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Will Enzo Bianchi Be Raised to Cardinal by Pope Francis?

Pope Francis and the "Monk"
(Rome)  The rumors in Rome  that Enzo Bianchi is to be elevated to cardinal are accumulating. Bianchi is not a priest but a layman, which would be not be news in the church itself. But Bianchi is also the founder and leader of a bizarre association (but why he is called "Prior" and "Monk"),  who is not actually Catholic.  Because of his unorthodox teaching Msgr. Antonio Livi, the former dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University described him as a "false prophet".
A date for the next extraordinary consistory in which Pope Francis creates new cardinals, is not fixed yet.  However, names are being eagerly passed around in Rome, among which are found mainly those belonging to the inner court of the Pope, and who represent his course   with particular zeal.  Traditionally,  Italian names are particularly mentioned in Rome. Besides Enzo Bianchi,,   three names are frequently quoted:: Monsignor Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of Albano Laziale, Secretary of the C9-Cardinal Council and the editorial board of the final report of the Synod on the Family, Curial Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio, President of the Pontifical Council Family, and Mons. Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti.

Enzo Bianchi and the abolition of the papacy

For Enzo Bianchi, born in 1943, Fatima is a "fraud,"  the Church should be "silent" on homosexuality, the family is "a form that society gives it" and therefore is arbitrarily changeable and Mary is "not a suitable role model for women in the Church". That Bianchi, who wants to overcome the papacy in favor of ecumenism, is a guest welcome in the Vatican, will be seen as an irony of history. Enzo Bianchi, from whom Pope Benedict XVI kept away from Rome, finds himself in harmony with Pope Francis.  Francis also shows his appreciation by Bianchi's appointment in July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Bishop Semeraro and the "morality of the person"

Bishop Marcello Semeraro, born in 1947, was personally appointed by Pope Francis to the   Synod on the Family. Since thirteen cardinals at the suggestion of Cardinal George Pell, including the prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, against the procedure for the Synod of Bishops in a letter, wherein they hurled all of their dissatisfaction against the papal stalwart, Semeraro. The thirteen cardinals voiced the suspicion that there was the intention "prefabricate results on   important controversial issues." At the same time they criticized the prepared working paper, after which the Synod was held, as "unacceptable". Semeraro clattered against it: "I feel a feeling of disgust about the publication of the letter." He who knows the language and customs of the Church, could  read out Semeraro's outbreak of displeasure. First, the bishop of Albano Laziale knew himself to be covered by the pope. Secondly, the  cardinal's letter annoyingly thwarted the plans of the Synod Director.

Semeraro had just published a small treatise on the family Synod, in which he argued for a possible admission of divorced and remarried to Communion

Cardinal Bergoglio allowed himself to be blessed in 2006 by Protestant preachers and P. Cantalamessa at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires

and considered this to be a "return" to a "practice" before the "restorative" phase of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI. The Synod had to whit, under the "decisive" leadership of Pope Francis,  transformed  the Church "from the morality of the law to the morality of the person,"  which raises the personal conscience to the highest authority.

As early as October 2014 Semeraro  had, in a pastoral letter to the faithful of his Diocese who received the sacraments at the SSPX from priests (SSPX),  threatened excommunication.

Vincenzo Paglia and the homophilic Kasperians

Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, born in 1945, was the first bishop from the Community of Sant'Egidio. They developed the idea for the controversial inter-religious meeting for peace in Assisi.  Benedict XVI. had,  shortly before his unexpected resignation, appointed him as Chairman of the Pontifical Family Council.  He is considered as a candidate for the Cardinal purple. Since then, the Curial Bishop is less noticed for a defense of marriage and family, rather than as a representative for an "opening" towards homosexuality and for the divorced and remarried. Right at his first press conference as "Family Minister" of the Vatican, he caused a stir with homophilic tones. An unexplained shortfall of 20 million euros, which he had left in 2012 in the coffers of his diocese of Terni, earned him an investigation by the public prosecutor, but it is now archived. In May 2015 Paglia took part in the secret meeting at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where the Kasperians prepared for the Synod of Bishops in the autumn.

Bruno Forte and the "Legend" the empty grave

Msgr. Bruno Forte, born in 1949, Archbishop of Chieti, a few months was appointed archbishop by Pope John Paul II. before his death, while his career under Benedict XVI. was at a substantial standstill.   Forte headed the working group of the International Theological Commission, which prepared the document for the "Day of Pardon" in the Holy Year 2000, for the Pope John Paul II. A public confession was given and he begged God for forgiveness for the mistakes of the past 2000 years that people "had committed crimes in the Church in the name of faith and morals."  In 2009 he set out on the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum Pope Benedict XVI.    provided comical and stubborn resistance to the invitation of the German pope, to render the words of consecration "pro multis" in the local languages ​​as "many" instead of "for all."  Incitement of the Italian bishops, like the German. has failed to date. In 2011 Forte suggested that the empty grave of the risen Christ was just a legend.
With the election of Pope Francis  Forte also found a new  approval in Rome. The new pope appointed him special secretary of the Synod on the Family. As such Forte formulated the controversial interim report of the Synod 2014's passages on homosexuality and the divorced and remarried, which have been rejected by the Synod.
There is also currently whispering that there is a Cardinal beret for Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Papal household preacher. During Advent, the Capuchin designated Mary as an obstacle to unity with the Protestants in a sermon for the Roman Curia. The Pontifical House preacher spoke indeed of "particular forms" of Marian devotion, however, the statement was a devaluation and reduction of Marian devotion as a concession to the Protestants who reject Mary as a bulwark of faith.The Capuchin, however, would no longer belong to the Papal electors. The Capuchin will complete his 82nd year next July.
Some of those named were already contenders for the purple in 2014 and 2015     without having been raised to the cardinal state. Until  an official confirmation these are just rumors. Since even Enzo Bianchi is inn the candidate circle, is an indication of Pope Francis is credited for everything on the one on the joy, the other for suffering.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

If this Pope appoints Bianchi or the other filth mentioned to the Sacred College of Cardinals, I would seriously consider doing what one of my cousins in India did, which is to leave the Catholic Church for the Syrian Orthodox Church (which has a small minority in India). I would choose the Greek Orthodox, which I have already been to many times. Their liturgy and tradition is magnificent.
And unlike Pope Francis, I doubt if Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew coulc ever be considered a heretic!
Damian Malliapalli

(If this Pope appointed Bianchi, I would not be surprised if a "counter-Roman Catholic Church" and Vatican is established by Catholic who would consider this the last straw! )
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Patriarch Bathalomew is just like Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

That's a surprise, because I've seen him on television conducting the Divine Liturgy from the Phanar in Istanbul, and also other places, and the liturgy is 100% liberal garbage like at the Vatican. He is very well thought of at my neighboring Greek Orthodox Church, and no one has said he is a radical liberal like Francis. I know that the Greek Orthodox are appalled at some of the things Francis has said and done, any by his agenda.
Damian Malliapalli

Robbie said...

This is an outrage, but par for the course from this satanic buffoon. Bergoglio does not deserve to be called by his papal name and I will no longer use it. He has disgraced the office which he holds.

I'm angry, but, sadly, those of us who read sites like this are clearly a distinct minority and that depresses me more than Bergoglio infuriates me. What this man has done is horrifying, yet crickets from the vast majority of Catholics and those at the highest levels of the Church.

It's not enough to sit back and hope this evil man passes from the scene quickly. Each day he remains in his current office is a day the Church is greatly harmed. It is time for men who hold prominent positions in the Church to demand this man leave Rome immediately. He cannot be allowed to do anymore harm.

To be honest, the first job of the next pope should be to excommunicate this man who currently wears the white cassock.

Tancred said...

The Monks of Athos say he's a Freemason, besides, he was educated at the Gregorian.

Tancred said...

Maybe he should be condemned by an upcoming council?

Anonymous said...

Also, he released "Laudato Si" together with Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if Francis tried to pou the above mentioned list of losers in the College of Cardinals, as well as Bianchi, that many Cardinals in the Vatican would quit and refuse to work with Francis....then they would gather with others and demand that he resign.
I still would not be surprised if large groups of Catholic declare Francis a heretic and unfit, and even if they are schismatic, would establish their own Vatican etc. with a Pope. As weird as that may seem, some of the sede-Vacantist people and their supporters (even among European nobility), have so much money....they could do it.
If only huge numbers of faithful Catholics, Cardinals, bishops (even whole bishops Poland) would rise up against Francis, I think he would be gone in a heartbeat.
The millions of naïve people who flock to see the Pope...poor souls... the come to see "THE POPE". They don't know his radical agenda, or the lunatics he supports.
If they did, they'd drop Francis fast.
Our neighbors are observant Jewish people, born in Brooklyn. They keep their holidays and traditions 100%. They also keep all the old Yiddish jokes and sayings alive amongst themselves. One of their sayings about a person they can't stand is "I hate her/him like poison."
That's what a lot of us think of Pope Francis.
Damian Malliapalli

Ben said...

Damian, I'm certain that you will be an embellishment to the Greek Orthodox Church.

Tom said...

And even if he is already dead. Dig him up just like the gormless Pope Formosus, prop him up, put him on trial and televise it. I'm sure this would work.

Robbie said...

I'd like to think you're right, but I'm just not optimistic you are. With a few exceptions, the men in the College lack conviction. For them, becoming a Cardinal was simply one last feather in their caps. They don't associate the position with forceful defense of the faith.

If Bergoglio names these filthy scum to the College, I'm sure there will be some grumbling, but only off the record. Seeing how Burke was all but defrocked, the Cardinals won't want to risk losing whatever measly power they have.

I had hoped the papacy would be short and the theological makeup of the College wouldn't be significantly altered, but it appears I'm going to be disappointed. With round of choices and what are sure to be more in the next year or so, I expect we may, in 20 years, look back on the Benedict XVI era as fondly as we do now of the Pius XII era.

Geremia said...

He in no way disgraces the papal office unless he could actually hold it.

Anonymous said...

Another couple of years of Francis and there won't be much of a Catholic Church left.

I read yesterday that so far (I know it's early, but people in the know in the Vatican and in Rome, and the Roman hotels are shocked to admit that so far...Pope francis "Holy Year of Mercy" is pilgrim wise, a tremendous flop.....and bookies in Rome are betting on the whole thing, all the way to the end in Novemver, to be a flop attendance wise, etc.
Let's hope so.....that's even worse that that :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The Patriarch's endorse ecumenical nonsense just like the anti-popes they're no different.They were present at all 3 Assisi pagan gatherings.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Faith has been under assault since the early 60's.Francis is just more open & honest about his intentions.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

And he released Laudato Si with Pope Francis

Anonymous said...

Soon to be Cardinal Forte the others not so.

Forte has great influence whether the Pope likes him or not.

Anonymous said...


You're losing your Catholic Faith and are already sinning against the virtue of faith if you are willing to put conditions on your membership in the Church (e.g. willing to bolt to Eastern Orthodoxy if a certain individual is raised to the cardinalate).

Whenever one places such a condition on their membership in the one true Church, their Catholic Faith is already compromised, they violate the virtue of faith, and any subsequent defenses of Catholic truth by such an individual are rendered suspect as the person who makes such defenses obviously believes these truths to have little bearing on one's eternal salvation.

You need to re-anchor yourself in the truths of the Church and the importance and necessity of membership in the one ark of salvation and to avoid exposure to current news from the Vatican, which I fear is having a negative impact on your Faith.

I say this with charity and not condemnation.

God bless,


N.D. said...

True. The denial of The Unity Of The Holy Ghost (Filioque), is the source of all heresy; There Is only One Word of God, One Truth of Love Made Flesh, One Lamb of God Who Taketh Away The Sins of The World, Our Savior, Jesus The Christ, thus there can only be One Spirit of Perfect Love Between The Father and The Son, Who Proceeds from both The Father and The Son, in The Ordered Communion of Perfect Complementary Love, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity.

N.D. said...

"I say this with charity and not condemnation."

The denial of The Unity Of The Holy Ghost (Filioque), is the source of all heresy; There Is only One Word of God, One Truth of Love Made Flesh, One Lamb of God Who Taketh Away The Sins of The World, Our Savior, Jesus The Christ, thus there can only be One Spirit of Perfect Love Between The Father and The Son, Who Proceeds from both The Father and The Son, in The Ordered Communion of Perfect Complementary Love, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity.

JBQ said...

Bartholomew has his headquarters in Istanbul. Just how many Orthodox live in Istanbul? As someone who was on a Navy ship channeling the Bosphorus for the Black Sea which means right through the middle of downtown Istanbul, I would say about five. When we went through, the Turk-Greek war was in progress. There was open hostility from those on the shore and in ships that we passed. After all, we had been through Crete and seen the Greek transport ships ready for an invasion of Cypress.----We were on our way to Romania which it turns out included CIA personnel to infiltrate and prepare for the revolution against Ceausescu. Bartholomew is nothing more than a figurehead who is afraid of his own shadow in a land dominated by radical Islam.