Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tacky Liberal Incoherence, No. 2

Of course, people have a right to free speech. But people also have a right to freedom from certain kinds of hate speech. That’s why I think governments should outlaw and punitively punish all anti-choice (wrongly called “pro-life”) speech. Plus, if such unacceptable (and therefore justly censured) speech isn’t censured, our universities won’t be safe places for all of us.


Nicolas Bellord said...

There is an interesting article by Nick Cohen in the April edition of "Standpoint" (a monthly well worth subscribing to) entitled "Political correctness is devouring itself". He writes of the "illiberal version of liberalism" and how the concept of "hate speech" has come to dominate universities which churn out authoritarian philosophers the way Ford churns out cars.

M. Prodigal said...

By "safe" does that mean for immorality of all kinds?

Anonymous said...

I won't offer any substantial comment here, because based upon the last blog of this type, Maximillian Hanlon will only allow those comments that mesh with his purpose in posting the blog. Or in other words:

"A note to my readers: I reserve the right to delete comments of readers who fail to understand the power of satire in rhetoric or whose comments are just plain silly."

And,if that doesn't make it clear enough, perhaps you will understand the following:

"I run my posts."

Of course, 'his' readers may have just stumbled across 'his' post, while expecting the generally high quality post from Tancred.

But whatever. Delete away, Hanlon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You speak for all of us.

Is Hanlon really Tancred? Did Tancred get abducted by aliens? Was this blog one big farce from the beginning? This Tacky Incoherence posting seem more like pro baby murderer. Where is the opposition to their sinful insanity?

The very least owed to readers is an explanation of a change in name. Not to menttion an apology. The comments he deleted did not merit deletion and some came from this blog's finest commenters. Lynda is one of them.
What gives, Hanlon? Or whoever you are?

Tancred said...

Have you ever read the Summa? Or the Syllabus of Errors?

And in the future, sign your posts, for example, "100%moron" or "Dullard" for example, or more humorously, "Rocket_Scientologist." I'm pretty sure I've asked you before and there's a note on the blog margins which asks you too as well.

No, I'm not Maximilian Hanlon. (He used to write for the Cornell Society for a Good Time, or something like that.)

Thanks for trying my patience, God knows I am a poor student of that virtue, so I must practice it.

Maximilian Hanlon said...

Mr. Anonymous, you really are a dolt if you can't spot my satire.