Monday, February 9, 2015

Muslim Invocations in Cologne Cathedral

Edit: it would be nice if people would shout this nonsense down when it happens, but also, the ordinary Mass goers are so stupefied by the unlovely proceedings, they probably didn’t notice.

Islamic prayer service at prayer service for soldiers in the Cologne Cathedral and no one is responsible. A celebration of the Eucharist is no inter-religious dialogue event. A comment by Johannes Graf

Cologne (

In the Cologne Cathedral on World Peace Day on 22 January, the traditional military service took place. Cardinal Rainer Woelki celebrated Holy Mass. In addition to representatives of the German armed forces, there were soldiers from other countries stationed in Germany who were present stationed. The bidding prayers were presented by military personnel of various nations in the local language. Previously, the German translation was read.

The third prayer was recited by a Muslim female soldier. The German translation was: "We pray for the people who oppose injustice and violence and risk their lives; especially for our soldiers and female soldiers and members of the Federal Police. For keen awareness and a heart open to men.” [The inclusive language is horrible, too.]

According to a translation presented to the soldier actually said: "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. The greetings be upon the Seal of the Prophet (ie Muhammad, n.). We ask God Most High, for all the people, who are exposed to violence and humiliation and all those who expose themselves with their lives to danger, especially the male and female soldiers and police, to be vigilant to the safety, protection and peace in communities.”

Maybe it's just a misunderstanding and the Muslim simply used a conventional petition used in her religion and that was self-evident for her introductory text for a prayer or a petition, which was not discussed with the promoters. Therefore, one should be careful with reproaches.  Objectively, a Catholic Eucharist   is lost  with a Muslim intercession. Muhammad is not a prophet for Christians. Even the following verse is again not acceptable for Muslims. The cantor sings: "God our Father,” while the people answer, "We beseech Thee, hear us". A father-child relationship between God and man is unthinkable for Islam. has made ​​a request to the Archdiocese of Cologne, our editorial was referred to the Cathedral pastoral office. The Cathedral pastoral office told us that the soldiers' worship had been prepared by the Military Catholic Deanery of Cologne, which is also responsible for the selection of lecturers for the intercessions. The Cathedral pastoral office has received the German intercessions and "noted with approval". Nothing wrong with that, if you look at the German translation.

Who was responsible for the missed intercession - this is so it should not be repeated. How was it that a Muslim woman read a prayer? Finally, the celebration of the Eucharist is not an inter-religious dialogue event. video of this Eucharistic celebration with prayer by a Muslim. The prayer begins at minute 37:00 with the German translation. Photo Cologne Cathedral ©


Anonymous said...

The hirelings of the Cathedral pastoral office did not want to know, despite the numerous examples of similar switcheroos elsewhere.

Catholic Mission said...

The dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus has evolved for them at Cologne as it has for Fr.John Zuhlsdorf and so many in the Catholic Church.

February 10, 2015

What about the dogma on salvation which has 'evolved' for Fr.Zuhlsdorf ?

What about the dogma on salvation which has 'evolved' for Fr.Zuhlsdorf ? If you can get rid of an infallible teaching you can get rid of anything. Hilary White on LifeSites quotes Cardinal Raymond Burke saying "I will resist".

Yes - but Hilary White( and Fr.John Zuhlsdorf do not resist when extra ecclesiam nulla salus is discarded due to their being known exceptions to the defined dogma ( even when these exceptions refer to deceased persons).

Of course the Eucharist should not be given to Catholics living in adultery and yes it should not also be given to Catholics who reject an infallible teaching in public.

-Lionel Andrades

February 10, 2015

Fr.John Zuhlsdorf made an objective mistake : irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II

Anonymous said...

They're just living up to Lumen Gentium.

Anonymous said...

I hate Vatican II

Anonymous said...

Go back to the trident in Latin mass which boasts of no ad libs by anyone as mandatory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May these effeminate pervert bishops get what they pray for -- i.e. I pray the Blessed Virgin Mary, destroyer of all heresies, will crush their satanic heads!

Anonymous said...

You don't hate Vatican ll. What you hate is the hijacking of the real Council of St. John XXlll.The deliberate ambiguous language, and the complete distortion of the Council. There are two Vatican ll's, the one planned by St. John XXlll which was never materialized and the Council the modernists invented according to their own whims and fancies.

Anonymous said...

Good article on Rorate Ceali. Posted 2/8/15

susan said...

Semantics much? Vatican II is what came out of Vatican II, and what was signed by the pope. We're big kids...we know what it is, and we're pretty sure we hate it.

There was NO need for, zero, zilch. It was simply the opportunity for the modernists and masons to fissure the foundation. yeah....we hate it.

Anonymous said...

Amen Susan! Lumen Gentium is anti-christ!