Saturday, May 16, 2015

Modernist Monk in Collegeville Charged With Crime

Edit: this one will fall into the "Psychologically Well-Adjusted Modern Clergy" category.

It's the first time we know of that a monk from the evil monastery at Collegeville has been charged with a crime.
As usual, the way these stories go, the aberrosexual activism, Modernism and heresy of Collegeville are ignored, but Catholicism is blamed for these well-adjusted clergy.

[Saint Cloud Times] An investigator from the Hastings Police Department served a search warrant last week at St. John's Abbey in connection with the prosecution of former abbey monk Fran Hoefgen.

The investigator was seeking abbey personnel records on Hoefgen, who is accused of abusing an altar boy between 1989 and 1992 when Hoefgen was a priest at a Hastings church.
Hoefgen, 64, is scheduled to stand trial beginning Monday in Dakota County.
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Anonymous said...

Proddies reverends all saints, I presume, no aberrosexuals in famous colleges in Europe, that's for's always the dirty Catholics.....

Anonymous said...

More shoes will be dropping at St. John's Abbey in the weeks and months ahead...

1. Abbot John has had a girlfriend for decades, Sr. Irene Nowell...kind like Father Gordon Tavis who has had a girlfriend for half a century from MIT.

2. The following priests from St. John's who also have engaged in sexual misconduct will also see suits and allegations coming into the light: Jonathan Licari...Mark Thamert...Tom Andert...Timothy Backous...

3. Bishop Donald is silent.

Barnum said...

"Fran?" You gotta be kidding me. If that isn't a signal, like the red-butted circus monkey in heat, then I'll eat my top hat.

Anonymous said...

I did alittle research into St. John;s.
Even before Vatican II, it was considered liberal...even radical because in their new abbey Church they celebrated Mass facing the people from time to time.
They were in the forefront of liturgical abuses right after Vatican II, and have been ever since.
Before Vatican II, they were among the 5 largest Benedictine monasteries in the world in the number of monks....with over 250.
Today, they have barely 110 monks, nearly all 70+ and only 1 novice.
In afew years, this place will be closed.
In a few years, another once great USA monastery, the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani(Trappists) will probably be closed, or given to another Order. Home to the legendary Thomas Merton(still the hero to many aged radical liberal Catholics), it had close to 300 monks before Vatican II, but only 40 today....nearly all over 70+, and at least 10 now in full care nursing homes.
Two Trappist Monasteries were closed this year in the USA (1 closed, the other given over to Vietnamese Cistercians(not Trappists).
Saint John's and Gethsemani will be gone in afew years.
For what they have become since Vatican II.....good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure. The current current bishop, Donald Kettler is silent, and the scandals continue to unfold. If the Vatican has not acted inthe last 40 years, why would it now? One of the victims of Fr. Tom Andert just killed himself last year! One of the many offenders Allen Tarlton is so stupid he chronicled his abuse in a badly written memoir. See for yourself here at MPR news.