Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Collegeville Benedictines Dox Their Victims

Edit: they don't have much respect for persons. Saint John's Abbey is a Benedictine religious community in central Minnesota which has gradually, over a period of a century, sold its Catholic identity for some really ugly Bauhais architecture, ugly liturgical music and abuses, plus flagrant heresy, including Marxism.  Now they are attacking people who've been wronged by them, by publishing court records and private information in what seems to be a tactic of intimidation.
We've been covering this dump for about 5 years in this blog. It's an evil place.
 - It’s called the “Minnesota Transparency Initiative.” This month, in the interest of transparency, Saint John’s Abbey released thousands of pages of documents tied to monks “credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors” decades ago. However, some of the victims tell Fox 9 the release went too far — exposing private information about survivors.
Names of survivors were not released, and were redacted. However, one survivor, Louise (last name withheld), pointed Fox 9 to information she believes is personal and identifying that was posted online. Another survivor pointed to a deposition posted online. 
In Louise’s case, documents included copies of e-mails sent from a psychologist to the head of the Abbey detailing information about Louise’s family, medication, and health diagnoses.

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