Friday, May 6, 2016

Cardinal Parolin: "My Successor Could Be a Woman"

(Rome) In presenting the renewed women's supplement of Ossservatore Romano "Donne Chiesa Mondo" (Women Church World) all speakers appealed to Pope Francis, including Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.

"The decisive factor was Pope Francis' statement, to increase the proportion of women in the newsroom," said Giovanni Maria Vian, editor of the "daily newspaper of the Pope".

"If we are ready now, then that's all to the merit of Pope Francis. He said: 'This is the hour of the laity', and women are all laity," said the feminist Luisa Muraro, author in the current issue of the women's supplement of the Osservatore Romano, which she had until recently maintained, would have been impossible.

Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin referred to the relationship between church and women, with a glance to Pope Francis: "I think that more is to be expected."

Papal Electors and Secretary of State?

Pope Francis said that women should be valued in the church. Cardinal Walter Kasper could imagine women as papal electors whether as lady cardinals or not, however, he will deny his statement the next day.

Now, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin says he could also imagine a woman as a successor in his office, in the position as a state secretary at the head of the Roman Curia.

The statement was made to cardinals and Vatican diplomats at an event for the promotion for the women's supplement of the Osservatore Romano "Donne Chiesa Mondo" (women church world) last Tuesday, see the report exclusive and violent? Monotheism in the crossfire of the "Osservatore Romano").

The Cardinal Secretary of State said: "A woman could be Secretary, with regard to the role and function of the Secretary of State; of course with no connection ti the sacraments or the priesthood."

Parolin further: " In any case, I repeat, we will continue the previously chosen path, and the Lord will tell us how far we can go"

The women's supplement changes not only the appearance, but also the orientation, said coordinator Lucetta Scaraffia. The general aim was amplified to reproduce the perspective of women. The women's supplement has a circulation of nearly 20,000 copies and in different languages. "Perhaps we will soon appear also in German," said Scaraffia.

Several praised the "use" of the new Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat Communications, insisted Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò. He was present but did not sit on the podium, but stood silently at the back of the hall. He is said to have other plans for the entire Osservatore Romano, than the current editors.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: RV / OR (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred



OreamnosAmericanus said...

Please name any traditional male institution which women, once admitted into it, have not destroyed.

M. Prodigal said...

Hey, maybe the successor to Francis could be a woman too! That 'pope Joan' we have been waiting for. Someone along the lines of a Hilary all filled with 'hope and change' not to mention ambition.

May the Lord preserve us from such!

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Adrian said...

The Monarchy.

Clinton R. said...

Maybe Pope Francis can do the humble thing and step down and give the papacy to a woman. Those entrusted with the bride of Christ are the weakest most inept men to ever hold the position of prelate. They continue to form a church in their own image. Domine, miserere nobis. +JMJ+

susan said...

I vote for Ann Barnhardt....or Hilary White.

Куда ты идёшь? said...


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah good idea because all women are perfect..........and of course they provide the solution to all the ills of the modern world......and all this time I was thinking it was because of mankind's inclination towards sin. I feel like such a clutz..........

Anonymous said...

How is the monarchy traditionally male? Queen of Sheba in the Bible. And Cleopatra. Seems wherever a king always a queen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord in heaven, save us from Pope Francis the Destroyer!

Anonymous said...

They've destroyed businesses in general.
I was a model for a few years after I graduated college....I got into it on a dare from a friend. I had some photos for a portfolio made, sent them out to three top agencies in NYC and L.A. as a joke, and got offers from all three. No one was more surprised than me. I chose the top one in NYC (not naming the agency), worked there 2 1/2 years when a guy ran the show and a guy ran the shoots/locations/assignments and everything worked out fine. Worked for LL Bean, Lands End, Macy's, Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, and an Italian magazine called Oggi. Made lots of money, traveled, and felt good about my life.
Then a woman was made chief of production, and another for assignments/shoots. I had no idea I was popular in the field...I just enjoyed getting tons of assignments and opportunities to travel for exotic shoots. But I didn't realize (maybe I was stupid) that I had a huge following among a particular group. The woman in charge of assignments started sending me off to shoots that catered to this particular group (magazines that catered to this group). I continued to do photo shoots for Macy;s, LL Bean and Lands End too...but there was a demand for me among a certain group, and when I didn't like some things I was asked to do, I raised an objection. It wasn't porno or anything like that, just a suggestion of some things and lifestyle that wasn't me and which I didn't support.
When I objected to this oman in charge, she said "Alright Mr. EyeCandy, we made we're gonna kill ya (in the industry....not literally). Fortunatly I had saved up a ton of money so I quit before they could downgrade me to the "bottom of the barrel assignments", which would have meant a huge pay cut. I went back to school, just finishd my MA, and teach HS history.
But the moral is....when guys ran the show, it was just a job...which I liked. There was no political/social agenda, advocacy for a certain group of supposed persecuted people (I am sure you can guess who they are), etc. When women got in, they had a warped agenda which was politicized in favor of these people and a lot worse.
I quit a job I actually enjoyed...I liked the travel, and the fame and recognition. But I also have a conscious, and a soul which I wasn;t willing to compromise. So I quit....and so did a lot of others in the field. I have heard that women do that in very many industries when they get a foothold. Just like in the Church.Everything changes to their agenda. And everything is much the poorer for it.
Damian Malliapalli

Sophia said...

A monarchy is not a traditionally male institution because by definition it is a system governed by either a man or a woman. It would be Iike saying a family is a male institution.

Anonymous said...

There will be nothing of the Catholic Church left when Pope Francis and his crew are finished. I hope Pope Benedict XVI is ashamed of himself for what he did to the Church by resigning. Coward.
If not, then he was much more the evil genius that's often depicted in sci-fi, novels, etc. than the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Pope Francis definitely can not lay claim to that title.
I am amazed, totally....than except for 1-2 courageous good bishops, none has stepped up and denounced Francis, and denounced "Amoris Laetitiae" etc.
The Catholic Church has, in three years, become a worthless institution.
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

Nancy Pelosi would be perfect!! Her values and belief systems are perfectly in keeping with the current cabal.

Seattle kim

Unknown said...

Or Hillary if she doesn't win. I'm sure RCIA at the Vatican is a cinch these days.

Seattle kim

Tom said...

I am not a sedevacantist––not even close. "Where Peter is, there is the Church". But I'd be curious to hear the thoughts of some of the writers in The Remnant or the Catholic Family News if (when?) the day comes that the Modernist-packed College of Cardinals elect a woman as the Pontiff.

Not that long ago such a thought would be simply absurd. That is not the case today. Indeed, it is almost possible.

Unknown said...

I'm a sede and I welcome that idea. Maybe then good Catholics would finally wake up rather than sitting around eating Francis for dinner but still proclaiming his papacy. It's blogs like this one that led me to become a Sede---even though this is not a sede site.

Cue the nonsedes to start pointing and shrieking at me like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Seattle Kim

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! More and more I think there's nothing wrong with sedevacantists as Catholics, considering the fact that we have a Pope who had a network campaigning in the conclave for his election...which is illegal with regards to electing a Pope. Also by so much of what he says and does he proves to NOT even be a Catholic.
Now two days ago he gave a long, very long, airbag speech condemning Europe for not welcoming these hordes of Muslim "refugees" into their country.
I wish millions of Catholics could rise up and have the backbone to tell Francis and company to get the H out of the Papacy and the Vatican, go back to Argentina and retire...or whatever comes next for someone who is nearly 80.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has, in 3 years, become a worthless institution.
That's what they wanted since 2005, Daneels, Martini and co.

Anonymous said...

Please don't condemn Pope Benedict, this is asinine. We don't know the facts, the future will probably flesh them out but for now what we DO know is that he was coerced. We know this because at least one cardinal has come out and said he pushed him to resign. We don't know the extent to which they pushed a man in his eighties and even how they're treating him now so don't run him down, pray for him.

Anonymous said...

The real monarchy which is to say, the French monarchy is a male institution. Ever hear of a queen regnant ruling the Holy Kingdom of France? It never happened. This sham of a monarchy in Britain should have a few lords at the most and be subservient to the French Bourbon monarch. One day.

Liam Ronan said...

Isn't there enough estrogen already coursing through College of Cardinals veins now?

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

This comment about the British and the French makes no sense. The French monarchy does not exist, has not existed for probably close to 140 years, and has no likelihood of returning.
In the history of the world, there have been some very strong women rulers/Queens/Empresses who were exceptionally good rulers. So it's not accurate to say monarchy is a male institution. To name a few women rulers.... even though it's reaching back to ancient Egypt, Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut (reigned in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt 1400's BC, first as a regent in place of her nephew who was a child king of 7, and then for 20 years in her own right). Trade, military, and the arts flourished under her. She died of bone cancer at 55-58 after 22 years. They even discovered her mummy and did an MRI which showed the tumors....very sad.
No one can beat Queen Victoria for being an effective, powerful and beloved ruler for 66 years.
There were some disastrous women rulers too, such as the Chinese Empress Cixi (ruled China 1861-1908). She was a selfish/self centered ,manipulative yet strong minded woman...but also was so narrow-minded that she would not allow for China to adopt modern developments of the late 19th early 20th century....she kept China basically medieval. Only bit by bit in the last 10 years of her reign, especially after the 1900 Boxer Rebellion did she allow for modernization of China...but by then it was too late.She died, and the Ch'ing dynasty was overthrown. Many scholars believe that she she not been there....or had not been so narrow, the revolution and the succeeding Nationalists and then Communists would never have happened.
France never called itself "Holy" or had that title as part of it's name. In Europe, only the Holy Roman Empire (dissolved in early 1800's after over 1,000 years), could claim that title in it's name.
The British monarchy today (as well as the Japanese), are probably the only two extremely popular and well respected and revered monarchies among their own people.
There are four countries whicih very well may go back to having a King or Queen in the near future, because there is a growing support for it. These countrie are 1) Russia, 2) Romania, 3)Serbia, 4)Ethiopia (which would have an Emperor again)
But in France??? Not even in the next 100 years !
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you that it won't come to that point. Our Lord is very patient, good and merciful but He is also just. There is only one time that the Lord laughs in Scripture and it is in one of the Psalms. He laughs at his enemies. (Forgive me, Lord, I can't remember the exact words right now.).

So don't worry. The only thing that we should be concerned about is our eternal salvation. Try to go to Confession and Holy Communion often and receive Our Lord worthily in Holy Communion.

Today is First Saturday. Our Lord will give the Holy Father the graces he needs when enough of us make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Check out for more details.

Anonymous said...

"The French monarchy does not exist, has not existed for probably close to 140 years, and has no likelihood of returning."

Dozens of Catholic saints from all over the world during the last thousand years strongly disagree with your statement.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, our Lord will give the holy father (Pope Benedict) the graces he needs.

Clinton R. said...

The more I think of Parolin's comments, the more I wonder if he and so many effete prelates wish they were in fact women. They certainly don't act manly. And they don't defend the Catholic faith like true men should.

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense either. Name one.
I've been to France many times when I had to travel, and a lot of my former job dealt with travel to Europe,Asia and Mexico. France is one one of the most secular, irreligious countries in Europe. Except for the small (admittedly growing rapidly) traditionalist Catholic movement, less than 5% of French Catholics go to Mass on Sundays. Before Vatican II, it was around 45%, which isn't impressive either...bu more so than now. There's only about 800 seminarians in all of France, of which about 25% are for traditional/traditionalist/sedevancantist Orders and movements.
Granted, there is a strong monarchist movement in France...and especially among traditional Catholics....but the general population could care less.
One thing might change that attitude, and that is the influx of Muslims into France, and the recent terrorism and bombings carried out there by radical Muslims. Muslims are truly hated in France....and this Pope Francis is either naïve (or genuinely stupid) to lecture Europe and plead with them to open their arms to these Muslims. You have no idea how many enemies he is making in France with gestures like that.
France is too disorganized, and too secular to have a huge movement for the return of the monarchy. Some forces might help make monarchist feeling stronger...bad leadership in government, bad economy, hatred of immigrants(Muslims) who are seen as taking away the European character of France.
The monarchist parties and sympathizers are overwhelmingly traditional Catholics. The secularists, secular "Catholics" in France are the overwhelmingly liberal Vatican II populations(although they are aging rapidly). But they would never let the traditionalist gain control of the Church or government to bring back the monarchy. So, don't hold your breath for it's return there.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Name one? Okay, how about Saint John Marie Vianney?

He said "But God shall save all like a sign of the last judgement. God will come to help. The return of the king shall be announced. This will re-establish peace and prosperity. Religion shall flourish again better than ever before . "This shall re-establish a peace and prosperity without precedent."…"The good people will triumph when the return of the King is announced." - St Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, 1859

JBQ said...

@M. Prodigal: You are on to something.