Thursday, May 12, 2016

France Backs Down on Gender Ideology Confrontation --- Philippe Zeller Will Be Ambassador to Vatican

(Paris) France's new ambassador to the Holy See is Philippe Zeller. The appointment was preceded by a lengthy tug of war. Early in 2015 the professing homosexual career diplomat Laurent Stefanini had been appointed by the Socialist government in Paris. This was widely perceived as an open provocation against the Catholic Church and a propaganda campaign for normalizing aberrosexuality.
The Vatican Secretariat of State rejected Stefanini because of his sexual disorder, although the Archbishop of Paris Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, had supported appointment.
Already in 2007, the designated appointment, Frank Eich Kuhn-Delforge had been rejected by the Vatican for his depraved way of life as an ambassador.
In April 2015 , Pope Francis the rejected seeing Stefanini in audience, however, reiterated the no to his accreditation. It is not quite clear whether the rejection was made ​​because of his homosexuality, or because the French government tried to coerce the Vatican ideologically with his person.  Officially, the Vatican never commented on the issue.
Shortly after, France demonstratively confirmed Stefaninis as ambassador to the Holy See. Since the Vatican refused accreditation, Stefanini remained an ambassador without portfolio, as France had to be represented in Rome by an executive diplomat.
Observers have assumed that French President François Hollande would not back down  for reasons of prestige, and the question could be thus be held off until after the presidential election in 2017.
After one year, there has been a turning point. After 18 months of vacancy, the government in Paris has dispensed Stefaninis' appointment as various French media has unanimously reported.  The new  Ambassador to the Holy See is to be the career diplomat Philippe Zeller, who is currently Ambassador of France in Canada.
Zeller, born in 1952, is one of the graduating class "Pierre Mendès France" (1978) of the Ecole Nationale d'Aministration (ENA), which forms the cadre of the French civil service. In the same year he entered the service of the Foreign Ministry. In 2010 he was made ​​an Officer of the Legion of Honor.
Philippe Zeller is married, father of two children and grandfather.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: La Croix (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

How much longer can that one blasted lung continue to work?!

. said...
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Anonymous said...

He;s almost 80, does not look especially well, and by his own admission, expects to be in only 4-5 years. He's into his 4th year. I hope he doesn't go past his self-stated expectations. But I didn't wish him dead :)
As an aside....Francis is planning a commission to look into the idea of "women deacons", as asked by the gathering of the 900+ member INternational Union of Superiors General....which everyone knows has the same agenda and outlook as the LCWR and the National Collation of American Nuns in the USA. All the Orders represented in the International Union of Superiors General represent the largest....and very many of the most radical/feminist Orders in the Churcn. Nearly all major Orders belong to it. And it's membership reflects he same as USA nuns....layclothes, radical feminism, promotion of LGBT agenda, power and position for women in the Church, creation spirituality, extreme liturgical abuses, etc, discarding traditional discipline and apostolates in favor of social justice/class struggle, justice,peace and the integrity of creation nonsense. But not a word about loyalty to tradition and the Church....or even Jesus Christ!!
And like the USA nuns (who are almost down below 40,000 this year), they are a dying group, with median ages approaching 80 in some Orders, massive closure of houses, and no vocations.
They deserve all the fruits of Vatican II they have been plagued with.
I don't know about anyone else, but the allowance for woman deacons would be the last straw for the Catholic Church. With that act, let's face it...the Catholic Church would cease to exist.
Damian Malliapalli

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