Monday, April 7, 2014

"Conservatives" Virtually Silent as Faithful Hound of God Arrested in the Vineyard of the Lord

Edit: you shouldn't have to wonder when a decision is made, whether or not it's being made with any justice, or even concern for Catholic teaching.  In response to a nun's frank discussion about Catholic moral teaching, some people complained, and rather than ignore them, the local bishop has decided to silence her instead, to silence the words of God Himsel and the teachings of His Church.

Sometimes, oftentimes, Catholic hierarchic, like the wicked steward in the Gospels, murder God's messengers, while turning a blind eye to and even praising those who are material supports to the crime of infanticide. 

The good are being thrown under a bus.

Rorate Caeli also said it. A religious sister of the conservative Nashville Dominicans is thrown under the bus by her superior and low and behold, there's total silence on the part of "conservative" Catholics as she's degraded and maligned not only by the world, but by her superior in religion.  Maybe they're too busy praising Aronofsky's cinematic disfigurement of the Noah story from the Bible?
[Charlotte, NC] A Dominican nun from Aquinas College outraged students at a North Carolina high school after making anti-gay remarks. 
Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, assistant professor of theology and member of the Saint Cecilia Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Nashville, Tenn., spoke during a student assembly at Charlotte Catholic High School on March 21 where students said she criticized gays and lesbians in addition to making subversive comments about single and divorced parents.
Some teachers even left the assembly in tears, the Charlotte Observer reported.
 Meanwhile, a Catholic college which might have helped remedy some of this confusion is about to close.


Anonymous said...

The Bishop, if were to do his duty, would have commended the nun for her diligence and instructed and admonished those who objected to the truth in Faith and morals being expounded. The persecution in the Church has dramatically increased and become more overt since Pope Francis became pope.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

I always get confused when I see "conservative Catholics." I was told traditionalists see no difference between LCWR and conservatives. Who are these "conservatives" who have said nothing, or, if you don't want to name names, what type of Catholics are they? I am not trying to be provocative and myself blogged on this horrible situation. I really don't understand who you're speaking of.

Anonymous said...

Basically, the socialist mob is in control now thanks to our Pontiff. We are in the catacombs for the foreseeable future.

Genty said...

It says something about the state of catechesis that adults cry when they discover a nun is a Catholic. Not surprisingly, another cowardly bishop betrays the Church.

Tancred said...

I'd suppose a conservative was a man of tradition. In the whacky world of do it yourself theology, people tend to make up their own definitions to suit their axes they're grinding.

That's why it's in scare quotes, anyway. Don't we know who we're talking about, in general? "Conservatives" like all those Patheos people out there, you know,"conservatives" like Father Barron who are really revolutionaries beneath the pretense of it all and at times like this, when they're silent. Real conservatives, I'd suppose, would be taking to the streets and showing up in an angry mob outside the Bishop's Palace to defend the honor of the Church and Her daughters by now...

Long-Skirts said...


You can run on
For a long time
Run on for a
Long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later
God’ll cut
‘em down
Sooner or later
God’ll cut
‘em down

These rotten wicked
Heinous men
Found foul and guilty
Again and again
All are depraved
Like nuns on the bus
Approve their boils
Then suck their pus

Sent a Prelate
Dressed in white
To warn that the dark
Will be brought to the light
His cassocked clergy
Teach the Faith truthfully
But scourged like the
Man from Galilee

Defilement diseased
The man in the dome
Makes a mess to delay
Optimistic his fruits of decay
We’ll obey

And now a true bride
Of Christ, Sister Jane
Spat upon by superiors
Spat upon by the vulgar
Of Charlotte
Man, woman, child
Each one is a harlot

You can run on
For a long time
Run on for a
Long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later
God’ll cut
You down
Sooner or later
God’ll cut
You down!

CJ said...

Well, did well. Your words of truth have forced the snakes to come out of their holes. They can no longer feign ignorance and hope to plead stoopid before The Lord. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Damask Rose said...

Single and divorced parents, gays and lesbians..., ah, yes, the Catholic Church's new morality.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Thanks. I guess it never occurred to me to think of those folks as conservative. What a terrible dilemma! The most faithful Catholics are knowledgeable and want to to the right thing, which includes respecting the Pope and being secure in God's Church. Yet they are the very ones who are torn by the bewildering stream of odd statements from Santa Marta. I call Fr. Barron and the "approved" bloggers the Establishment Church. They turn a blind eye to serious problems to maintain their so-called credibility.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

This is sad...I was blessed to hear her speak a while ago. She truly grasps Church Truth and daughter informed me they only allow/grant the name "Dominic" to the most learned Dominicans. They have a "course" that anyone may take for free with a series of her lectures. Sister is a gift to the Church and those who spoke against her need to ask forgiveness and learn true compassion. The following is from the website where you may find Sister's to all and magnificent!

"But, the single most important question you will ask is this: To whom will I entrust myself? How will I know if another person is worthy of my love? Worthy of my trust? How will I know if I am worthy of another's trust and love?" (St. John Paul II) What I hope for us to do in this course is to study John Paul II's understanding of love as self-gift, loving through our bodies and doing it in the context of living for our families, our society and our culture. I hope that you will join us in studying this Rich Gift of Love, because genuine love is the greatest of human adventures. (Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P.)

A blessed Passiontide to all!

Lisa Julia Photography said...
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NashDomFan said...

I feel like a broken record as i have been posting something similar in most of the comboxes regarding this story. Please consider the only reason there is 'silence' is that Sisters are doing whatever they can to keep Sister Jane Dominic safe. If you have any personal experience at all with this Order, you would have NO doubt that they are NOT throwing her under a bus. The more this story plays out in the media, even on well-intentioned Catholic sites, the greater the risk the 'general public' picks it up and runs with it....right to the motherhouse door. I promise you as someone who has a child in one of the schools where the Order operates, they are not running from the Truth or cowering in shame or anything of the sort. They are simply taking the words of Jesus to heart and shaking the dust from their feet of a town who wouldn't listen to the message. Nobody forced Sister Jane into a sabbatical for the reasons everyone is assuming. And the curriculum she taught, based on JP2's Theology of the Body is at this very moment being taught (on a daily basis) in at least one of the high schools where they teach. They have been and will always be faithful to God's Truth, and anyone who isn't able to see that simply doesn't really know them. It is my prayer that this story finally dies out and leaves the public spotlight so the Sisters can continue to do their work of teaching the Truth....without the worry of threats to the safety of their Sisters.

Anonymous said...

The Bishop of Charlotte has supported Sister Jane:

Tancred said...

Also in the same article: " Still, in light of all the controversy, Aquinas College announced in a press release Friday that Sr. Laurel has asked to take a sabbatical from her teaching and speaking duties for an indefinite amount of time. "

Anonymous said...

If that were the motivation (and I doubt it) it would not be a good strategy - as the nuns' main purpose is to save souls, and avoiding speaking the truth, especially when erroneous impressions need correcting, would not be in aid of that end. Furthermore, the hostility will only increase, and we all, especially priests and religious need to speak out strongly to combat the evil forces taking more and more souls.

NashDomFan said...

Linda it is your right to doubt the Sisters' motivation all you like, but i know what i know...and unless you work with them, have a daughter, sister or friend in the Order, you have know way of knowing why Sister Jane Dominic is taking a break =)

Tancred said...

....where they hid for fear of the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God.

Anonymous said...

If Sister Jane's Order, the supposedly traditional Nashville Dominicans does not rally behind her and support her, then they are hypocrites
They pretend to be traditional religious, wear the beautiful traditional habit. But by not standing up for Sister Jane, they would rather be kowtowing to this Pope Francis and his direction and the infamous "who am I to judge" attitude and agenda of this Pope and all the rot that has crawled out from their holes during his reign to espouse the same type of watered down liberal Catholicism.

Shame on the Nashville Dominicans if they do not support this courageous nun who spoke the Truth!! If we had a real Pope like Benedict XVI again, he would stand with Sister Jane!.

Anonymous said...

It is at these moments radicalism is born- if people cannot come to a peaceable agreement or cooperation, it is inevitable that a group has to return to the radical, the radix, the root.

I, for one, am contemplating something out of reach of these so-called "conservatives" but it would be most inopportune to, say, kidnap the biship or hold at ransom a certain congregation at the cathedral of a diocese rhyming with "Ros Schmangeles" or to threaten to demolish that god-awful cathedral unless they meet our demands.

What exactly is going to take for these cowards to stop ignoring tradition and persecuting good and real Catholics while supporting the devil?

More and more, I feel that conversations are useless, "Dialogues" as they call it. I feel a schism coming on, or something tragic and terrible and it is due to the utter degradation of the Church in these times.

NashDomFan said...

Dear post is just plain hateful. White-washed sepulcre much??? Who are YOU to call these Sisters hypocrites??? Your daughter isn't the one getting death threats and hate mail!!!! How DARE you...and how DARE you criticize the Holy Father. Last time i checked, i was posting on a Catholic blog, and one that adheres to and accepts Pope Francis as head of our Church....just. WOW!

Tancred said...

Cool your jets, sweetheart. We're not your children, please don't treat us that way.

Anonymous said...

The Roman Catholic Church, as far as I know, is not a cult. We are not brainwashed into bowing to everything and anything Pope Francis does and says.
I was surprised to read in fact that a very solid percentage of the College of Cardinals (a very strong contingent of the Cardinals....and not a tiny minority), are very critical and suspicious of Pope Francis. Eighty-five percent of the Cardinals who listened to the infamous speech of Cardinal Kasper afew weeks ago (put in place to give the speech by Pope Francis), were highly critical and very opposed by his direction...and thus that of the Pope. 85%, not 5% !! That's from about 200 Cardinals who attended the meeting. 85% against is formidable! Cardinal Burke was among the champions of the opposition....along with Cardinal Scola(who should have been elected Pope), and Bagnasco (another worthy man). Also the great Cardinal Cafara as well.
Pope Francis is opposed by many, many traditional minded or at least conservative minded Bishops throughout Europe....particularly Poland where many have called Francis a disaster!
So it's not just me speaking out against the Pope.
The Popes are not God, and are not infallible in their everyday actions and their stated agenda. If a Pope was leading the Catholic Church away from Catholic tradition, away from the Deposit of the Faith, away from time honored beliefs, I would hope that huge sections of the Church would oppose him.
Notice that Francis is popular only with the radical liberals, and unfortunately with the masses of the faithful....who would cheer any Pope.
But faithful Catholics who see the twisted and evil agenda of the supporters of Pope Francis (rights of gays, same sex marriage or at least tolerance of unions, re-marriage for divorced etc.), and perhaps the sinister agenda of Francis himself. Remember, neither he, nor the Vatican, spoke out against the baptism of the infant this week with two lesbians in Argentina in the Cathedral. The rector of the Cathedral admitted that if Benedict XVI were still Pope, the baptism could not have been done. There since Francis, something is going very wrong with the Catholic Church.
And it is faithful Catholics like this Dominican sister to oppose the agenda of this liberalism, and if necessary, oppose Pope many Cardinals and Bishops already do.
And if the Nashville Dominicans had any sense of real Catholicism, and had a backbone, they would stand up and cheer for Sister Jane, not banish her to a sabbatical and instead bow to the the agenda of Pope Francis.

NashDomFan said...

If the shoe fits.....anyway...this is copied from Fr. Z's blog:
As soon as the Sisters learned of the petition on, they set a plan in motion. They were well aware of how much traction this would get. Their main goal, regardless of what anyone else THINKS should be their main goal is to keep the Sisters safe. They were aware that something good would eventually come from this but at the same time remain an Order who prefers to go about their Apostolate with humility and in obedience to the Truth. The amount of people screaming that the Sisters themselves through Sister Jane under the bus is kind of alarming since nobody seems to be looking at the big picture and the fact that there is a motherhouse in Nashville with 300 Sisters staffing schools all across the country and in 2 foreign countries. Whack jobs are everywhere and the more this story plays in the spotlight the harder it is for them to keep folks off their lawn…and i mean that literally.

NashDomFan said...

Okay I mistakenly followed a ping to this blog, not realizing such self-righteous and harsh judgments would be posted against the Sisters and the Holy Father...Your criticism of the Pope as well as the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia is nothing short of detraction, and last I checked, that's a sin. And FTR, they ARE standing up and cheering Sister Jane but on their own terms. I can't believe what I am reading here. I thought this was a conservative Catholic site not the Inquisition site.

Tancred said...

Whatever makes you feel special.

Tancred said...

They do seem to fear independent news sources. They fear them so much so that they create their own counter-services in an attempt to discredit them.

In Germany, was actually hounded from the internet and two of its contributors were humbled by their local ordinaries. The federal police of Austria and Germany were hunting the owners of the website down. Amazing.

Long-Skirts said...


One day animist
The next day Latin
One day Renew
Some use a paten.

Some let ministers
Hand out Our Lord
So you can have your pick.

Sometimes bongos
Assembly on their feet
Holding hands in the air
Kneelers obsolete.

One Holy Catholic
Apostolic Church?
Good for some let others run
In circles as they search.

For we ourselves have ours
Don't ever rock the boat --
Like those who open schools and classes
Teaching souls to float.

Saintly Thomas More
Could’ve had it all
Private Latin Masses
Behind a purpled wall.

But no he chose the scaffold
Where truth and lie collide

Heads were cut --

Entrails gut -

Ambiguity couldn’t hide!

Anonymous said...

Is this the only way, to be chased away, labeled as "Fringe Loons" and be shut up into the catacombs until the end of time by these "successors to the apostles"?

Or are we not allowed to chop down some sacred trees, slaughters some sacred cows, and smash some pagan idols?

Anonymous said...

One of those brainwashed by the American Educational System that basically states that anything the Roman Catholic Church did was evil and that America is special by virtue of its protestant/quasi-Christian foundations.

The Inquisition has put less people to death in its 356-year existence than the United States from the 1960's to the present day.

Talk about removing the wooden beam from your own eyes.