Thursday, May 26, 2016

Religious Identity of 70 Year Old Woman's Murderer Known

BAD FRIEDRICHSHALL. [Junge Freheit] Police have released new details In the case of a murdered 70 year old woman from the Baden-Württemberg Bad Friedrichshall  about the alleged perpetrators. On the scene Arabic and English notes were found containing what was mainly religious in content, reported the SWR. What they mean exactly, the police do not say so, but that it concerns the identity of the perpetrators.

The alleged offender is likely a 26 years old, according to Pakistani police. He has been in Germany for three years. The man's identity could not be released because he has used a different personal repeatedly in the past. The suspect was already known to the police for theft and threats. He has not denied the fact.

Because of the DNA traces found at the scene, the man is still strongly a suspect of having murdered a 70 year old woman in Bad Friedrichshall-Untergriesheim in Baden-Württemberg last Thursday. Police had arrested the suspect on Monday. The investigators found an item from the victim's home during their search. The prosecution is convinced that the man has actually been in the house of the 70 year old. (Ls)

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OreamnosAmericanus said...

The Pope and the Church, having supported the invasion of the European homelands worldwide by the Third World savages and Muslims, bear responsibility for this and every other assault, robbery, rape and murder these animals have committed. To me, the scandal of covering up the child abuse issue pales in comparison to the historical destruction of our people's homes and the Church's vile collusion in it under the fraudulent rubric of "social justice."

Anonymous said...

It is a criminal enterprise for which the hierarchy will be held to account. They think nothing of supporting the destruction of older people's welfare and security, and the inherited birthright of enfants and the unborn.
If and when the wake-up occurs the backlash against the Church won't be pretty.

kuffarican said...

Celebrate "diversity"!