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Church for Muslims -- Parish Hall for Holy Mass

Bremen-Wotlmerschausen: Catholic Parish Church
Transformed as Refugee Center for Muslims
(Berlin) The Church as a multifunctional hall. Some churches serve as exhibition halls, others as dining rooms for Christmas dinner, feeding the poor or charity galas, and still others as a cultural centers for lectures and discussions, and more recently some are used even for refugee accommodations. This is also the case in Bremen-Woltmershausen. The Catholic Church of St. Benedict was rebuilt at public expense into a refugee camp for Muslims.
From the 330 square meter church  "small residential units with around 20 square meters" were built, reported the Weser Kurier .
In the former Catholic church some 40 Muslim refugees are to be moved. The Bremen Senator for Social Affairs, Anja Stahmann inspected the renovated and repurposed church  today with some Muslim refugees and considered the effort to be extremely successful. A Catholic church which has been  rebuilt for Muslims,  it is at last  a sensible use. Green Party politician said, "which is lived charity". Surely, you must know, yes.
For now, the Catholic parish has  made the church available for a year. "Worship should be celebrated in this period in the parish hall," said the Weser Kurier. Why   the Muslims themselves shouldn't   move into the community hall so that the liturgy, the nature of the parish community, can be celebrated in the purpose-built church, was not a quetion asked by the newspaper.

Church made available for a year as a refugee accommodation 

"Sacred objects like the altar and the wall Cross remain in the Church", because, according to the newspaper, after one year the church is expected to "be used again for worship". Whether the church was profaned liturgically, Pastor Johannes Sczyrba would not say. He and his parish are rather proud to be the first Catholic community, "which has made their church available, only for a certain time as a refugee accommodation." 
The church was built after the Second World War, as 15 million Germans were brutally driven from East Germany and linguistic enclaves in eastern Europe, which increased the number of Catholics in Bremen. The church was built in 1966 and established as a parish in 1993. Today St. Benedict's is only a
The church was built in 1966 and built in 1993 as a parish. Today St. Benedict is only a filial church  of a larger regional parish.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Another fruit of every change in Catholic liturgy since 1951.
Vatican 2 didn't happen overnight.The changes in the 1950's were a test run for V2 in the 196o's.
Session 7 Canon 13 Council of Trent...Look it up.

Tancred said...

Start here:

Anonymous said...

Great article on topic

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

The anti-Gospel of 'new-church', is prolific. The mission of Christ turned retrograde by VII and its anti-prophets of anti-Catholicism.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

VII as an anti-Council had been marinating since the Protestant monarchy of England challenged God and rose to new heights. The influence on Europe of that English Luciferian 'non serviam', cannot be overestimated. Ratzinger admitted that VII was about reconciling with the French Revolution the innovators' idea of the Catholic Church. WWI and WWII did what the messy 19th century revolutions failed to do. They 'naturalised' a post-Catholic approach to life across the board. As for the revolution of the 1960s, the wholesale acceptance of a 'mass' approved by Rabbis and Protestants would have been unimaginable to Chesterton, Newman, Faber. Likewise a Council, accepted as Catholic, that rubbished Catholic dogma, and instituted a new ecclesiology, a new theology, 'officially'.

P.J.David said...

Lord, have mercy on us; Immaculate Heart of Mary, intercede for us with Thy son,Jesus. Unfaithful and arrogant Upper Hierarchy ,Priests are wolves who crucify Jesus time and again . Corruption of clergy is at its peak now that Almighty God will purify the world by His punishments of chastisement . Lord save your people from these clergy.

Pablo the Mexican said...
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Pablo the Mexican said...

Anonymous said...

Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum, praesidia praebere infidelibus stultum est.

Anonymous said...

We all worship the same God.............right? RIGHT? RIGHT!
that's the line to toe for our insipid clerics..........

Anonymous said...

The revolution officially started with destruction of the easter vigil by Pius XII in 1951.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

In defense of the very aged and very ill Pope Pius XII - who steered the Church through Nazism, Rabbinicalism, Modernism, and Communism with a pure doctrinal record - on record the architechts of the Novus Ordo boasted after his death of slipping things by him the aging and unwell Pontiff. At any rate, the 'death of Pius XII' was the watchword for the anti-papal anti-Catholic revolution that followed. In just a few short years, under the influence of Roncalli, even Bishop Fulton Sheen was praising inter-religious dialogue, humanism, the new ecclesiology. Bishop Sheen's final years should be a cautionary tale for folks who think those who promulgate heresies come from Christ.

Anonymous said...

No offense just very curious?
Why is it everyone defends Pius XII for destroying the oldest traditions in the Roman rite beginning in 1951 yet everyone comes down hard on the "popes" since 1963?
To me personally there is no difference.