Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gänswein: "The certainty that the pope was considered a pillar of strength, as the last anchor gives way, is starting to slip in fact."

Hendrick Groth in an Interview with Georg Gänswein: "Doctrinal expressions must
be clear. Expressions which allow different interpretations are a business."
(Rome) A new interview with Archbishop Curia Georg Gänswein was published in the Schwäbische Zeitung. The interview with the personal secretary of Benedict XVI. and Prefect of the Papal Household of Pope Francis was led by chief editor Hendrik Groth in Rome.

The long-time first secretary of Pope Benedict XVI.  confirmed that the former Pope is mentally in top form. "The head is clear, bright, fine. The legs have become somewhat tired."

Even after three years of the pontificate of Pope Francis, Msgr Gänswein  states, "you couldn't put a piece of paper" between the two successors of Peter:

"I have already asked myself the question; and I still affirm according to all that, what I see, hear and perceive. With regard to the principles of their theological convictions there is definitely a continuity. Of course, I'm also aware that there might occasionally be  doubts cast by the different ways of representation and formulation. But when a pope wants to change something in teaching, he must say it clearly, so that is also authentic. Important teaching concepts can not be changed by sub-sentences or something openly formulated in footnotes. The theological methodology in this regard has clear criteria. A law that is not clear in itself, can not bind. The same is true for theology. Magisterial statements must be clear if they are to be mandatory. Statements that allow for different interpretations, are a risky business." [Enter Vatican II]

About the repeatedly criticized ambiguous language of Pope, Francis Gänswein said:

"That he is somewhat imprecise, even flippant in speeches in comparison to his predecessors sometimes, you just have to accept. Every Pope has his own personal style. It's his way of talking, so even at the risk that give rise to misunderstandings, there are sometimes adventurous interpretations. He will continue to mince no words."

Of the Synod of Bishops on the Family  the Curia Archbishop said:

"Let's be frank that some bishops have really to worry that the doctrine may suffer through lack of crystal-clear language."

The related tensions within the Church and the direction that Pope Francis gives his pontificate:

"The certainty that the pope was considered a pillar of strength,  as the last anchor gives way, is starting to slip in fact. Whether this perception corresponds to reality, and reproduces the image of Pope Francis  correctly, or if this is more a media concoction, I can not judge. Uncertainties occasional confusions and a muddle, however, are growing."

The complete interview of Hendrik Groth with Curia Archbishop Georg Gänswein on schwäbisch.de

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: schwäbisch.de (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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rubyroad said...

I do not trust Archbishop Ganswein.

Gerard said...

Understandable. He's not following your script.

Anonymous said...

and they think we're totally stupid...

Tancred said...

There's salvation in stupidity, you know.

Andrew said...

I don't trust him either.

Liam Ronan said...

The interview reminds me of this exchange from the film The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976):

"Inspector Clouseau: [gesturing to the hotel's dog] Does your dog bite?

German hotelier: No.

[Clouseau bends down to pet the small dog; it attacks and viciously bites him.]

Inspector Clouseau: I thought you said your dog did not bite!

German hotelier: That is not my dog."

Anonymous said...

Chamberlain speaks

gtaylor said...

Pope Francis, has surrounded himself with, in the main, a bunch of weirdos; Cardinals Marx (the pornographer), Cardinal Kasper ( the public liar), Cardinal Scheonborn a weirdo if ever there was one.
This Pope, when he dies, should not be given the title "the pope of confusion" but the real title, "the bad pope".
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us all. Amen.

JMJT said...

This interview reminds me of the Biblical quote,
"You cannot serve two masters".