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Troika Over the Franciscans of the Immaculate -- Who is Mario Castellano, Really?

Mario Castellano, Member of the Troika, Which Oversees
The Franciscans of the Immaculatee
(Rome) A year ago, on 29 July 2013, the provisional government of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) was announced.  Nine days before, had just reported on the opening of a new monastery that the Order was still in flower. The decree of the Congregation of Religious was signed with the approval of Pope Francis on July 11th.  Since August 11, the Order has been prohibited the celebration in the traditional form of the Roman rite. Its fate now lies in the hands of a triumvirate: which was set up by the Congregation of Religious' Apostolic Commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi, OFM Cap, the Franciscan "parricide" Father Alfonso Bruno (FI) and a hitherto barely visible, but the more active eccentric figure, who was active as a consultant with the criminal action against the Order: "Professor" Mario Castellano. Who is Mario Castellano? This question was asked by Emmanuele Barbieri for Corrispondenza Romana. What he was doing is astonishing as  summarized here.
Mario Castellano came into the world in 1949 in Imperia on the Italian Riviera, the son of a well-off Catholic family. Father Adolfo had come into prosperity as a representative of the rice brand Scotti. During the German occupation of Italy, he joined the  "whites", i.e. Catholic partisans, and after the war on the council of the Christian Democratic party in his hometown. Uncle Ismaele Mario Castellano was Archbishop of Siena.The young Castellano studied law and was admitted as a lawyer, a profession he never exercised, however. His political sympathies were always to the left. To be precise, he belonged to the left wing of the Christian Democrats (DC).In Imperia where he was known as a Cathokommunist. It is said that he belonged to the Grand Orient of Sanremo since the 90s. We wait for the person who denies this news.

Support For The "Nicaraguan Revolution"

Although he never completed his habilitation, he adorns himself with the title "Professor". Castellano taught law  immediately after the takeover by the Marxist Sandinistas at the University of Managua. For ideological reasons, Castellano had moved to support the "Nicaraguan Revolution" to Nicaragua, where he married a Nicaraguan woman, from whom he separated after a few years. After returning to Europe, he worked with various esoteric and pro-Islamic websites before it was the "right hand" or perhaps better to the "left head" of Father Alfonso Bruno. Castellano moved into the convent of the Franciscans of the Immaculate on the Via Boccea in Rome. Into the house that can be viewed as the center of dissidents who originated the order's internal subversion. From this house from the the Sacristan service also  supports   the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. It's the appropriate place to come into close contact with various points in the Vatican. From there, Castellano accompanied Father Bruno as the new Secretary General of the Order in its inspections of the monasteries and religious houses.

Sympathies for the Left, Esotericism and Muslims

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception as they were allowed to celebrate the Old Rite
Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception as they were allowed to celebrate the Old Rite
Starting in 2005 Castellano wrote passionately for the rights of Muslims in Italy and the EU; for multiculturalism; for the adaptation of European laws on the rights of Muslims and even for believers and non-believers and believers of all religions.
2008 Castellano stood against the traditional rite and everything that might offend "Jewish sensibility". The author named the esoteric as one of three positive reasons why the Catholics are not "damned forever"  to fight against the Muslims and the Jews. On the website Islam Online he raved of mosques as a "factor of stability and security."
In 2011 he held, at a conference  organized by the Lions Club Sanremo  for the Italian Risorgimento,  a lecture on "The timeliness of Cavour," the notoriously anticlerical Italian statesman, who reeked of English Freemasonry.

From the French Revolution to the EU Superstate

In 2012 he was on the website run by Father Alfonso Bruno  with the anonymous essay " Europe on the way to a federation?," but this actually was by Castellano.
The author gives himself to be an enthusiastic supporter of the French Revolution and of a centralized unitary state of Europe. The crisis that Europe is currently experiencing, he compares with the crisis in France shortly before the outbreak of the revolution. At that time the crisis was voiced in a revolutionary act by which the Estates-General proclaiming the Constituent Assembly and thus nudged the revolution. Today, the takeover of the sovereign debt of some EU Member States and the private debts of some banks by the EU constitutes a revolutionary act, which will make the  way free to a European federal state.

Castellano's Masonic Mind Games

In the wake of the French Revolution, the clergy was divided on the issue of the schismatic Civil Constitution between  constitutionalist and priests true to Rome. Castellano's sympathies include the schismatic priests as he wrote in the  article "France and the Positive Secularity": "When Napoleon concluded the Concordat of 1801 with Pius VII, the clergy true to Rome was pardoned and allowed to exercise their office again, while the work of the clergy loyal to the constitution  had been recognized in the previous decade from the canonical view. It had therefore acted properly both from the point of view of the state as well as from the point of view of the Church in France, who had decided to remain faithful to the nation. "
Mario Castellano has made himself known, beside his sympathies for the left (first left, always to the left), mainly by his wild attacks against traditional Catholics, who are not willing to  make cheap and lucrative compromises with the spirit of the times and the respective power. Perhaps it is therefore such considerations by Commissioner Volpi and the Congregation of Religious that made him a consultant.
He is a remarkable figure who may have a say in the Order, which was obliged to  Catholic tradition and the Old Rite and dared to join the struggle against the influence of Freemasonry. The goat has been appointed to be gardener.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


M. Prodigal said...

This whole thing gets more bizarre by the day! The original disobedience by 5 friars has opened the door to satan, has destroyed the holy Institute (for the time being), has stopped the promotion to Mary by the FI, has caused untold suffering and on and one. Demonic. And yet one leader of the rebellion can sue a lay person
and so spend time in court and where does a Franciscan get money to fight in a secular court and even more important, the time to do it if he is supposed to lead a holy life of prayer??? And another dissenter has time to read many blogs and be denouncing the founders and others. Unholy.
And now this. Smoke of satan indeed. And the expert on the masons was exiled and I do not know if he is still in the order as many of the holy ones have left.

Anonymous said...

A denunciation for calumny is a criminal case in Italy, therefore Fr. Bruno does not need to spend a penny...

Anonymous said...

The FFI have to take these heretics on. The situation is not going to get better. Look at how much they have lost in a year! The time for disobedience against heresy is now. Liberate Fr. Stefano Manelli!

Wondering said...

Where did the "holy ones" go? I assume you mean they just fled the location, not that they gave up their vocations.

Lynda said...

Mr Castellano is clearly an enemy of the Holy Faith. Why has not a complaint been brought to the court of justice of the Church, the Apostolic Signatura? The evil is so great, yet no cardinal or bishop has publicly denounced the thinly-veiled suppression of the Institute.

Anonymous said...

How can there be justice in the Church when the pope himself has ordered the persecution? The body is rotten from the head down.

Anonymous said...

How many FFis have actually left now? Does anyone know? Has it continued after the meeting with Pope Francis or has it diminished?

Anonymous said...

Remember only a select few who were in favored of the persecution of the FFI were invited to the meeting. To me, the number who would leave would increase. I would feel a sense of hopelessness if the one opportunity to ask the Pope for help was dashed by a lack of access to him.

Anonymous said...

A Mason administrating the remainder of FFI!! It is so incredible it must be true. The Church has been in the service of Masonry and what we now call the NWO for a very long time. It's only surprising that us little people, they call us peasants, have taken so long to discover the truth. These facts were known by good and important people but they, before the arrival of the internet, had no way to disseminate these startling facts.

Anonymous said...

"Oh what a tangled web they weave"...and they just keep on weaving and tangling and weaving and tangling ...

I don't know these people can sleep at night...

But that's just me - a nobody, a Catholic who loves with every fibre of her being the Church the Our Blessed Lord founded...the only hope of empty man.


Anonymous said...

Padre Paolo wrote the book on the Masons subsequently he was sent to the African Missions once the takeover was complete. He is very holy and humble Priest however his health seems so frail. May the Holy Virgin protect him.

jac said...

I am afraid you are right.
Cardinal Ciappi, personal theologian to 4 successive popes, had the privilege to read the true 3rd Secret. He stated:
"In the Third Secret, it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top."

Tancred said...

I think it's indisputably accurate.