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Did Pope Francis Really Encourage Lesbian Author Who Has Written "Gender" Children's Books: "Keep Going"?

Edit: there was another book disseminated by an Argentine publisher, featuring the pope involving these themes, which the Vatican also distanced itself from, apparently.
(Rome) Two lesbian authors of "gender" books provided a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State for discussion, which was submitted on behalf of Pope Francis. The lesbians advertised this saying that the pope had "encouraged" the to "keep going."  The headline of Corriere della Sera (online edition) was on Friday: "Pope Francis Writes the Author of Gender-books: 'Keep going. '"
A denial from the Vatican came, in this case, as soon as possible. Together with Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ,   Vatican spokesman Vice Father Ciro  Benedettini CP clarified: "The Pope has not encouraged the gender theory".

Rapid correction by the Press Office of the Vatican

The full text of the statement by the Deputy Vatican spokesman Benedettini, as published by the Holy See Press Office:
On answering journalists' questions the deputy director of the Press Office of the Holy See made ​​the following statement today from the morning: 
In reply to a polite and respectful letter by Francesca Pradi to the Holy Father, the Secretariat of State has acknowledged its receipt in a simple and pastoral style and clarified in following, that this is a question of a private reply and it was therefore not intended for publication (which was unfortunately done).
In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State wish to endorse practices and teachings   that do not match with the Gospel, but expressed desires for "to bear ever more fruit for activity in the service of  generations of the young and the spread of authentic human and Christian values."
The blessing of the Pope at the end of the letter applies to the person and does  not portend  any eventual teachings, that do not correspond with the doctrine of the Church, as the Holy Father has emphasized on several occasions in recent years. An exploitation of the contents of the letter is therefore totally inappropriate.

Aberrosexual author sent the Pope her books

Francesca Pradis Aberrosexual animals, which do not exist in reality
This past June 19 Francesca Pradi had written to the Pope, and also sent him 30 of her books. In the letter she complained to have been attacked in the past year and a half by "homophobes", claiming that some Catholic organizations  insisted that she writes books  with content that does not exist in reality. Pradi is with her aberrosexual partner, Maria Silvia Fiengo, the founder of the children's book publishing house "Lo Stampatello" and the author of numerous "gender" children's books advertised as children for  "homosexuality".
Pradi's publications are on the list of books that could be removed from the Mayor of Venice, kindergartens and schools of the lagoon city.

Answer by the State Secretariat - "I was surprised and touched"

Pradi received from the Vatican Secretariat of State a letter of reply on behalf of the Pope, which is signed by the Assessor, Peter Brian Wells. The author made ​​the response public by claiming that Pope Francis had encouraged them in their actions, to "continue". She had been "surprised" and "touched" by  the words of the Pope, to spread to the gender ideology, so went Pradi's interpretation willingly supported and given by the Corriere della Sera. 
The State Secretariat explained within a few hours by its press-service, that this  had  been a  merely routine letter of reply. Indeed, Assessor Wells  signs 60,000 such letters in one year. It had been a standard response of ten lines. To want to derive from that letter, a support and encouragement for the gender ideology, is totally inadmissible.
Pope Francis spoke repeatedly about the gender theory. On the 15th of April at the general audience he said most clearly: "The elimination of the distinction is the problem, not the solution".

What the Press Office makes clear and what not

Correction of the Vatican Press Office
The Press Office of the Vatican made ​​clear the fact that the gender theory does not agree with the teaching of the Church and could not be supported by Catholics, which contradicts the teachings of the Church.  "One important clarification," said Traditio Catholica.
The Press Office also clarified that the words "keep going" were not used in the Vatican reply, but was fictitious from the lesbian author. In addition, the papal blessing is directed to the person and not some doctrine  in force.
The press office did not deny the existence of the letter, but gave the contents a different reading. But why is a "gender" author even supposed to "actively bear more fruit," although they had sent their books and were thus incompatible with Catholic doctrine, the ideological orientation would have been easy to verify. Is there anyone at the State Secretariat  to routinely respond or "routine"?
"The suggestion that the 'authentic human and Christian values ​​will be disseminated ' are laudable, creates the context but, at best, of an ambiguity. Likewise, it may be that the blessing of the person was not their ideology, but the person is a whole. They can not be separated from their ideas. That's like saying, 'I bless xy, but not the ideology that he represents'. That seems a sophism." said Traditio Catholica.

Venice mayor is the new object of hatred of the aberrosexual lobby

In a time in which there is no day on which the aberrosexual-associations do not invent a new "enemy" it wants to bring down; in a time in which the homo lobby, like a horde of beatniks that interject, as aggressive as it is exhibitionist  in its intolerant message, levity is in dealing with the gender theory and their representatives is a luxury that the Catholic Church and all people of goodwill can not afford. This has not altered anything, that the instrumentalization of the pope is obviously not against the Church, but against the mayor of Venice.
The studied architect and entrepreneur, Luigi Brugnaro has been Mayor of Venice since June 14, 2015. After 22 years, he managed to take the mayor's chair from  political left. The Conservatives have clear ideas about Gay Pride ("Carnival"), and gender ideology, which were sponsored by his leftist predecessors with zeal. One of Bugnaro's  first acts was to remove from the libraries of schools and kindergartens all books in which the gender ideology is represented. Since then he is a preferred object of hatred of the "gay" lobby.

Pradis gay penguins and their defiant phrase

The removal of the books also includes Publications by Francesca Pradi, including the richly illustrated story of two gay penguins, they are-- naturally-- male, adopt an orphaned baby penguin.
After rectification by the Vatican, Francesca Pradi took a quick turn. In one of the statements she's been  spreading around, it now reads:
"Pope Francis has not written to me, 'Keep Going'. His answer is not an opening towards homosexual parental families. But it's certainly a change of tone. He gives us the respect back that we deserve, as individuals and as families."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riscossa Christiana / Amazon (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Lynda said...

The Pope has a habit of encouraging people in their manifest and obstinate grave sin. Saying it was meant to be private (as if such communications would ever remain private) confirms that he has done just that - again.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis a few months asked the faithful at a Roman parish to pray for him because he was old and ill. For the good of the Church, how ill?
Physicial or mental?
In the Summer of 2014 he said he didn't expect to be around for more than 2-3 more years. Well, one year is done. Which means only 1-2 more years of this bs from Pope Francis and denials from the Vatican after yet another Francis scandal.

Damian Malliapalli

Sean said...

Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph, what contempt for souls shown again by this Jesuit.
Mercy,mercy. Reparation, Reparation.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why would this debacle ever come about? What does it say about the generator of such tactlessness? Is that individual clueless? Is there operative a cognitive disorder of some kind? Is it prompted by some sort of contrariness? Obtuseness? Who in the “system” allows this foolishness to occur?
Of course it could be seen that there is a deliberateness about these repetitive inane incidents that bespeaks a purpose. What is that purpose? Who is being targeted by this obstreperousness?
A three ring circus worthy of Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, and Heckle & Jeckle.
Old, no longer entertaining.
Embarrassing and shameful. If you can’t be trusted with small matters, how can you be trusted with issues of eternal consequence?

Anonymous said...

The gentlemen instigating, maintaining and defending this farce – and that is what it is – deem us ignorant groundlings unworthy of truth or trust. Their interest is not in maintaining those of us who care deeply about the Church, but of gaining some sort of credence with the “movers and shakers” in currents more hospitable to their objectives.
Should this estimation of the situation be erroneous, it will be clearly seen when the Synod draws to its termination. If it is correct, we have some hard days ahead.
Pray for our faithful bishops.

Anonymous said...

The faithful Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, and laity in the Church are not those who ignore these grave scandals of Pope Francis and go on in all their innocence cheering him all the while. They are not the ones who, on the eve of this Pope’s trip to the USA sell “pope scarves”, bobble heads, and cover up the Papal scandals and corrupt teachings on their TV network such as EWTN. They are not the Cardinals and bishops who have positioned themselves side by side with Francis and proclaim :yes Holy Father, we are with you, Holy Father”. No, instead the faithful Catholics are those Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and laity who stnd up to a thug like Francis and all his corrupt associates and say “NO, this can not go on, this is wrong”. Men like the 11 Cardinals who stood up for traditional family values and marriage…and there are many moe of them.
This most recent and gravest of the “Francis Scandals” is the worst of them all, and if faithful Cardinals and Catholics create enough of a groundswell of outrage and opposition to Francis gesture to these lesbian authors, etc, it might be enough to bring Francis down and force him to resign in disgrace. An effort should be mounted, and a strong one, to force him and his associates out of the Vatican. I hope the Holy Spirit brings us very soon, a new, traditional and holy Pope. Another Benedict XVI or even another Pius X or Pius XII!
The only way to stop this, is to oppose Francis and bring him and his people down. Faithful Cardinals, bishops, priests,nuns and faithful remaining silent won’t work.

Damian Malliapalli

Nicolas Bellord said...

It looks as though this was a standard letter of acknowledgement sent out by the Vatican probably entirely without the knowledge of the Pope. If 60,000 of such letters are sent out each year then I would have thought it a certainty that the Pope would not have known. The recipient obviously exploited the situation. I really think some people need to calm down when responding to this kind of incident. There are genuine concerns about Pope Francis but lets not invent more.

Anonymous said...


It's really naïve to believe that, especially with Francis and his track record. Whenever good and faithful Catholics stand up for Catholic truth, be assured that Francis and his gang will stomp them down and into the ground , stab them in the back and undermine them with this kind of gesture and blessing for a sin (lesbianism, etc) which is a sin against God. Three years ago, this would have been unthinkable.
I and very many millions of faithful Catholics....and increasingly priests and even Cardinals, believe that there is something very wrong in the Vatican.
Many believe that Francis is genuinely evil.
Damian Malliapalli

CH DUPUY said...

I am confirming by the things that are happening something that I suspected since this Pope's election: the this is going to be the last Pope according to St. Malachi.

Anonymous said...

Why was there any letter in the first place ,surely its not standard practice to sent out letters to people without checking who they are and what they represent .

Genty said...

Every large organisation has a secretariat which filters communications sent to the CEO. A few deemed to be of interest are passed on and the CEO will indicate with a note on the letter/email printout the reply which should be sent. We don't know whether this particular letter was progressed to the top. However, it is more than likely that the Pope does see some of the communications addressed to him.

Unknown said...

Enough of those letters that are causing so much trouble and confusion and error....enough of the ad lib comments by Pope Francis. He is the 7th pope during my lifetime and I cannot recall even one mis-spoken word or mis-leading letter until this Pope was placed on the Seat of Peter. He MUST be censored, and his close allies with him. How come we never hear of his responses to the thousands of letters sent to him by concerned Catholics? It is always the weird and wayward who get the responses and they always get to 'the media'. Pope Francis should anounce his retirement at the Synod before Cardinals Marx and Kasper and co. 'devour ' what is left of Papal Authority.. Francis is a danger to Christ's Church on earth. He has already shaken its foundations.

Anonymous said...

All these scares are nothing, but just thin air... He is calculated wolf in the sheep clothing! The prediction about him dying in 2-3 years are nothing else like a preparation of people toward his "miraculous" "resurrection"... I heard something like that is planned by certain people to make out of him "AWE and SHOCK" ... in sense of proving his holiness!!! You didn't see a so-called pope Francis in the full swing yet! Just wait and BUCKLE...

Anonymous said...

Malachi only mentions true popes.
Jp2 was the labor of the sun (born and buried during solar eclipses)
Benedict is the glory of the olive because he is the last true pope before the era of peace.
Then we have the false prophet and the antichrist, both not included in malachi,s list, but noted from the book of the apocalypse and Daniel.
Also from la salette note that "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist".
Then peter the Roman who is st peter the apostle who will lead the church in the new era of peace.
Compare to garabandal.
At the death of John23, blessed mother told conchita there would be 4 more popes then the end times (ie the tribulation and the apocalypse)
They would be Paul 6, jp1, jp2, and Benedict.
So if 1+1=2 then Mr berGOGlio is .....?

Anonymous said...

Rev 13 5 And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given to him to do two and forty months.
The 42 months are up on sep 19 2016, so yes, 1 year to go (he was "crowned" mar 19 2013)
Also that day is the 170th anniv of la salette ,when he hands over to the antichrist , as la salatte prophesies.

Jim said...

Where do you buy tickets to the Parousia?

Victoria said...

Yes, they forward filter letters from faggots and unwitting laity who fit perfectly the roles they need to further their evil agendas. Entire portfolios documenting Sodomite activity never reach the pope even when hand delivered to his closests associates. Just ask Anthony Gonzales who videod the horrors of San Francisco street fairs and the public sacrileges of the so called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence....assisted by their bishop! But let them take a call or letter from some Lesbian who wants wants to be a priest..."The pope will see you now."

Modern Rome does not have a secretarial staff. It has a "talent agency".

Tancred said...

He probably never saw the letter, and the aberrosexual made up his comment out of whole cloth.. Her assertion was quickly denied outright by Lombardi.

Lucy McGough said...
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Anonymous said...

Lombardi is in outright denial 'bout most things. Why don't you ask fairy rosica -- sure he'll give you the straight skinny (not that you'll 'believe' it).

Tancred said...

Except the author herself admitted she made it up.

Unknown said...

He is genuinely aggiornamento. I believe that may be a synonym for evil, but Francis may not understand that. He is merely a product of Vatican 2 and 20th c. Jesuiticism.

Seattle kim

Seattle Kim

Unknown said...

In 2004 I sent JP2 a copy of a CD I made and I received a similar kind of acknowledgment letter. I wonder where they put all the stuff that must be sent to them.

I am really more concerned with the Vatican response to the publicizing of this letter. It was hardly a rejection of the books' contents. It is possible that the book wasn't closely examined, but one would have expected a stronger outcry against it and an apology to the faithful for the scandal .

Too bad the mayor of Venice isn't the pope.

Seattle kim

Lynda said...

Exactly, Seattle Kim. It's the official response of "private" rather than the necessary denunciation of intrinsic evil and corruption of children. God bless.