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Pope Francis: Rebel University of Peru Recognized Unilaterally as "Papal" and "Catholic"

(Rome) Pope Francis continues the rehabilitation of individuals and institutions in Latin America who were censured by the Holy See - especially under Pope Benedict XVI. - because of serious deviations from the doctrine or Church order.

Rehabilitation Ariel Álvarez Valdés

A few weeks ago Pope Francis rehabilitated his Argentine compatriot, the dogmatic theologian Ariel Álvarez Valdés. For more than twelve years 1995-2008 there has been conflict between Álvarez Valdés and the Church. As a representative in the teaching of biblical rationalism in Chile, modeled after the Lutheran Rudolf Bultmann, despite not distancing himself after repeated calls from heterodox theories, his teaching license was revoked. Álvarez Valdés' reaction to the condemnation of his priesthood led him to describe himself as a "victim" of a "repressive method of persecution" by the Roman Congregation. Ariel Álvarez Valdés would not correct any of his nine theses contested by the CDF for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation by Pope Francis was made ​​unilaterally and without reparation. A substantive issue was not addressed.

Rehabilitation of Cicero Romao Batista

On December 2015 Pope Francis rehabilitated the excommunicated priest Brazilian Cicero Romao Batista (1844-1834). Romao Batista had been excommunicated form rebellion in 1891 against ecclesiastical order. He was accused by his bishop of having constructed a false Eucharistic miracle. After his excommunication, Romao Batista, a staunch Christian Social activist, engaged in political activities and got into the fight between liberals and Catholics. It was there that the people's veneration grew in his homeland, the State of Ceará in northeastern Brazil. In 1974 he was canonized by the schismatic Brazilian Apostolic Church. In the case of Romao Batista the Vatican Secretariat of State informed the competent bishop of a formal error. The Excommunication of 1891 had never been properly executed, therefore Romao Batista was never excommunicated. Also in this case Pope Francis forewent any substantive explanation.

In addition there are a number of signals of approaching liberation theology, such as the visit of Pope Francis in July 2015 at the grave of the Jesuit and Marxist Luis Espinal Camps in Bolivia and the controversial beatification of Archbishop Óscar Romero in May 2015 in San Salvador. Pope Francis recognized the death of the archbishop, who was killed in the church by a soldier of the former military dictatorship, as Martyrdom in odium fidei. It was his predecessor Benedict XVI. who harbored doubts and stopped the beatification process.
Five Bishops With Evil Rector 

Former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

On Friday, August 12, it was announced in a press release that the former "Pontifical Catholic" University of Peru will now officially again call themselves "Catholic" and may use the honorary title of "pontifical" university.

The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) is the oldest private university in the Latin American country. They currently enroll 25,000 students. In 1917 she was consciously founded by the Arnsteiner Father Jorge Dintilhac SSCC (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) as a Catholic university to counteract the pressures of liberal sentiments from the state. Dintilhac was founding rector and defined the university until his death in 1947. In 1942 his work was honored by Pope Pius XII., recognizing the school as a Pontifical University. Each incumbent Archbishop of Lima was its Grand Chancellor.

Since the 1960s, Gustavo Gutierrez has taught at the University, the namesake and founder of Marxist liberation theology. Because of various initiatives and its faculty, there were conflicts with ecclesiastical authority. Under the incumbent Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, Juan Luis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, the conflict came to a head. The cardinal denounced the university as its Grand Chancellor, of being in its activities and doctrine like secular universities and urged it to regain its lost Catholic profile. The cardinal referred to the constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae issued by Pope John Paul II. in 1990 and called for its implementation.

Lack of Catholic Profile

As Rector Marcial Antonio Rubio Correa, after the ouster of President Alberto Fujimori 2000/2001, became Minister of Education, was deaf to this proposal, an investigation was launched by the Vatican. In 2012 Pope Benedict XVI. sent Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, as apostolic visitor. Since this intervention did not bear fruit, the Vatican presented the University with an ultimatum to implement the provisions of 1990. As this passed unheeded, the University was deprived of recognition as a "Papal" and "Catholic" university.

Rector Rubio Correa continued the confrontation nevertheless, and insisted upon maintaining the full name, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú because it was independent of Canon Law, by the name of the University being recognized and registered by the State Peru. In Catholic publications ever since an "ex" is used when naming the University.

Four years later, everything seems different. Pope Francis let the Peruvian Episcopal Conference know through Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin that the University may be called again "papal" and "Catholic". The bishops are again to return the University to the highest of bodies. On August 12, the Episcopal Conference implemented the papal request. An official delegation visited the University Rector to officially notify them of the papal decision. Rector is still the lawyer Marcial Antonio Rubio Correa.

Big Loser Cardinal Cipriani Thorne

Of an implementation of the university constitution Ex Corde Ecclesciae 1990 or a strengthening of the Catholic profile, there is no more talk. With immediate effect five bishops reassume their seat and a vote in university committees, including the President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, Salvador Piñeiro García-Calderón, the Archbishop of Ayacucho o Huamanga. Rector Rubio Correa has said he was "delighted" and did so through the press-service of the University, presenting a photo of himself and the five bishops.

In August 2012, the bishops had still defended Cardinal Cipriani Thorne against "baseless allegations" that were spread by the media, who supported the struggle of the Rector against the Church. The bishops declared that time to try to protect those students who "want to preserve the Catholic identity of the University." Four years later, the "Catholic identity" at the University does not seem to be at risk.

The big loser is, next to the Church's credibility and a recognizable Catholic position, especially, Juan Luis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne. The cardinal was not included in Pope Francis' decision. This thus gives the impression that the Primate of Peru, along with Benedict XVI., had a senseless conflict about a broken fence, there had apparently never existed one reason to deprive the University of its name.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne belongs to Opus Dei, who has been under strong pressure since the election of Pope Francis within the Peruvian Episcopal Conference. The bishops newly appointed by Francis have almost invariably, another understanding of the Church. The Cardinal is, due to his personality and intellect, a still outstanding, but increasingly isolated figure in the Catholic Church in the country. It is an open secret that a group of brothers in the episcopate longs for his retirement. The Cardinal will complete in December 2018 his 75th year.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: PUCP (Screenshot)

Trans: Tancred

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Gustavo said...

Cipriani Thorne like a good Opus Dei functionary wanted the money, power and control. He's lost everything now and the other half a dozen Opus Dei bishops in Peru will be just as much on the outer as they wanted their opponents.
Cipriani's move against the Catholic University was unjust and ill intentioned from the start.

Tancred said...

Liberation Theology U? Lol! Funny. All he did was ask them to abide by Ex Corde Ecclesiae, guess they didn't care even to make the effort.

Gustavo said...

You should read up on Card Mueller's work with Gutierrez OP in Peru, his co-authored books on Liberation Theology and his assessment that LT is orthodox in teaching and practical application. Mueller's approbation of LT is of the original Gutierrez theology which is the foundation of the CELAM documents of Medellin, 1968 and Aparecida 2007 - with Benedict's blessing)

Cipriani and his OD colleagues have been all out to subvert and discredit this for years. The 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae' pretext is a smokescreen for a power grab and an attempt to crush a theological basis for the Evangelization of the Latin American Church adopted by CELAM and confirmed by both Benedict, Francis and Card Mueller.

Tancred said...

Gutierrez is a Red and I'm familiar with Müller's infatuation with Marxism.

Leftist clergy are all about power, it's really the only thing they truly care about, and so have no real understanding of the Church.

Gustavo said...

What precisely is your evidence for alleging that Fr Gutierrez OP is a 'Red' and on what grounds do you assert that Mueller has an 'infatuation with Marxism'?

Tancred said...

Gutierrz was even snubbed by Francis.

And the movement was basically stage managed and financed by the Reds, not that you care.

Gustavo said...

Quoting two opinion pieces does not amount to enough evidence to hang a person except in Nth Korea perhaps.
You seem to have missed the part where Francis warmly welcomed Fr Gutierrez OP in Rome within the last year.
And now for Card Mueller's 'infatuation with Marxism'.....?

Tancred said...

Medellin was largely coopted and funded by the KGB.

Gustavo said...

Post script: Tradition in Action has a phot of Pope Francis warmly greeting Fr Gutierrez OP on November 22, 2014 at the IV National Missionary Congress of Italy held in Rome.
It does not appear that the Pope is snubbing Gutierrez.

Barnum said...

Gustabriel yips again, barking for an Ex Corde Illegitimi.

Gustavo said...

"Medellin was largely coopted an funded by the KGB"
How much is 'largely coopted' and can you prove the allegation anyway?

Tancred said...

Yep, Gutierrez OP wasn't on the official calendar and met only briefly with Bergoglio. He insulted one of Bergoglio's favorite married bishops.

From the article you ignored by spectator:

I was not involved in the creation of Liberation Theology per se. From Sakharovsky I learned, however, that in 1968 the KGB-created Christian Peace Conference, supported by the world-wide World Peace Council, was able to manoeuvre a group of leftist South American bishops into holding a Conference of Latin American Bishops at Medellin, Colombia. The Conference’s official task was to ameliorate poverty. Its undeclared goal was to recognise a new religious movement encouraging the poor to rebel against the ‘institutionalised violence of poverty’, and to recommend the new movement to the World Council of Churches for official approval.
The Medellin Conference achieved both goals. It also bought the KGB-born name ‘Liberation Theology’.

Gustavo said...

Tancred, you confuse the avowed intention of intelligence services such as the KGB in running interference operations such as supporting 'liberation; movements' around the world actually running them. It happens all the time.
Ion Mihai Pacepa is making an ambit claim which is not supported by the facts.
I suggest you read John Allen, "Did the KGB 'create' Latin America's Liberation Theology?" Crux, May 5, 2015.

Tancred said...

John Allen is almost as dubious as you are.

And the infiltration and manipulation of "Peace Movements" and "Civil Rights" initiatives such as Libtard Theology is well documented.

Gustavo said...

You need to learn the difference between unsubstantiated allegations, assertions, ambit claims and reasoned, fact based argument. The inability of many on this site, often yourself included, greatly weakens the credibility of what is written.

Tancred said...

You need to learn to find other means of entertainment than wasting my time, Gaystapo.

southwillriseagain said...

So rather than offer proof, or at least a link, you blow him off? Not an intelligent response. You didn't have to insult him. You could have offered some proof of your allegation re: the KGB.

southwillriseagain said...

Yep, insult anyone who you don't agree with. Compare him to a dog. Real Christian of you.

southwillriseagain said...

Amen Gustavo. I noticed on this site that whenever you disagree with the old time posters, the personal attacks come out. "John Allen is almost as dubious as you are" is an example. There was no need for a personal attack. Why not just offer an opposing argument!

Tancred said...

John Allen is a leftist lowlife just like you.

Tancred said...

Like Gaystapo, you don't have a lot to say, but you do simper, pout and fume.

Tancred said...

It's well-established that the Soviet Union and Communist cells were behind Liberation Theology. If it quacks, it's a dirty Commie duck.

You've probably never heard of Bella Dodd.

Tancred said...

In case anyone is still interested:

Liberation theology has been generally understood to be a marriage of Marxism and Christianity. What has not been understood is that it was not the product of Christians who pursued Communism, but of Communists who pursued Christians. I described the birth of liberation theology in my book Disinformation, co-authored with Professor Ronald Rychlak. Its genesis was part of a highly classified Party/State Disinformation Program, formally approved in 1960 by KGB chairman Aleksandr Shelepin and Politburo member Aleksei Kirichenko, then the second in the party hierarchy after Nikita Khrushchev.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

South and Gaystavo, if you don't agree or don't like the commenters on this site, then LEAVE. No one's forcing you to read here, and all you do is waste our time. Go comment in Patheos. It's clear that you will never agree with Tancred and the rest of us, so there's no point in both sides arguing. Cut it out.

Gustavo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Did you not get the point Gustav? If you don't trust the factual accuracy of a report then leave, stop endlessly forcing arguments with Tancred. You use personal insults as much as anyone, by the way. Quit posting disagreements for the sake of disagreement, which is what we all know you're doing. This obviously isn't the blog for you, so leave it in peace and go elsewhere.

Tancred said...

I have more trust for Lt. Gen Ian Pacepa's account, which is backed by sensitive Soviet documentation than I do a creepy anonymous commenter who will post literally dozens of times over an hour period something I've deleted.

You're not a worthwhile contributor to this or any other forum, Gaystapo, and I will happily delete every bit of modernist venom you try to post here. Clearly there are better uses of my time, so I'll just moderate the forum from now on.

Gustavo said...

Having some anon knuckle cracker come to your defence and deleting posts indicate that you lack confidence in yourself and a tacit admission that you are incapable of sustaining a rational argument. All you have achieved in this thread is to support someone’s dodgy opinion piece, laced with assertions and broad claims but you are not prepared even to entertain the thought that claims without the backing of provable fact. The more this is pointed out, the more you trot out the same old gossipy chestnuts which have nothing to do with what is perhaps the source of your underlying discontent. It is not the post Vatican II Church that appals you, it’s something well before that happened. And fancy the monarchist betting the crown jewels on a couple of discredited old Commie hacks.

Anonymous said...

And once again, what is your point in this Gustav? Why go at this endlessly? What exactly do you think you are accomplishing?

Barnum said...

Mouthwillriseagain is Mouthisdisingenuousagain. Gaystavo leads off "Cipriani Thorne like a good Opus Dei functionary..." That was not insulting? You lads in the religious part of the Commie hive really need to grow up. You lads don't believe in life after death, and I can't see what the benefit of your wishing away reality is. Misery does loves company, as you demonstrate.

Barnum said...

Tancred, Gaystapo/Mouthwillriseagain will not read whatever sources you cite and couldn't care less about them because he starts with bad premises then builds a "logical" argument that in his mind supports his assertions. Really, as time has shown, his premises are 1) Communism is as good as free markets, if not better; 2) gay is as good as straight, if not better, and 3) all other religions and theologies are the equal of the True Faith, if not better.