Sunday, November 2, 2014

Islamist Planned Bomb Attack on Vienna Train Station

VIENNA. A fourteen-year-old Turk has been arrested in Vienna for preparing a mass murder The prosecution alleges that  young people were plotting a bomb attack on the Vienna West train station or other public place. As the police said, the young Turk had admitted to have secured detailed plans for a bomb on the internet and started preparing.
The boy, who has lived in Austria for eight years, was under surveillance of security agencies since October. They have  noticed an increasing radicalization of  Turks living in Sankt Pölten.  By his own account he had also planned to travel to Syria to join the terrorist Islamic State (IS).Currently, the terror suspects are in custody.
According to research by the ORF of the first contact of youth with the IS-radical fighters on social networks comes about. On platforms such as Facebook or they were introduced to  propaganda. Around 2,000 people residing here in Austria are openly committed to the radical Islamic ideology of the IS.   Almost half claims to originate from Chechnya. Another quarter has immigrated from the Balkans. (FA)

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LeonG said...

I don't believe this - this is a religion of peace that worships its old meteorite somewhere in saudi arabia. I wouldn't embrace their book either because it blasphemes against The Blessed Trinity and advocates violence towards us and forcing us to pay jizrah tax for wanting to remain faithful to Our Blessed Lord. the pre-conciliar Roman Catholic Church was wise and courageous to state unequivocally - The Traditional Catechism of Christian Doctrine states in Article 177, Q. What are sins against Faith? The sins against Faith are all false religions, willful doubt, disbelief or denial of any article of Faith, and also culpable ignorance of the doctrines of the Church……………….
False religions. Those religions that do not teach the truth. Disbelief…[three types]….
(1) Paganism, idolators……deists………and Mahometans or the disciples of Mahomet.