Tuesday, June 10, 2014

“Fisher More College” on The Street -- Financial Difficulties Provide For Closing of Traditional College

While "Fishermore College" in Fort Worth (Texas) continues  to await the decision of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei” decision  on a ban on traditional liturgy at the school by the competent diocesan Bishop Michael Olson, it seems, as regards the main point here, the dice to have already fallen.  As readers know,  Dr. Taylor Marshall , who had taught at the college until 2013, and held the position of the Chancellor, accused the President, Michael King, of financial mismanagement.   Furthermore, as Katholisches opined: "Marshall's argument is, however, illogical, when he writes that the traditional liturgy has nothing to do with the controversy. 'The Latin Mass is at the center because Michael King politicized the Latin Mass in his favor, because he knows that , bishops against the Latin Mass is a godsend for some traditionalist blogs.' In truth, King has  not politicized the so-called Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  It wasn't he who has forbidden it and made   it into a political issue, but the diocesan bishop, who took office less than a month before it occurred.  King should hardly have gone to Bishop Olson,  asking him to ban the old Mass, so that he can blame it all later on the evil shepherds, when the college must close for financial reasons!”   But now is the closure on financial reasons probably just before, and I should emphasize again that any incompetence in dealing with money can not confer restriction of access to the sacraments - and it is finally what amounts to  such a restriction prohibiting the old liturgy.
Two weeks ago,   The Cardinal Newman Society reported that "Fishermore College" will probably have no space at the beginning of the next semester in the fall  for teaching and accommodation of students. The Society is among other things, an annual guide which introduces truly Catholic colleges, and brings news from the Catholic academic world. In early April  Michael King sent a  letter to parents  who instruct their children  home at  "Fishermore Academy". "Fishermore Academy" is not in financial difficulty and will continue to facilitate homeschooling Catholic families. The letter is now available on the Internet.  King  also went briefly into the situation of Colleges and said: "At this time it appears unlikely that the College will continue residential operations as currently configured on the  Fort Worth campus. However, we still hope to preserve the academic program of the college in some form so that our mission can continue. "
By the end of May, the students were housed in the former convent "Our Lady of Victory", which also offers a space for all other functions of the school. The building was not purchased a year ago by "Fishermore College", but only rented. The owners had involved the college some time ago in a court case because outstanding rental payments. As it appears in Fort Worth newspaper which Star-Telegram wrote, the  judge had asked the College and the landlord  to behave "like adults" and to rectify the situation. An agreement was then negotiated behind closed doors, after which the owner can look for new tenants now, while   garnishments against  "Fishermore College” are no longer being demanded.  Previously an outrageous amount of $ 300,000 had been brought into play. What other points were contained in the agreement,    the Star-Telegram has no way of knowing.
The current students are  looking, according to  Star-Telegram, for other universities to continue their studies  in the fall.  Meanwhile, King was - as above from his letter to the parents of the students of "Fishermore Academy" quoted - still busy trying to find ways to keep the college open. In the fall of 2013, 42 students were enrolled. But in the winter financial problems were brought to light, so that many parents decided to send their children to other schools.Through the initiative of some students, however, it was possible in the short term to collect $ 250,000 in donations and fund another semester. The landlord also    contributed $ 150,000, which paid the rent until May.  Accordingly, the college had never been in arrears, said President Michael King. Despite all efforts, only 25 students had appeared in Fort Worth in the spring of 2014. A student Amber Siscoe, quoted by the  Star-Telegram took in  the mood of the students with the following words: "It is sad to see our school shut down. [...] We loved it here. "
Text: Benedict M. Buerger
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Long-Skirts said...


Fisher More
Fr. Wylie say, “Good-bye”

Holy Innocents
Deacon Nick
Slowly boil, now that’s the trick

So cock your pens
And write your pappy
Spill your ink on trees once sappy

But do not fight
With soul and might
In charity, just letter-write

For you are lords
Approved patricians
Who give your lives for bloody petitions!


Anonymous said...

"When I was an Episcopalian priest, we struggled with converting to the Catholic Church. We entered the Church together in May of 2006 when Joy was pregnant with baby #4 (Jude). The Catholic Church judged our marriage to be sacramental. But 2006-2007 was one of the hardest year of my life. I struggled with not being a pastor/preacher anymore. So Joy encouraged me to pursue my doctorate and start writing blogs and books."


I don't like to psycho analyze people, but wondered how much of Marshall's horror and accusations were due to his conversion to post-VCII church vs. Catholic Church. Wonder if he is no longer struggling due to having "Dr" in front of his name or if he still dreams of having "fr" in front of his name too when Bergog et al allow married priests (wonder if that was part of his conversion package). If ever go back to holy sacrifice theology of the mass surely having your cake and eating it too will not be part of the package.

Anonymous said...

If I read correctly in an earlier report, several phony Catholics withdrew their sizable financial support when they realized that the school was not as Protestant-Pagan as they had assumed given the condition of the rest of the Church. Wouldn't want to be them on Judgement Day.

Anonymous said...

What an unChristian blog and unChristian comments! Scandalous.

Geremia said...

They still haven't heard from the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, and they expected to hear from them mid-July.

Also, the associated Fisher More Academy has been forced to close doors, too, because they didn't have enough enrollment.