Monday, October 5, 2015

Pope Francis Denounces "Lefties" Defending Episcopal Appointment

Edit: in the case of two conservative bishops, Finn and Nienstedt, it was enough for them to resign. What's good for the goose? 

Poor Francis refers to lefties here. Isn't Juan Barros, the newly appointed bishop of Osorno himself a lefty?

Santiago (AFP) - Pope Francis called critics protesting the appointment of a new bishop in Chile, who has been accused of covering up sexual abuse crimes committed by priests, "lefties" in a video message Saturday.

The installation of Juan Barros earlier this year as the Bishop of Osorno, in southern Chile, was heavily protested by those accusing him of having protected Fernando Karadima, a priest the Vatican in 2011 found guilty of child sex abuse, committed in the 1980s.

Barros has denied the allegations against him. But 51 members of the Chilean Congress sent a letter protesting his appointment to the Vatican.


Anonymous said...

Francis's strategy becomes clearer by the day---and more ominous, indicative of a world-class machiavel and manipulator (of language and of the image). At first, when he accused traditional Catholics of being Pelagians I attributed the historical and theological absurdity (Pelagians, like modern-day liberals denied original sin and its consequences) to ignorance and poor theological formation (this pope is not a shining example of intellectual acumen or precision). But more and more, we notice that he uses reversals (what in drama the ancient Greeks called "peripeteia") to confuse the Faithful and to get or justify his way, to implement his herculean will. To call the critics of a liberal bishop, like the recent Chilean appointment, "leftists" is only the latest of this unfortunate man's machiavellian tactics: confuse everyone by deconstructing language to suit your purposes and get your way. What a monstrous reality we Catholics face---and so few worthy, manly bishops to defend us! Perhaps the sedevacantists have been right all along---I shudder to think so. Archimago

Damask Rose said...

Indeed. He seems to be playing everybody. The Pope needs to call those opposed to Bishop Barros' appointment 'leftys' so that Barros appears as the homely, conservative, upstanding bishop. It's all lies.

Gosh, I so wish this Pope would stop blabbing. He seems to have a running commentary on everything. He's so unstatesman-like, it's cringeworthy.

Anonymous said...

Guess he doesn't care if the 'righties' denounce his appts. (they're already in Bully #1's sites), but those 'lefties' better watch what they say cause Bully #1 will get them too!

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding, the Pope actually said "Lefties"?
He's really debased the office of the Papacy to the lowest common denominator. It sounds like a comment Archie Bunker "All in the Family TV Show (1971-80) would have said.
I can't imaging the dignified figures of Popes Benedict XVI, Paul VI, Pius XII or Benedict XV saying "lefties"! Although to be fair, I read that both Popes Pius XI and St. Pius X could and did occasionally use common expressions in private that you'd not expect from a Pope!
But they never degraded the office of Pope, like Francis did and does.

Damian Malliapalli

Barnum said...

Here's a bag of peanuts. Go feed an elephant and quit feeling sorry for your little self.

Anonymous said...

Is Bergoglio the actual false prophet? Or is he just an inept wanna be leader of the Church? Whatever it is the fact is the Church before him was already a mess, he's only made matters worse in a bizarre manner.

Anonymous said...

But communists are lefties and he is very fond of them .

Anonymous said...
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