Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pope Backs Efforts to Defend Family in Slovakia

Edit: why is this even an issue?
[Huffington Post] As Slovakia gears up for a referendum on same-sex unions this coming weekend, Pope Francis gave his blessing to the country's efforts to block marriage and adoption rights for gay couples.

Speaking at his weekly general audience on Wednesday, the pope said: "I greet the pilgrims from Slovakia and, through them, I wish to express my appreciation to the entire Slovak church, encouraging everyone to continue their efforts in defense of the family, the vital cell of society."

Alliance for the Family, a Slovak conservative group, has gathered more than 400,000 votes -- representing nearly 10 percent of the country’s electorate, according to Reuters -- on a petition calling for a national vote that could block any future efforts to overturn Slovakia's existing ban on same-sex marriage.


Anonymous said...

It's news to Huff and her readers. She and they wanted a warm fuzzy little Pope of their own.

Lucie Cekotova said...

Unfortunately, the Slovak referendum probably failed. It seems that only about 20 per cent of the country´s electorate participated, 50 per cent being the quorum for validity. Exact data are not known yet (Sunday Feb. 8, 10:46 a.m. of Central-European Time). It is a great disappointment for the whole pro-family movement in the European Union; a successful referendum in one of its member countries could have been a strong impetus for other countries and a signal for European politicians.
Lucie Cekotova, Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Reuters got it wrong. There was almost 1 milion voters /944 209/ - 21,41% Whoever was against referendum voted by not voting. All major TV stations including the ones owned by governement refused to broadcast pro referendum paid advertisments.