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Monday, April 7, 2014

"Conservatives" Virtually Silent as Faithful Hound of God Arrested in the Vineyard of the Lord

Edit: you shouldn't have to wonder when a decision is made, whether or not it's being made with any justice, or even concern for Catholic teaching.  In response to a nun's frank discussion about Catholic moral teaching, some people complained, and rather than ignore them, the local bishop has decided to silence her instead, to silence the words of God Himsel and the teachings of His Church.

Sometimes, oftentimes, Catholic hierarchic, like the wicked steward in the Gospels, murder God's messengers, while turning a blind eye to and even praising those who are material supports to the crime of infanticide. 

The good are being thrown under a bus.

Rorate Caeli also said it. A religious sister of the conservative Nashville Dominicans is thrown under the bus by her superior and low and behold, there's total silence on the part of "conservative" Catholics as she's degraded and maligned not only by the world, but by her superior in religion.  Maybe they're too busy praising Aronofsky's cinematic disfigurement of the Noah story from the Bible?
[Charlotte, NC] A Dominican nun from Aquinas College outraged students at a North Carolina high school after making anti-gay remarks. 
Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, assistant professor of theology and member of the Saint Cecilia Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Nashville, Tenn., spoke during a student assembly at Charlotte Catholic High School on March 21 where students said she criticized gays and lesbians in addition to making subversive comments about single and divorced parents.
Some teachers even left the assembly in tears, the Charlotte Observer reported.
 Meanwhile, a Catholic college which might have helped remedy some of this confusion is about to close.