Saturday, May 16, 2015

Evil Dominican Tapped For Important Post

Edit: interesting that these appointments are going out over the weekend so people can't comment as readily.

This is almost as hair raising as the Bishop of Rome's retainer of this the predator enabler, Cardinal Daneels.

Even EWTN put their foot down since his violent advocacy for sexual deviancy is so pronounced.

Crux reports:

[Crux] One of the Church’s most controversial theologians, and a strong ally of Pope Francis, was given a boost by the Holy See Saturday.

In a move sure to raise eyebrows among the Church’s traditional guard, Pope Francis named the Rev. Timothy Radcliffe a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican announced Saturday.

The head of the Dominican Order for nearly a decade in the 1990s and a professor of theology at Oxford, the English-born Radcliffe has repeatedly challenged Catholic attitudes toward women, gays and lesbians, and the divorced.


Anonymous said...

Pope Francis said to a group of aged at a parish a week ago that "he is alittle old and alittle sick"
After these appointments, lets hope be becomes a lot more of both.

God Grant us release from the evil Francis, and bring us a traditional Catholic Pope.

Anonymous said...

The damage is done. Don't expect a "traditional Catholic Pope". Pope Francis is the true face of the Church since Vatican II and the infiltration of modernism. Maybe the next pope will be a bit more prudent and attempt to stabilize what he can, but the overall picture of the state of the Church is grim and dying. Get comfortable with being a part of a remnant.

Anonymous said...

Title should be: "evil sexual deviant gives evil sexual deviant Roman Catholic Church platform and financial support to further spread evil sexual deviancy -- especially sexual abuse of male children."

Where is the outrage?
"In a move sure to raise eyebrows among the Church’s traditional guard,"

I doubt there will be even that much response - a blog post or two and then right back to Rome and Chartres for "important" pilgrimages; blog posts touting Cardinal Burke saying mass, showing up at a prolife "march" and Cardinal Pell writing a letter. Another important article begging for the consecration of Russia to the sacred heart. Shows how much the moral rot is in the "traditional 'guard'"

M. Prodigal said...

That one is a strong pro-sodomy advocate. Hard to believe how BAD and how vile some of these appointments have been. Where is our Church? Where is our true shepherd? Oh, yes, He is in heaven.

Anonymous said...

That was what I was thinking. After Pope Francis... what? The pickins are very, very slim.


Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!!... Group of Portuguese Monks say Pope Francis is the Antichrist

commotion in Catholic Forums..Pope Francis recovered from a deadly wound, as the prophecy says, a group of Portuguese Monks claims.

the deadly wound would be his lung....

what's your opinion???...

Anonymous said...

Genty said...

Radcliffe was a shameless and leading proponent of the infamous 'gay' Masses in London's Soho. He is also best mates with uber-liberal cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, who claims to have played a pivotal role in getting Francis on to the throne of Peter. Radcliffe is also slated to be a keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the cardinal's old diocese of Arundel and Brighton, UK. It all ties in, doesn't it?

Gabriel said...

Over 30% of the total number of Catholics in the developed world left faith practice between 1954 and 1962. Another 20% left under the watch of JPII and Benedict XVI.

Be careful of whom you blame for the 'die off!'

BTW, I think Fr Radcliffe is a splendid choice for this appointment.

Anonymous said...

Like attracts like

Anonymous said...

Robbie said...

We are witnessing a complete catastrophe. VII was a terrible moment in the Church, but Bergoglio is making those years and their aftermath look like a walk in the park. Day after day, he is destroying what's left of the Catholic Church. And what's worse is it seems he's picking up steam after two years rather than slowing down.

To name a heretic priest to a Vatican position like this should be a scandal, yet it barely gets noticed. Bergoglio has done so many horrifying things that I think most are either numb to it or have simply given up and moved on. Rather than see a desire to push back on his anti-Catholic views, the reaction from most in the hierarchy who still seem to care is to just wait him out. Pathetic.

With each passing day, it seems clearer and clearer to me Bergoglio is hollowing out the remnants of the Church and filling the empty space with his vision of what the Catholic Church should be. In essence, he's using the Vatican to create the Church of Bergoglio and he's using the good press he's gotten as cover. He's created a cult-like atmosphere and he has become his own golden calf.

When will this end? And when it does, how do we prevent Tagle from succeeding him? God, help us!

Robbie said...

Gabriel is nothing but a troll who wants to stir things up. His IP addresses should be blocked.

Barnum said...

Now Robbie, you are being a bit harsh on our dear Gaybriel. In fact, he has made 2 valid points:

The first, which I agree with, is that homosexuality and homosexuals in the priesthood and religious are an effect, now flaming, not a cause, of the current rot and lack of nerve in the modernist Church.

The second, which is beyond the ken of a philistine heterosexual working class showman such as myself, and "breeder," as some of that ilk like to call us, is that Gaybriel really admires Fr. Radcliffe's Orthopwackthith.

Anonymous said...

every week seems to bring a new horror..
God help us by the time we get to october, when the real horror begins.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Christ! But surely the anti-Christ would deny the God of Catholics, attack the flock of Christ at every turn, be loved and lauded by the world, advocate sodomy, adultery and desecration of Holy Communion, mock the papacy at every turn and labour to raise error above truth. I see the Portuguese point.

Gabriel said...

What is the 'all' that 'ties in', Genty?
Another comfortable, thoughtless loaded question, from someone seeking assurance from the frightened.

Genty said...

Never heard of the rhetorical question? If you really must have an answer I refer you to the comment by Anonymous below. Chin, chin.

Anonymous said...

Of course. Lord have mercy.

Long-Skirts said...


From rabbits to Radcliffe
What more do you need?
We must resist to his face
And bleed for our Creed!

Merci Marcel! I'm following the True Shepherds and still praying for our Pope.

M. Prodigal said...

We little ones cannot stop C. Tagle from being a possible pope. We cannot stop the terrible appointments---at least not by any human means. But we can remain faithful to the true teachings and magisterium of the Church. We can pray our daily rosaries and seek the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. We attend daily Mass and seek frequent confession. We can make sure we console the Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament by regular holy hours to help atone for the many blasphemies and sacrileges He sustains in His Real Presence, especially those from priests and religious. We can do all we can to seek holiness for ourselves and our families. We who have the means can teach at our parishes and host good bibles studies and other programs.

We can lament all day and that changes nothing but the above things will bring peace to our hearts as we focus on Jesus and Mary. I also cringe at the terrible appointments but will absolutely not them derail me. Jubilee is coming. 2017 is coming. After the door of mercy, there will be God's justice. Pray for souls.

Anonymous said...

"still praying for our Pope."

I gave up with that.....the man is evil. I don't pray for evil people.

I pray for a new Pope, a Catholic Pope. A good Pope. An end to Francis.

susan said...

"...the abomination of desolation, spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, standing in the Holy Place..." = francis.

Anonymous said...

Individuals who insist that they are members in good standing of any body, yet in the same instance articulate views contrary to that body are obviously delusional. To be in a continual state of delusion would indicate that a person has serious mental health problems. To the extent that one is mentally ill, one's culpability is reduced. Make a choice, good bishops, from the very tippy top, to the most humble diocese: Are you nuts or are you a liar?

Tancred said...

Then you're not a Christian.

Gabriel said...

Lefebvre died a schismatic, outside the Church. You are clearly more comfortable being in the boutique ecclesiastical anomaly known as Econe than in the Catholic Church lead by Pope Francis who is not schismatic.

Robbie said...

Are you speaking about Bergoglio? He's supposed to be a member in good standing yet articulates views, especially through appointments, that are contrary to the Church.

Gabriel said...

Francis ifs the Pope. The onus is on you to prove that his appointments are 'contrary to the Church.'
What you are saying is that you dislike Pope Francis and therefore (some/most/all of) his appointments.
Don't be coy Robbie.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis espouses heresies publicly on a continual basis.

Barnum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Long-Skirts said...

Gabriel said:

"Lefebvre died a schismatic, outside the Church"

"Archbishop Lefebvre always recognized the pope’s authority (proved by his consultations with Rome for a solution to the current problems) and so does the SSPX. (See for example, its support for Pope John Paul II’s Ordinatio Sacerdotalis against women priests.)
Consecrating a bishop without pontifical mandate would be a schismatic act if one pretended to confer not just the fullness of the priesthood but also jurisdiction, a governing power over a particular flock. Only the pope, who has universal jurisdiction over the whole Church, can appoint a pastor to a flock and empower him to govern it. But Archbishop Lefebvre never presumed to confer anything but the full priestly powers of holy orders, and in no way did he grant any jurisdiction (which he himself did not have personally to give).
In 1988, driven by the necessity for a traditional bishop to continue the work of the SSPX as well as to guarantee the continuance of Catholic Tradition, Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated 4 bishops for the Society. For this action, the archbishop and his priestly society were declared excommunicated and accused of being in schism. However, both Canon Law and canonists show that these accusations lack any foundation and are completely invalid—a fact that was vindicated by the withdrawal of the excommunications in 2009."


Brer bishops
Brer priests
And brer people of god
Dialogue, collaborate
To sacrifice just seems odd.

Brer mother of ten cried,
"I assist tried and trued."
Brer people of god cried,
"Chill out
Take a lude."

Brer priest said,
"Ms. Brer come on smile
Serve with me
The True Faith, let pass,
Make a mess - harmony!"

With these words
Brer mother got sick
And threw up
So brer priest urged her, "Go
If you can't drink our cup."

"So you're urgin' I go?"
And her head she did scratch,
"Jus' please don't throw me
In no Pius the
Tenth Patch!!"

But brer priest
Flung brer mother
Out the door shut the latch
And forced her to land
In a Pius the Tenth Patch.

So celebration, collaboration
Is given the nod
By brer bishops
Brer priests
And brer people of god

But high on a hill
Brer mother of ten
Is singin' and kickin'
Her heels
Up again...

"I was born and raised
In a Pius the Tenth Patch
Known as Catholic Church
And there still ain't
No match!!!"

Barnum said...

Nice poem, Long-Skirts, The good Archbishop, who in fact died excommunicate, was vindicated by rehabilitation; at least that is how I see it. SSPX does need to carry on its work, sorely so, but within the Church. Let the self-described liberals in the Church who are all for dialog prove it. We know your heart is in the right place.

But what I really wanted to point out is a practical show, what a show, of a gay gift to society. READ NO FARTHER IS YOU GET UPSET OR DISGUSTED EASILY.


Anonymous said...

Gabriel: Sodomy is a SIN that cries out to heaven for VENGEANCE. Have you never heard of the wrath of God? Do you realize that EVERYONE in Sodom but 3 people were killed? Keep rockin' roun' the clock w/foul stinking perverts and go to hell. This has nothing to do w/like or dislike. It's do you obey the commandments of God? Do the shepherd Bergoglio appoints follow the teachings of Christ or do they advocate and actually do RAPE teen boys?

Seems to me, you are coy. Go write for crux!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Tancred!

Gabriel said...

Francis is still the Pope. That upsets you greatly. He has appointed bishops you don't approve of. These are your problems, deep ones which you need to resolve quickly. So too is your fixation on Sodom and its inhabitants. There a books written about such unhealthy preoccupation with such perversions. Get help.

Barnum said...

We are not the only ones with you on this, Tancred:

Even the collectivists are sneaking under the tent wall to catch a peek.

Luciano said...

Excellent points, thank you

Anonymous said...

See Fr Linus Clovis talk on the opposition t the Faith and morals at the top of the Church. He speaks in keeping with the Deposit of Faith and Natural Law - with reason and Revelation.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, please explain in detail the different norms of the Natural Law and where one might obtain a copy of it.

Anonymous said...

Try one's natural reason. It's been written on extensively throughout Catholic history and prior thereto. It was the basis of constitutional and criminal law, etc., around the world until recent decades when the atheistic relativist and positivist ideology became dominant mainly via UN, Council of Europe etc. conventions.

Anonymous said...

You could start here:

Anonymous said...

Are you saying every appointment is good simply because it happened?

Anonymous said...

Radcliffe exposed 13 years ago and Francis knows it.

susan said...

yes, that's exactly what he's saying....he's a rabid ultramontanist when the sitting pope is a modernist, progressive, anti-Catholic-Tradition, sodo-supporting, marxist. Not so much the other way; i.e., 'gabriel' has absolutely no Sensus Catholicus'....he's a prog troll; best always not to feed him in the comments section.

susan said...

of course francis knows it...radcliffe was promoted precisely because if it.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel - I don't know what faith you are professing, but it is not the Roman Catholic Faith. Contra Bergoglio, JP2, Ratzinger, Robber Barren et al - ONE unrepented mortal sin condemns you to hell. Doesn't matter what sin. Sodomy, however, IS a mortal sin -- in fact it is one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. You remind me of someone I went to high school w/--clear back in 1977. In religion class I happened to say abortion was a sin. Out of class I was accosted and asked if I supported the death penalty. When I asked why the person wanted to know my views on the death penalty, the response puzzled me: because if I did support the death penalty then I couldn't be "prolife." Why would I want to be prolife?! I want to go to heaven! Abortion is a SIN! Sin leads to eternal damnation AND in most cases temporal destruction as well (Sodom). Heaven is my preoccupation, Gabriel. You are the reprobate who worships man instead of God and burns with perverse lust: "And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error... who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them." Worthy of death, Gabriel --- eternal and temporal. You will have eternity to get used to it if you keep on the path you're going. But no thank you, I will not be following you and bergoglio and his fairy demons to hell.

TLM said...

I have little hope for a good Pope after Francis. The Cardinals in the conclave unanimously chose Francis, so??? One glaring proof of the sad state of our hierarchy, was the midterm relatio. The disgusting paragraph was voted down by a 2/3 vote, but overall over half of the Cardinals gave it a thumbs up!! So what does that tell us?? The Church is a monumental train wreck at the moment.

Anonymous said...

None of this garbage ever happened under John Paul II, may he rest in peace......nor Benedict XVI.
I can come to only one conclusion.....the people who facilitated the election of Francis, and Francis himself, knew what they were doing....and are still plotting.
They are to a man, supremely evil, and supremely confident of themselves and their agenda.
It would be a stroke of Divine Justice, if somehow, it all backfired on them and they all started running for cover....Francis first and the rest fleeing fast behind..

Gabriel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gabriel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tancred said...

There were poor appointments under both.

Dane said...

Wow, Anonymous. You are completely detached from reality.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fr Radcliffe is infamous for his heresies and espousal of intrinsic evils since he was head of the Dominicans in England. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Anonymous said...

Not detached from reality at all. I read that Kasper and Murphy-O'Connor facilitated the election of Bergoglio during the conclave of 2013. That in itself in contrary to conclave rules....but then again considering Kasper, Lehmann, Murphy-O'Connor and it any surprise that they discarded the rules?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Pope Honorius I was condemned for facilitating error. When God has decided we have done sufficient penance and the chastisments promised by Our Lady of Fatima are finished, then God will send a prelate after His own heart. For now we are given exactly what many of the apostate, heretical and depraved clerics have wanted for decades - a pope "after their own heart" to quote the late Fr Malachi Martin.

James said...

I hope Paul VI & John XXIII are satisfied with their "New Pentecost". If they had been dead set on the Church's neutering, denaturing, enfeeblement, corruption, & ruin, they could not have been more successful.

James said...

2017 is when that Protestant-Catholic commemoration of 1517 & the revolt of Luther is to happen. More sending of an erroneous message by those who govern in the Church :( At least there's time for it to be derailed. The centenary of Fatima is far more worth observing.

James said...

To call a heroic Catholic bishop like Abp Lefebvre a schismatic is meaningless & nonsensical. To call Paul VI a schismatic is quite possibly correct. One cannot be excommunicated for holding, teaching, & practicing the Catholic Faith, for none of those things are in any way sinful. Montoni & Wojtyla can go to the Devil, as far as I'm concerned. St Peter was called Satan (St. Matthew 16) - they did the works of Satan.

Elizmary said...

When you realize that Pope Francis is the false prophet then every thing he does makes sense .

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

Gabriel, ++ Lefebvre did not die as a schismatic, don't be silly.

Friday, August 14, 2015
Ferrara: Voris is Devious, Deceptive on SSPX

Edit: excerpt from Chris Ferrara:

Here Voris deviously and deceptively contrasts Bishop Schneider with Catholics “supportive of schism”—meaning the SSPX—when,as he knows full well, Bishop Schneider himself is supportive of SSPX, sees no schism, and recommends that SSPX be regularized without further ado. Unable to enlist the Bishop in support of his “schism” charge, however, Voris tries to slip it into the Bishop’s “clarification” by means of a shifty innuendo.

· “For SSPX supporters to portray Bishop Schneider as an unquestioning ally is something to which His Excellency objects.”

The Bishop did not “object” to the claim that he is an “unquestioning ally” of SSPX, because no such claim is made. Voris invented the claim and the Bishop’s “objection” in order to spin the—for Voris—useless “clarification” as support for his thoroughly discredited accusation of “schism.”

Sorry, Mr. Voris, but this is one duck that won’t lift from the lake. If there was anything left of CMTV’s credibility, it has vanished with this evidence of Voris’s determination to continue his petty vendetta against SSPX, which, as Bishop Schneider actually said, exhibits “a sound theological, spiritual and human reality” and the “sentire cum ecclesia” and that “this should suffice for a canonical recognition of the SSPX on behalf of the Holy See.”

Unknown said...

This is because this "traditional guard" is nothing more than a Vatican 2 high church just like the Anglican high church. The traditional guard accepts Vatican 2 and the novus ordo but does not exhibit the radical modernist consequences of Vatican 2 and the novus ordo. So it is a part of the same anti-Catholic Vatican 2 denomination but with a high church liturgy just as the Anglican high church is a part of the same Anglican church but with a high church liturgy. So much for being in "full communion", which idea of a degrees of communion is a invention of modernist ecumenism in the first place.

PHARLAP said...

You need to read two things

Dr. T.T.Coals said...

EWTN "put its foot down" at this appointment? I didn't know they had a foot to put down...

anonymous Joe said...

"over the weekend" implies that comments matter to anyone in Rome.

ps don't feed trolls like Gabriel