Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bishop: Islam will take power in Europe

[] Isa Gürbüz, the Syrian Orthodox Church leader in Switzerland, is warning against Islam. The Muslims are starting to dominate in Europe and then the persecution of non-Muslims will begin.

In 20 or 30 years there will be a Muslim majority in Europe," said the Syrian Orthodox bishop in Switzerland, Dionysos Isa Gürbüz. In 1997 he was the first Syrian Orthodox bishop in Germany. Now he oversees  10,000 Syrian Orthodox faithful in Switzerland and 4,000 in Austria.

The Syrian Orthodox is the oldest of the Christian churches. In their homeland in what is now Syria and Iraq, the Syrian Orthodox Christians are persecuted. The monastery of Arth had therefore become a center "for the preservation of our endangered religion and culture", says the Swiss Tages-Anzeiger quoting the Syrian Orthodox Bishop.

"What today thousands of terrorist groups of IS, Taliban or al-Qaida are doing is the extension of the genocide of 1915," says Isa Gürbüz. At that time, nearly 2 million Syrians and Syrian and Greek Orthodox Christians perished. Millions converted to Islam.

Turkey is the enemy of Christians

"What happens to us today began 1,300 years ago," said the bishop. In the 7th century the Muslims had started the genocide of the Christians. The Agenda of Islam has remained the same until today. The Muslims want to drive Christians from the Middle East.

The 51-year-old bishop comes from the eastern part of Turkey, which formerly belonged to Syria. At the beginning of the century there were still 230,000 Syrians living there. Today, there are practically none. Turkey is an enemy of Christians, says Isa Gürbüz.

With collections of clothes, eatables and money, they to try to help their coreligionists in Syria. The bishop wishes  that Switzerland would receive more Christian refugees.

For 20 years he he has pursued the goal  to find a safe place for 2 million Christians  in the Middle East, a zone established under a UN mandate. Or do Christians like the Jews, need their own Israel in the Middle East? [Yes]

Islam wants to impose Sharia

Like many Christian bishops and patriarchs from the Middle East  Isa Gürbüz can hardly imagine a future Syria without Assad. Because a better man is not easy to find. So Syria was the only country in the Middle East before the war, where Christians could live their faith undisturbed.

"If Assad is eliminated, we could have the same thing happen as in Iraq, where, after the fall of Saddam Hussein,  democracy collapsed and Islamist groups took over," says the Bishop. The Arab Spring had only been an interlude. "Because Islam ultimately accepts no democracy, but wants to impose Sharia law."

Gulf countries want Europe to convert to Islam

The bishop calls for vigilance, especially those churches intent on political correctness. It is naive to think that the millions of migrants who are now coming through Turkey to Europe, will adapt  and all live together with Christians in Europe in peace. Also among the migrants there were terrorists.

"Why don't the Gulf states, the Emirates and Qatar take on any refugees?" Because they want to convert Europe to Islam, says Isa Gürbüz. The number of child-rich Muslims will grow rapidly in Europe. They would take power and begin the persecution of non-Muslims.

Isa Gürbüz no longer trusts the Muslims

"What is happening today in the Middle East, will happen here in Europe," said the bishop. The 1300 year long history of persecution had taught him not to trust the Muslims. The beginnings of Islamic proselytizing in Europe may be seen in the establishment of mosques by the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and the Turkish Ministry of Religion Diyanet.

The Patriarch of the Syrian Catholic Church Ignatius Youssif III. Younan urged earlier this year already the use of ground troops against the Islamists in the Middle East, in other words, a renewed crusade to save the Christians in the Middle East.

(Once they are numerically strong enough, Muslims will begin the persecution of Christians in Europe, says Bishop Isa Gürbüz (Photo:. Shutterstock)


JBQ said...

Bishop Gurbuz and others in the Middle East see the reality of what is happening. It would appear that the Western world including the Vatican just does not care about Orthodox Christians. There is precedent for this policy going all the way back to the Middle Ages and the constant butchering of Christians while the West stood by and watched.

Kathleen1031 said...

Wise words. May God open the eyes of all gullible Christians around the world, who seem shockingly blind to the pending reality of their destruction, or their children's. The pope and bishops, have shockingly aided and abetted this endeavor by shaming people into throwing open the borders to all comers.

Anonymous said...

Are you forgetting when the Orthodox committed "The slaughter of the Latins?"

Anonymous said...

"The Syrian Orthodox is the oldest of the Christian churches.". Not true.
The Catholic Church is the oldest (and ONLY) Church. M