Monday, June 9, 2014

Benedict XVI. Has Recently Started Using a Walker

Archbishop Gänswein: The legs are dragging, but his spirit and his health are in good shape

Rome ( / CBA) Benedict XVI. is walking with walker: An appropriate press photo is not beneficial, in the words of Archbishop George Gänswein, for speculation about the state of the emeritus pope. "He's fine, the legs drag a bit, but his spirit and his health are in good shape,” said his private secretary Gänswein said on Thursday in the course of a lecture in Rome. Benedict XVI. has been using a walker for two or three weeks during his walks.

"He just realized that he easily falls while walking," says Gänswein. The Italian magazine "Oggi" had published a photo this week, that the the emeritus pope relies on a walker.

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Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Benedict xvi, is the only pope to 'disapprove' of Freemasonry since 1958. Before that, every pope since Clement XII did. Seems to me that The Siri-Theortists might not be 'mad'. If Cardinal Siri was Gregory XVII - the true Vicar of Christ upon whom rested the Holy Ghost(in ANY WISE) since,'58 and who passed from the world in '89; then the next true conclave was the one that sent the Holy Ghost on a former slave of jpii called ratzinger, but who could not resist the Holy Ghost and so gave us Summorum Pontificum, and who dared to question jpii-s anti-catholic religious indifference (remember bergoglio accused Benedict while he was Pope of setting back 'ecumernical relationships for decades'.

Est fini said...

The Siri Theory has been put to rest.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is is worse shape that Benedict XVI. He was sick again today and cancelled audiences. His staff and one of his chief advisors, Cardinal Maridiaga is very concerned about his declining health and want him to take a vacation this summer. Also, his private dr. is very concerned, and believes that Francis has developed progressive congestive heart failure.

Anonymous said...

When Benedict XVI goes, all hell will break loose for Traditional Catholics. Nothing will hold back the persecution within the Church.

Anonymous said...

I was right in my earlier post of yesterday.....about Francis being ill.

Today, Tuesday June 10th, the Vatican announced that the Pope was too ill to celebrate his morning Mass, and that all audiences were cancelled for the day. They said it was hoped he would hold his General Audience on Wednesday.

The illness was called "unspecified" by the Vatican. This is usually an attempt to hide a problem which is neither "unspecified", or "minor".
This is the 5th time since November that Francis has been ill....and it appears to be the most conserning of all.

Although it is wrong to be gleeful, it is possible that Pope Francis will not be here for much longer. Moreover, he looks terrible, compared to the way he looked when first elected....or even from Christmas time.

Anonymous said...

Today, Pope Francis held his General Audience, but he held no private audiences with Curia cardinals or staff during the other words, he's still sick....but he rallied enough for the General Audience.
Personally, I think Pope Francis is very ill with something the Vatican is hiding. His own personal dr. is concerned....and there's speculation about congestive heart failure.
I would be very surprised if Pope Francis were still alive in 2 years.
Let us hope he passes on....especially before he can do any harm to traditional Catholic movements and Ecclesiae Dei as has been speculated,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what are your sources for this information that the pontiff is ill? And why do you say that it is serious when they don't mention what his illness is? Also, how do you know that the pontiff's own doctor is very concerned? I'm curious, and I would like to know the answers to these questions.


Ale said...

El que dijo estar preocupado es el terapeuta taoista que lo atendía aquí en Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

I read it on multiple websites, both Catholic and secular.
As a matter of practice, when the Pope has a serious illness, the Vatican does not elaborate or mention the illness specifically. It is always reported that a Pope is suffering from an "undisclosed illness" in this case.
When Francis had a cold and was off one day, or 1/2 a day, the Vatican said that he had a cold.
This time, they would not disclose it. Moreover, this is the 2nd time in three weeks that the Pope has been ill. He is apparently not well in that even today, there were no audiences. He presided at a consistory to announce new canonizations of saints, but that's it. Usually there are audiences every day. There have not been any all week.
If you love this Pope and his agenda, good for you. Some do, many do not.
Personally, from what I have read, I believe that Francis has a serious illness which the Vatican will not elaborate upon. I believe from what I have read that it is very serious and a progressive process...meaning he will only get worse. Cancer? Probably not. But it has been speculated that he has congestive heart failure which one symptom is fluid retention(which he has along with weight gain), and fatigue and increasing shortness of breath (which some in the Vatican even have stated is true).
I do not think Francis will be here in 2 years. If he is, it will be in similar condition as was John Paul II at the end of his life. Mobile perhaps, but extremely frail and weak.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon. I only support the pope because he is the pope. Whatever his agenda is, if it's in line with Tradition and the Faith, then I support it. If not, then I don't. But I pray for him nonetheless.

Keep us up to date on this blog or maybe you have your own blog you write. Thanks. - Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

Nope, I don't have my own blog, but I read a lot about this Pope, principally because I don't like his agenda :).
He's not in keeping with traditional Catholic practice, or what we have come to expect in the Pope (the way he presents himself, the teachings he defends, etc.)
He doesn't look good compared even from Christmas. He'll be 78. That's old. For all his supposed fragility, Benedict XVI may well be healthier than Francis..