Monday, October 5, 2015

Cardinal Erdo: Synod 2014 Did Not Wish to Alter the Practice of Communion

Relator General recalls situation of discussion  - Church is called to "mercifully accompany" divorced and remarried," but also "to witness consistently" to Catholic doctrine 

Vatican City ( The Relator General Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Peter Erdo (Esztergom-Budapest) has made it clear on Monday in the Vatican, that he defends  the indissolubility of marriage and  the current teaching of the Church. The majority of the Synod participants from 2014 have shared the view that remarriage after the failure of a bond formed by the Church  is contrary to the message of Jesus Christ  and excludes those affected from receiving Communion, he said in his opening speech. Erdo referred in his remarks to the working document (Instrumentum Laboris) from the Synod. This is based on the Extraordinary Synod from October 2014.

The Church is called pastorally "to mercifully accompany" the divorced and remarried, but "to witness consistently" at the same time the Catholic doctrine, said the Primate of Hungary. To accomplish this, however, deeper reflection it needed a deeper reflection, Erdo conceded looking forward to the forthcoming three-week deliberations of the bishops. 

As General Relator, Erdo is the  correspondent of the Episcopal Assembly and has important influence on the formulation of the synod results. He pointed out that there are many ways for the divorced and remarried to share in community life, without allowing for the Eucharist.   Erdö was critical about the ways of the Orthodox Churches that permit remarriage after a divorce under certain guidelines. These practices are not comparable with the case law based of the Catholic Church. 

Erdö also rejected the idea of "gradualism" in the assessment of sexual relations outside of marriage. Objectively between true and false, and between good and evil, there is no gradualness, he stressed. However, there might be for the individual a subjective, gradual approach to good and truth. The subjective fault is less serious if the sin is not recognized.

On the subject of homosexuality Erdo recalled the existing Church doctrine, according to which there are "not even distant analogies or similarities"  between homosexual partnerships and God's plan for marriage and family. Copyright 2015 Catholic press agency Kathpress, Vienna, Austria VIDEO from lecture: (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH.All rights reserved.

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Halten Sie sich unbendingt an die Lehre! That's what Pope Emeritus said to german bishops who asked him what to do, stand staunch in doctrine. God bless+

Damask Rose said...

Well, at least with Card Erdo's comments the Synod has made a decent start.

"He pointed out that there are many ways for the divorced and remarried to share in community life." Personally, I think, so as not to scandalise the parish, this should be at a minimal level. The Synod should consider catechesis and what people are witnessing to in a Catholic community.

I think the Church really needs this 'Synod on the Family' to really clean out the stables. Hopefully, at the end of the Synod, we will have a clear picture of where the Church stands as far as chastity and Church teaching is concerned.

Ultimately, you can only be optimistic. Even if certain prelates have been 'put in place', and battle lines have been drawn, only righteousness can win. Think about it, the Holy Trinity, Our Lady, Joseph, her spouse, the Saints and all the angels, not to mention the souls in Purgatory, all of them are looking after us. The True Church will prevail.

Consider how loudly the devil has been roaring recently with the Msgr Charasma scandal, a priest who worked at the CDF and taught theology at university level. But it hasn't worked. The house is being cleaned already.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, save us Thy poor servants from our abusive father, Pope Francis!

Hank Monteith said...

Charasma is only out because he chose to be. He was well aware of the consequences. The "house" is not being cleaned out, by any means.

Damask Rose said...

Perhaps 'they' are being confounded and exposing themselves...?

Anonymous said...

The problem as I see it is the fact that the secular media will portray the sxnod the way they want it - or to be more precise: they will align the synod with the prevailing mood of the 21st century secular West.

A highly worried catholic from a thoroughly secular European country

Lynda said...

That's easy to do as the Holy See and many bishops, priests, theologians, etc are corrupted and busy destroying Faith and morals for many decades. Don't be blind to the truth.

Lynda said...

Damask Rose "They" are in charge of the temporal Church - that is why evil prevails and most souls have abandoned the Faith and even the Natural Law. Lord, have mercy.

Robbie said...

Cardinal Erdo's legs were chopped out from under him the very next day by Bergoglio. That tells us all we need to know about the direction of the Synod.

Jim said...

Yes, Erdo did forget what the Synod is about and needed to be corrected.

Lynda said...

The Cardinal forgot that it was not about protecting and upholding the natural and sacramental marriage and family based thereon, for the good of souls and in accordance with unchangeable Faith and morals, but rather the destruction of marriage and family.

Krzysztof said...

Hey, Jimmy, you're hilarious! What say we get together after the Synod for a few more yuks?