Thursday, May 26, 2016

Migrant Keeps German Town in Fear -- Police Are Powerless

[Wangen] A 20 year old asylum seeker from Gambia has terrorized the  Swabian municipality of Wangen  for weeks. Almost daily there are charges  of the man harrassing, stealing, threatening  or resisting police officials, say reports of  the Schwäbische Zeitung.

Most recently, he shouted at a woman in the street for no reason and threatened her with a bottle, rioted in a police cell and severed cable in his refugee center. Again and again, the asylum seeker is released. The police are powerless by their own account. "Many of the legal offenses do not stick, he moves in a gray area, which we must accept as fact," said Wangen police superintendent Wolfgang Gerke.

Although the man is now banned  at several local asylum centers, because of his contacts in the community this allows him to return regularly back to the city. At present, the situation was "satisfactory", Gerke admitted. However, the police keep close contact with the courts and city. (Ho)

Text: Junge Freiheit.
Trans: Tancred


CJ said...

When they have had enough of this Geresene demoniac someone will kill him. End of problem. Until then, they get what they are willing to put up with.

Tancred said...

Problem is that he'll probably destroy someone's life before he's finally corralled.

Anonymous said...

German men need to step up and protect their women and children!

susan said...

What is this..."German men" you speak of?

Lothar said...

Heinz, Guenther, Georg und Fritz.