapalli

M. Prodigal said...

The true faithful are maligned and marginalized. The faithful Institutes and Orders are under duress and mandates to change and 'update'. Holiness not welcome!

susan said...

This kind of man can't be's not in him. He is a malignant diabolical narcissist, and the literal incarnation of modernism. He is vile in the first degree, and will eventually be the Catholic version of a Judenrat (ala g. soros as a young jackal).

Anonymous said...

"Clear language is essential for renewal of the Church".

It is essential, but it is also REQUIRED as stated, well, clearly in the Catechism.

CCC 1697 says: "Catechesis has to reveal in all clarity the joy and the demands of the way of Christ."

The list of Pope Francis' positions, statements and opinions that vary or disagree with past papal and Magesterial teaching continues to grow. Indeed, the Church of Pope Francis is now approaching something of a "different religion" than that of the Catholic faith.

When will prelates stand up and state the obvious?

JBQ said...

May God continue to bless Cardinal Sarah for his loyalty to his Son.

Voice from Poland said...

Exactly, time after time Francis confirms in his statements that he is willing in his false approach to a "new mercy", to endorse every possible heresy as the official teaching of the Church itself.

And for the people like cardinal Sarah, Francis take off his mask of humble bishop of Rome living in housekeepers premises, and using his ruthless papal powe and will He has only one answer, obey obey obey

True christians of today world will be crucified by modernist, universal evangelical so called christians, firts of all they will be thrown away form the False Church because they do not obey.... this is how dialoge and openess looks towards true christians and catholics who want to help the Church to shine again amongst the nations of the world..... I am afraid that not so long Pope will reject the right to use the word - nations.....

Anonymous said...

The only good thing is Pope Francis is just about 80. Most of his gang are either past 80, or within a few years of it. Even some of his radical liberal appointments as Cardinals, (new or old), are close to retirement or 80.
The Vatican II crowd has no youthful blood. Youngest are in their mid-late 60's. And there 's not many on that young end.
I think the silence of so many Cardinals and bishops is not cowardice, it's that they are so sick of this man and his agenda they can't wait until he's gone....either dead or otherwise.
Damian Malliapalli.

Robbie said...

Those who voted for the clownish Bergoglio in the 2013 Conclave committed a grave error. Those in the hierarchy who continue to Bergoglio are committing a sin against the Catholic Church. In his three and a half years as pope, Bergoglio has operated with one mandate: to crush once and for all the conservative wing of the Catholic Church.

I feel no obligation to support someone so manifestly unfit to serve as pope and neither should the last few scared Cardinals and Bishops who cling to the old ways. I understand it is a tough time for them because what is being done to Sarah is meant to be a signal to others. Those who dare contradict Bergoglio will be destroyed.

I see no victory for the Catholic Church in my lifetime. Bergoglio has stacked the deck so that the next Conclave will be a rubber stamp for Cupich or Tagle. And once that happens, Rome will be no different than Canterbury or Nuremburg.

I urge those in the College who still cling to the faith to resist. Sadly, they won't. Bergoglio has them running scared.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Robbie above: the fix is in for the next conclave as this old heretical fox of Francis is determined that his legacy will continue. He is pure evil and the embodiment of willful narcissism. I wish Damian Malliapalli were right the upcoming defeat of the heretical octogenarians---but just look at the comfortable cowardice of Burke and company: there is no likelihood, unless God directly intervenes, of a recovery from this mortal attack on our Holy Mother the Church.

Anonymous said...

There is no "conservative" or "liberal" in Catholicism those are political terms. There's just Catholic, and Catholic is what Bergoglio has as his mandate to crush.

Anonymous said...

It's highly probable some of these "Cardinals" dislike & disagree with Francis and the post late 1960's conciliar church just as much if not more than traditional Catholics.
These men being very old and dependent upon a consistent paycheck & healthcare are understandably worried what will happen to their stability if they rebelled against or left the Novus Ordo.
I'm not insulting these men in the least.Old age is the toughest roughest phase of life.
Just remember this and pray for them.

Tancred said...

Liberalismo es peccado.

Catholic Dostoievsky said...


I more or less agree with you, but I think that once the True Christians, i.e., Catholics are tossed out, including the Swiss Guard, the secularists will swoop in and seize all church property, from the Vatican churches, palaces offices, even the Museum, down to the lowliest abandoned Catholic church buildings and schools rotting away in places like Detroit, Gary, and rural France, and even the humblest protestant churches. Organizations like Catholic Charities will officially be absorbed into the government. Catholics will go underground while those who sided with the False Church will slowly be purged. The Catholic Church will gain, and even the greater part of protestants who want to remain Christian will grasp that the erroneous theologies of Protestantism are what brought us to the current situation and will make their way into the True Church. Even some benighted atheists, Jews, Moslems, and others, having their eyes opened to natural law-- The Logos- will make their way in.

jac said...

Damian, including all the red hats bestowed to a lot of Pope Francis' friends, there will be a majority of modernist cardinals in the next conclave.
Unless a miraculous intervention of the Holy Spirit meddling in the ballot, the next pope will be the same as Francis, if not worse.
That is the very reason the few trad prelates don't dare to act.

susan said...

Dostoievsky; so how does the whole 'pope-thing' work through all of this?...that's a pretty important thread of the RCC tapestry.

susan said...

tell this violin story to Polycarp, Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus.....they're the model that's expected of us, especially our prelates!

If you can't at least make a cursory effort to witness for Christ and the Truth, then for God's sake don't accept the red trim.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you're saying and do not deny the truth of your statement.
Keep in mind the struggles of various Saints and holy men & women throughout Church history.
St.Peter our first Pope was one of them.He had struggles but overcame them eventually and died as a martyr.
That's why I ended my comment asking everyone to pray for these men.All we can do is pray & offer up sacrifices for anyone who is struggling.

susan said...

I agree with the call to prayer, and practice/offer it every day, but please don't delude yourself. Many of these men have more in common with RuPaul than with St. Peter. They are the very definition of the 'hirelings' and not the true shepherds that Our Lord spoke about. They are selling out the flock to desolation and damnation for the comfort, wealth, and status of this world and its prince.

Don't let emotionalism or sentimentality take control of your reason....we're in a battle; perhaps unlike any ever seen on the face of the earth (read OL of reads like today's headlines). The enemy, and those in league with him must be fought and called out as enemies.

Pray, certainly. But also realize that people are making free-will choices for the side they will serve. 2 good things to read...if you want top take the 'red pill'....

"Alta Vendita", published by TAN, and

Pray...and fight. Call out the devil and his minions, no matter what pretty outfits they wear.

Anonymous said...

I hear you loud & clear but understand I left the novus ordo long ago.
Getting older and with years of bad decision making under my belt,I was just surmising my very first comment may be possible.What you say is true and I don't disagree.

Anonymous said...

Over some time I have noticed how clear-headed, wise and courageous Susan's comments are. A real Catholic lady in the tradition of the great, late Phyllis Schafly, may she rest in God's sight---even if she did not extend her courage to leaving the wretched Novus Ordo.

Catholic Dostoievsky said...

A conclave, of course. One composed of such bishops and cardinals remaining Catholic, and most likely not even taking place in Europe. This Church will abandon all the big Government money charities, like Catholic hospitals and universities, and will go back to basics, like helping your neighbors or relatives in walking distance care for their disabled. the "official" Church will wither and die, like all these Islam the old guilds, but not for the same reason-- The "official" False Church will die of the lack of credibility that Modernism brought to its natural conclusion will end in.

Think "The Gospel, St. Augustine, and Msgr Benson Meet the Cathatist-Orwellian-Huxleyan-Gramscian Night Monsters." Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Fatima. Pray for us

Unknown said...

Francis is an impostor on the throne of Peter. The church has survived bad popes before, we will survive this one. "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it"