Sunday, June 21, 2015

Archbishop Condemns Abuse of Church for "Ideological and Political Promotion"

Archbishop Osoro Condemns Homo-Homage in
Madrid Church
(Madrid) Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Madrid expressed in a press release his "pain" over the abuse of the Madrid Antonius Church. The archbishop was responding to the attribute of June 9th for the deceased homosexual activist and avowed atheist Pedro Zerolo, which took place in the church and was organized by the Catholic Association Mensajeros de la PazThe association is led by Catholic priest Angel Garcia Rodriguez.
Archbishop Osoro recalled in his statement that "the church is open to all  for prayer and the celebration of the mysteries of the Lord, and not to ideological and political rallies, which have nothing to do with the mission of the Church, which Pope Francis calls us. This was the mission for which you entered the church, and I expect that the leaders of the church to act in the sense of this mission."
The Spanish church historian and well-known Catholic blogger Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña paid tribute to the Archbishop of Madrid  with praise "for the quick response".  At the same time, he expressed doubts as to whether a press statement was sufficient to return Angel Garcia Rodriguez on the "right path". "His church is the Church of Angel Garcia, not the Catholic Church. As long as the bishop does not deprive the one responsible for the Antonius church, he will do, considering his anarchic self-possession and due to his poor formation, more of the same. Let us hope that the Archbishop has learned from the incident."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Cigüeña de la Torre
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

I am sick of these bishops who always act like they are not in charge. You are in charge do something or shut up!

susan said...

good grief 'gabriel', you really are the comic relief of this blog.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Heheh. I was about to say, too bad there's not a single Archbisop willing to 'condemn' the abusive use of the Church for the postCatholic-neo-marxist-ideological-UN-promotional-population-control-mire that is Laudato Si.

Frederick Jones said...

What indeed is the encyclical but "ideological and political promotion"? It should certainly be read in conjunction with Newman's "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk." which so clearly delimits the scope of papal power.

Albert said...

That's exactly the argument use by those who say that Humanae Vitae and Ordinatio Sacerdotalis are both largely ideological because they represent the blunt instrument of a manipulative, controlling cell within the Curia who are equipped with and driven by extremely limited Roman school of theology which is grounded in a corrupted Thomism totally unworthy of St Thomas.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

I've read a few encyclicals. Seems to me that, on the one hand, prior to VII the 'encyclical' consistently reiterates the traditional teachings of the Church, defends the faith, and points out the latest threats which club-satan is organising against the Holy See and the flock of Christ. They a concise and so easy to understand. VII encyclicals, on the other hand, are like pick 'n' mix that is not safe for human consumption. A bit of faith here, a bit of marxism there, a bit of humanism here, a bit of radical scripture interpretation there, a bit of United Nations worship here, a bit of post-Catholic theology there, a lot of ambiguity here and, of course, a bit of a nod to an ecumenised Jesus there.

Albert said...

You should work all this insight into a book or critical guide. Perhaps you could title it, 'Reading Francis through Viterbo.'

Lynda said...

Yes, Viterbo, the scandal is beyond understanding. The number of souls pushed towards damnation. And thundering silence or equivocation is the response of the "good" bishops or priests. The devil has shut their mouths in the face of terrible evil of LS and other statements and acts of the heretic pope. How much more, how much longer oh Lord!

LeonG said...

What a public scandal that this courageous Archbishop is not supported in spirit by the political homage to homosexuality and transvestism by the current papacy whose public gestures signal a sickening but very characteristic liberal modernist non-Catholic change of direction.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the same archbishop who called the surviving sodomite to offer condolences?

Archbishop of Madrid gives his condolences to the husband of Pedro Zerolo
Carlos Osoro spoke by phone on Tuesday with the husband of the socialist politician, who died after losing his fight against cancer, to convey his condolences
[June 11, 2015 - El Correo] Carlos Osoro, the Archbishop of Madrid and Vice-President of Spain's Episcopal Conference, on Tuesday gave his condolences, through a phone call, to the husband of socialist politician Pedro Zerolo, who died after losing his battle with cancer. This was reported yesterday by Fr. Angel Garcia, the founder and president of Messengers of Peace. Zerolo was one of the principal pushers of the gay marriage law and a well-known LGBT activist.
Fr. Angel was in the chapel where Zerolo's body was lying in state, which was installed in the patio of crystals of the Casa de la Villa, when he received the Archbishop's call, who, upon finding out that he was there, wished to speak to Jesus Santos, husband of the deceased.
The founder of Messengers of Peace [“Fr.” Angel] says that he greatly loved the socialist politician, with whom he would converse about “the divine and the human”; a man that he will remember as “a man of dialogue and of smiles.” “We are left with his smile, which is the most important thing in life”, he underscored. Therefore, to say goodbye to him, he will be given tribute at San Antón [St. Anthony] Church next week.

susan said...

yep viterbo....I believe the post conciliar encyclicals of which you speak are the illustration of what Sister Lucia deemed "diabolical disorientation"...and this current one would appear to be that in spades.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@Albert. Heaven forbid! I read my faith through Holy Mother Church and Holy Mother Church alone.

@susan. It seems the spirit of VII belongs to the brand 'Diabolibcal Disorientation'.