Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moscow Patriarchate Denies Reports of Francis-Kirill Meeting

The Russian Orthodox Church rules out any get-together when the two leaders travel to Cuba and Mexico in February. A report about a possible meeting in a third country recently appeared in Italian media.

Moscow (AsiaNews) – The Moscow Patriarchate has denied recent reports in Italian media of a possible meeting next month in Latin America between the pope and the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

"The Patriarch and the Pope's Latin American visit programs do not intersect," said Hieromonk Stefan (Igumnov), Russian Orthodox Church's spokesman for inter-Christian relations.

"The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church and the head of the Roman Catholic one will be visiting completely different countries, albeit on the same continent," he added.

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JBQ said...

The Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic traditions are "horses of two completely different colors". Never the twain shall meet. There is only one way to change the Russian Orthodox tradition in regard to such as gay marriage and the role of the laity. It just won't happen unless there is a violent event.---The Revolution of October 1917 could not destroy it. Therefore, just how does the Western Church of the "National Catholic Reporter" hope to change Russia? It would appear that Our Lady of Fatima is on their side on this one.