Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cardinal Burke to Resist

Edit: this might provide a suggestion as to what happened during Burke's audience.  From the SSPX USA site:

Some frank answers from Cardinal Burke during a French TV interview that will be broadcasted on Sunday, February 8th.
We present here some extracts of Cardinal Raymond Burke's comments given during an interview conducted by Lionel Feuerstein, Karine Comazzi, Patrice Brugeres, Nicolas Berthelos and Claire Aubinais for the “13H15 le dimanche” episode of French Television channel, France2.
The complete interview will be broadcasted on Sunday, February 8
Cardinal Burke: I cannot accept that Communion can be given to a person in an irregular union because it is adultery. On the question of people of the same sex, this has nothing to do with marriage. This is an affliction suffered by some people whereby they are attracted against nature sexually to people of the same sex.

Question: If perchance the pope will persist in this direction, what will you do?

Cardinal Burke: I shall resist, I can do nothing else. There is no doubt that it is a difficult time; this is clear, this is clear.

Question: Painful?

Cardinal Burke: Yes.

Question: Worrisome?

Cardinal Burke: Yes.

Question: In your opinion, can we say today that the Catholic Church as an institution is threatened?

Cardinal Burke: The Lord has assured us, as He has assured St. Peter in the Gospel, that the powers of evil will not prevail, “non praevalebunt” as we say in Latin, that the forces of evil will not have victory over the Church.

Question of the end: Is the Pope still your friend?

Cardinal Burke (with a smile): I would not want to make the pope an enemy for sure. That is fine for now. [from the context: "That is enough for this interview"].


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is a wonderful man, a true example of a Prince of the Church, and a true Catholic. He is a hero to many. But he will not be alone in the fight, especially in October. Pope Francis will have the most unpleasant shock in his life during the Synod. He has made enemies of so many faithful Catholic Cardinals and Bishops, and nearly all of the Roman Curia!
Cardinal Burke is correct to quote that the forces of evil will not prevail in the Church. Those forces are lead by Francis.

Anonymous said...

Well...he has been a part of the Modernist establishment from day one but has never given over to them entirely. I hope and pray that he realizes the problem today is more than just a nutjob at the helm. Francis is merelt the fruit, not the root. His Excellency Cardinal Burke will now have a chance to be an exemplary Prince of The Church. I hope his resistance is as firm and loud as few other faithful bishops and a certain archbishop have been. I hope he has the prayers and sacrifices of all true Catholics. He will need them if he is to truly "resist".

Anonymous said...

Resist the same way he does communion for pro-aborts? He gives quotes for Voris, but what pro-aborts come to his masses? I.e. HE will refuse communion to adulterers should any ever come up to him. What a brouhaha in a tea cup. He will be THE example for you, Voris, Rorate, CFN, Remnant etc. to follow -- how to resist w/o giving up one iota - luv it!

Anonymous said...

Boy, are you full of crap. Except for the crap you just posted.

Geremia said...

Yes, those who think like Card. Burke will come out of the woodwork. Recently, Abp. Luigi Negri of Ferrara-Comacchio (Italy) "has likened the proposed Italian laws against 'homophobia' to a reemergence of fascism and the 'dark times of state ideology' in Italy." He has also blamed abortion for Italy's declining population.

Geremia said...

The Rorate translation includes a bit more.

This part:
I have heard here and there some jokes among the cardinals: "how many infirmities do you have?"
reminds me of today's epistle (2 Cor. 12:9):
He said to me, "My grace suffices thee, for power is perfected in infirmity." Gladly therefore will I glory in my infirmity, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the cardinal means by "resisting." Assuming arguendo that the pope were to change the Church's uninterrupted discipline and publicly state that divorced and remarried people can now receive Holy Communion without a decree of nullity of a prior marriage. What actions would resistance consist of? What about we as the laity? Okay, so we say, "I disagree with you, Pope Francis, and I will not follow your teaching on this issue." Then we go to Mass the next Sunday and see the divorced and remarried couple receive Holy Communion from the parish priest. What happens next? DJR

Anonymous said...

The great cardinal, lets call him that, he's been honest to come out and say he will resist publicly, put that into perspective. Have others done this type of thing so boldly and publicly since Archbishop Lefebvre? I know there have always been resisters to Vat2 who said this or that on record but this seems different. This is quite a moment in the Church.

Red feather said...

Dear Alan,

I'd advise not use "come out of the woodwork" for someone you do not think is a cockroach. That term implies something loathsome like vermin, rats, cockroaches. I do not think you think Cardinal Burke is such.

Deacon Augustine said...

I think there would have to be a concerted effort to identify priests/bishops who were Catholic as opposed to schismatic and clearly identify them as such online. Catholics could then remove themselves from communion with and stop funding the idolaters.

Anonymous said...

What a mess. I hope the cardinals who voted for Pope Bergoglio all get hemorrhoids and halitosis!

Anonymous said...

LOL......I hope he'll never walk alone and some other cardinal braveheart will say his word in support, are there true men of God in this church barnum? Hope so and pray, Lent is near. God bless+

Anonymous said...

Removing ourselves from communion with the idolaters: How would that work out on a practical basis?

Are we speaking about people in diocesan structures here? Catholics that avail themselves of the ministry of groups like the SSPX don't have to do anything; they are already in such a position.

What about people like Cardinal Burke and those who are similarly situated? It does not seem likely that such people will do anything more than make public statements disavowing the pope's action, should it actually occur. Does anyone think that Cardinal Burke or any of the other bishops will do the same thing as Archbishop Lefebvre? That does not seem plausible to me at all.

If the pope changes the discipline, I don't see how anyone could stop it, nor can I see how Cardinal Burke and those who agree would prevail to any great extent. The majority of the Church will go along with it, and people like Cardinal Burke will not remove themselves from communion with the pope. I just can't see that happening at all.



Anonymous said...

Do you not all hear yourselves? These are all people of God - like it or not. Why do we have to resort to names and accusations? What happened to following the Gospel?

Tancred said...

What are you talking about? Most of the comments here are favorable to +++Burke.

Take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I mean really, wasn't Ted Kennedy divorced and remarried? Didn't he have two wives at his funeral? Weren't three cardinals in attendance? Did the roof cave in? Most y'all think Ron Reagan (divorced and remarried protestant) is a saint so really who cares? Just keep writing these blogs and deleting any comments that disagree w/you (like the pope deletes the FFI). That's the ticket -- 'resist' on tv, videos and in blogs.

Tancred said...

I just delete comments that aren't worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Anon 3:58 is trying to say that perhaps Cardinal Burke is functioning in the capacity of a safety valve or even a controlled opposition.

TLM said...

I think this is the 64 million dollar question here. In what practical capacity do faithful Catholics 'resist'? What in the world does that look like? The only 'practical' thing I can think of is to hit them in the collection basket. Also support to the best of our ability 'traditional parishes'. If your parish supports and goes along with heresy, you MUST LEAVE IT! And find a true Catholic parish. May be easier said than done, but we gotta do what we gotta do. What we are talking about here is what Bishop Athanasius Schneider talked about......a SCHISM. And.......surely it would be very messy.

TLM said...

And just as surely, traditional Catholics would be the ones labeled
'Dissenters'. The persecution from inside of the Church would surely be as bad or worse than the outside. Be prepared. Pray.

susan said...

sorry pal...volpe, forte, mark, maradiega, kasper, bergoglio and their ilk are NOT 'people of God'...they are the enemies of God and His holy Catholic Church.

C. Burke IS a person of God, and one of the very few MEN left in the rank of Bishop, who will speak the Truth, no matter what it costs him. May God bless, guide, guard and raise him.

Barnum said...

Of course there are true men of God in this Church! And women, as I was asked when Teaching CCD this Sunday past-- women like sweet, loving Susan Conner, who evidently tries to walk in the footsteps of not only Christ, but his Blessed Mother.

Flawed we be, but we know and admit it, by the grace of God. That grace allows us to point out what is flawed in ourselves and others, and to assess the severity the flaw justly, therefore, within reason, and to deal with the flaws in others charitably. We walk arm in arm with Christ and our personal flaws.

Anonymous said...

There's another new hero in the Church today, standing beside the great Cardinal Burke. Archbishop Jan Pawel Legna, former Archbishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, just published an open letter whereby he placed serious doubt on the premise that Benedict XVI resigned of his own free will. This is obvious to many faithful Catholics. Also in the letter, he basically condemned the present Vatican administration he specifically named the Secretariat of State as a seedbed of modernism, spreading heresy and error, and political correctness), but by extension he also meant Francis.
Let us pray that more and more Bishops, and even Cardinals, begin to speak out against the Vatican and papacy of Francis.
Only by refuting him and his associates, only by exposing what they are spreading, can this evil be removed from the Papacy and the Vatican and the Church.

Anonymous said...

I will take him seriously the moment he is ordained/concecrated in the pre-June 1968 rite by a traditional bishop and renounced Vatican 2.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, but that will never happen.
The good thing is that I have read that traditional Catholicism (SSPX, etc) and even traditionalist sede-vacantist movements are experiencing rising interest and vocations as a reaction to Pope Francis. He is alienation the grass roots traditional,faithful Catholics and they are going elsewhere....mostly to the SSPX and affiliated groups.
Also I read that in many USA seminaries, the gains in enrollment made during the JP II years and especially Benedict XVI are evaporating under a negative picture of Pope Francis, and the type of Catholic Church he espouses with his agenda. LOL!