Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tomorrow the Cardinal Consistory on Curial Reform -- On Saturday Francis Creates 20 New Cardinals

Consistory Where Pope Benedict Announced His
(Vatican) On Thursday and Friday, the Vatican is having an ordinary consistory of the College of Cardinals, which Pope Francis has convened. The cardinals should in this case are informed by the previously laid plans for reform of the Curia, which was developed by the Council of Cardinal Advisers C9. This was announced by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.

In C9 Council there are just as many reform plans as members. It is generally believed that the reforms will be modest. The Roman Congregations are not, or hardly, to be touched. The number of the Pontifical Councils should be reduced by mergers. Completely unspectacular shifts are expected, with some melodious renaming of existing facilities. In short, it’s what every government is doing after elections. Ministries are regrouped, renamed, new placards are mounted on entranceways and paper is printed with new letterheads.

Number of Pontifical Councils Should be Reduced

"Reducing the cardinals of the Curia is neither bad nor good. Kasper was Curial, Baldisseri is still,” wrote the most famous Catholic blogger of Spain, Francisco Fernández de la Cigoña.

Bishop Marcello Semeraro of Albano, the secretary of the C9 Cardinal Council is to explain to the assembled Consistory the state of reform plans (see Church and Society of Pius X, confidant of Pope threatened excommunication of faithful) Most recently, the C9 Council plans to tap the Irishman, Msgr. Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, to think of a better organization of the media of the Holy See. Last Monday there was also a meeting with Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, held in conjunction with the reform plans.

 "Exotic" Cardinals and Rauber’s Reward 

 On Saturday, February 14, an extraordinary consistory will follow at which Pope Francis will name 20 new Cardinals (see New Cardinals, Unknown Names and Old Europe ). Among them are a number of unknown names from exotic countries. As "exotic whims” of the Pope in the Vatican are also valid in appointments like those of the Bishop of Lampedusa. Among the new cardinals, albeit for reasons of age are no longer eligible to be papal electors, among whom is the former German Vatican diplomat Karl-Joseph Rauber.

The progressivist Titular Archbishop of Iubaltiana attempted as Apostolic Nuncio 1989/1990 to prevent the appointment of Wolfgang Haas as Bishop of Chur and contributed to his removal from Chur. To express disapproval of the Swiss resistance against Bishop Haas, Pope John Paul II. made Haas, the first Archbishop of Archdiocese of Liechtenstein in 1997. Rauber was appointed in the same year as nuncio to Hungary. In 2009 Rauber tried as Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium to prevent the appointment of Bishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Namur as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. Rauber failed as Pope Benedict XVI. made Leonard archbishop and compelled Rauber to retire.

In parts of the church Rauber’s promotion to Cardinal by Pope Francis is evaluated as a reward for his controversial and hostile approach to faithful bishops. His advocate for the dignity of Cardinal was Cardinal Danneels, Leonard’s predecessor as Archbishop of Brussels. The Progressive [Can we just call him evil?] Danneels felt the appointment of Leonard as his successor as a personal slap in the face. The Cardinal appointment of Rauber is now seen as a slap in the face for Archbishop Leonard, who is excluded from the second Consistory, since Danneels has reached the age of 80, at the Cardinal Consistory. Danneels is part of the four-member team Bergoglio organized largely upon his election as Pope Francis. The Raubers elevation at the Consistory is seen as a thank you gesture by the Pope for Danneels.

On Sunday, he will celebrate Holy Mass with the new cardinals in the Vatican Basilica.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Infovaticana Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

Let them finalize the evil they do. They do so at their peril, not ours.

As my dear mother would say about those who do evil..."They can do what they want, but they will not do it for as long as they want."

Dios no muere!

Anonymous said...

Gone with the's the springtime church, baby, don't you know? Motus in fine velocior......non praevalebunt.

Anonymous said...

When we are judged at death we will see the huge ramifications of our sins. This is frightening, Do not dismiss their evil/sins as non perilous to us. If you do you could be one who ends up with them. Pray for them instead. Our Lord suffered agony for them too. Let it not be for nothing. Jesus Mercy.

Anonymous said...

What will these radical liberal do when their head, Francis, is dead in a year or two? They feel supremely confident now, but their time is running out even as they plot and plan.
The next Pope will be nothing like Francis, and everything he stood for and his agenda will be swept away....and so will they.
A new Benedict XVII or a new Pius XIII is coming.

Anonymous said...

Francis is quite a cardinal makin' and church remakin' machine