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Greens in Pedophile Scandal --- While State Sexual Education Continues

Pro-Familia -- Attack on the Sense of
Shame of Children
(Berlin) The Greens in the Federal Republic of Germany have admitted a "terrible failure"  in relation to pedophiles a month ago. "Maybe hundreds boys in the eighties were victims of pedophiles, organized by the Greens," wrote Spiegel Online on May 20.  The Greens "have tolerated sexual abuse of children in the eighties and nineties. A recent study concludes that  one 'Working Group Young and Old'  gave  pedophile party members access to boys', says Spiegel.
As the past month has shown,  the Greens have do  not yet have to fear a full-scale  mass media campaign on the order of what  the Catholic Church suffered for objectively far fewer cases and perpetrators. The same toxic haze around the child sexual abuse scandal at the Odenwald School shows that  perpetrators and abuse does not equal the same abuse for the same media.  It is the parents that could cook Odenwaldschule's goose by no longer sending in their children there.

Overlooked Root of the Problem

All revelations are merely  a drop in the ocean when the roots of the problem are not uncovered and fought. The state can not promote an increasingly early sexualization of children or even tolerate it, without at the same time having outrage over the sexual abuse of children when it becomes public. Who are the beneficiaries of  early sexualization? Who are the authors and promoters of "sex education" for children? Sexual abuse is just one of the negative consequences of this early sexualization. Abortion, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, attachment disorders, perverse sexual practices, childlessness and divorce are more destructive consequences that damage the public interest and undermine its foundations.
The Initiative Family Protection made ​​recently on 'incredibly painfully shameful exercises' that are recommended in "a sex education book" by Pro FamiliaPro ​​Familia is the Federal German branch of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the world's largest abortion lobbyists. The book "Love, Cuddle, Cuddle. Aids for Dealing with Childhood Sexuality in Preschool" currently used in North Rhine-Westphalia, but it is likely  Pro Familia is not unknown in other federal states. The publication claims to be a "guide for the sex education of children." The book was published in several editions by the publisher Ökotopia, following circle back to the spiritual again.

Pro Familia's Attack on the Children in Red-Green Rhine-Westphalia

Initiative Family Protection
As parents raised concerns they were insulted by the authors. The reservations of the parents were defamed as "the expression of an attitude principally  sex-negative." A dialectical battering rod which condemns any opposition with totalitarian pretension to the pillory. In 1996   the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth condemned passages and game suggestions in the book as "tasteless" and as "totally unsuitable for sex education in kindergartens" and continued: "It was even sensitive to approach  preschoolers,  to help them overcome  shame." In 2013 Die Welt wrote: "Pro Familia is mired in pedophile scandal".
Abortion lobbyists have still been working with federal, state and local authorities for many years with the abortion lobbyists together and finance the organization generously. Pro ​​Familia was the Federal Ministry of Health for "Sex in the City! - A sex education neighborhood rally in Schöneberg" which was even distinguished with the Sirius2015. Currently  the Federal Centre for Health Education of the Ministry of Health operates a nationwide "experience exhibition about sexuality and health" entitled "Große Freiheit liebe. lust. leben" and  even advertises Pro-Familia as an "institute" on sexuality.

Lobbying for Early Sexualization and Abortion

The Pro Familia website accordingly states, "Cooperation with the European Parliament and the European Council; Cooperation with relevant UN agencies (e.g. World Health Organization); Forming alliances with international lobbying organizations." In fact, Pro Familia is mainly financed with taxpayers' money and is therefore seen as an extension of politics, perceives activities that are required by  policy, although, however, outsourced to private associations, because they are controversial in the population.
The content of the publication "Love, Snuggle, Cuddle" reveals the shameful destructive intent of Pro Familia. The Initiative Familenschutz [Defense of the Family Initiative] cites the following examples:
"The child begins and becomes the butt-assessor. The other children will stand in a row, with the bare bottom towards the butt-assessors. (...) Now he can pace off the butt exhibition and state which butt belongs to which child. If it nothing occurs to him at a butt, then he must carefully and tenderly stroke or pinching it. (...) The game can be played in principle with any body part. Then it becomes a (...) This willy belongs to '' (page 90)
"It is also possible that the children can bring a butt photo from home. These are then distributed all and  jointly discuss which butt belongs to which child." (page 90).
"Ask the children to move around the room like dogs and sniff each other and smell." - See figure: One child is to hold the rump of another child in the face and fart in it."(page 84).
"'Papa-Mama-images': The children paint the genitals and body regions of their parents in their body contours. After that can be compared to the self with his aunt, the grandfather, etc. "- see figure (page 79).
The citations prove what kind of people the authors and the organization that is hiding behind the euphemistic name Pro Familia.
Backgrounds and relationships between pedophilia and (state)  sex education as well as between sex education and abortion illuminate the following products: Pedophilia and School Sex Education ; School Sex Education? A product of the Pedophile Lobby and Confessions of an Ex-abortionist: It all starts with sex education in school.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred


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