Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Diocesan TLM Unceremoniously Being Shut Down in UK?

Edit: one of the problems with getting involved with a Summorum Pontificum parish is that after spending thousands of dollars for restoration, building traditional sodalities, maybe establishing a school and attracting people who come to depend on it for their spiritual lives, the thing can be suddenly yanked, for no other reason than someone at the chancery doesn't think there's enough interest, or that the Latin Mass doesn't fit the locale (as was the case at a parish in California that was moved because it "disturbed" the tourists.)

Perhaps it will, as one concerned Catholic opines, "have its altar tossed in a dust bin and be fit out with minarets."  This is what is happening presently on the other side of the pond.

Moving with the times might be a virtue for some, but it's not exactly a sign of affection either. Here's the news from LMS, who hopes this is incorrect, but we expect it's not:
That's what Fr John Zuhlsdorf says: it will end by the end of Septemeber. According to my sources, which are probably the same as his, this is true. It was announced from the pulpit yesterday by the new Parish Priest, Fr Steven Fisher. It was his second Sunday in the parish. 
If it isn't true, no one will be more pleased to put the record straight than I.
Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark did something very unusual in moving Fr Tim Finigan from the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary at Blackfen, to a parish in Margate. The usual thing is that, knowing that there was a long-established group attending the Traditional Mass in the parish, Archbishop Smith appointed a new Parish Priest who was able, and professed himself willing, to carry this on. 
It is a tragedy that this hasn't worked. Fr Fisher has decided, for reasons which I'll leave to him to explain, that, having said he would continue to say the EF, he won't after all.


gemoftheocean said...

The silence is deafening.

Konstantin said...

Well, can't say I'm surprised. I saw that coming when they announced Fr. Finigan's move.

Long-Skirts said...

Trick by Trick!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but all is fine! Don't question priests' or bishops' objective public acts involving grave matter - they can do no wrong, you know, couldn't possibly lead souls into sin . . .

Anonymous said...

So much for that diocesan indult, this is the first of many to come all around the world. Jorge will try his best to stamp out the ever growing remnant but there isn't enough time (IMHO) before Go's chastisement occurs. 100th anniversary of Fatima right around the corner.