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Third Secret of Fatima: Document is "Authentic" -- But is it Compete?

(Rome) In the coming days, the investigation of a handwritten document will be published which is attributed to  Sister Lucia dos Santos. The Third Secret of Fatima, which was was made public as a handwritten document by Pope John Paul II and the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the Holy Year 2000 is "authentic" and was written by Lucia dos Santos. She was the oldest of the three shepherd children at Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917. The nun died in 2005. Does the document published in 2,000 treat the full Third Secret? 
The   handwritten document extant in 2000 was investigated by the paleographer Maria José Azevedo Santos of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra. In the document, the seer described the scene  with the "bishop dressed in white" who suffers martyrdom along with many Christians on the summit of a mountain. A prophecy that John Paul II was referring to as the 13 May 1981 assassination attempt perpetrated on him in St. Peter's Square. The Pope wrote about the happy deliverance as the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima.

Paleographer Confirmed Authenticity of the Handwritten Document

Maria José Azevedo Santos gave an interview to  the official publication of the Portuguese pilgrimage site Voz da Fatima which will be released for the next issue on the 13th of January. The Catholic press agency of Portugal has made a preliminary report.
"The Church has no doubt that it is an original document. This is an authentic document, which was written personally by Sister Lucia," said Maria José Azevedo Santos. The scientist had the opportunity to examine the document last September in the archives of the Congregation. The absence of the signature of Sister Lucia takes away nothing of the authenticity of the document. A comparison of this document with the Third Secret with other handwritten texts of the seer and nun leaves no doubt. The scientific conclusion can therefore only be that this document was actually written by Sister Lucia, says the Paleographer.

Critics Don't Doubt the Authenticity, But Completeness

Around the release of the Third Secret in 2000, there have been numerous polemics. However, most critics do not doubt the authenticity of the document, but are of the opinion that it was not published in full, but only a part.
According to the main strand of criticisms, which, however, was also repeatedly rejected by the Vatican, there still  must an additional paper in addition to the published sheet describing the appearance in the words of the Mother of God, with whom she explained the importance of vision to the shepherd children. This also explains the absence of the signature of Sister Lucia, because it's probably located on another sheet at the end of the transcript.

Cardinal Ratzinger: There is No "Official Interpretation" of the Third Secret

As Cardinal Ratzinger explained the contents of the Third Secret in June 2000 at the request of John Paul II to the press, he put value on the finding that there is no "official interpretation" given by the Church suggesting it was Pope Wojtyla himself  as the "bishop dressed in white" who was killed. John Paul II sent the then Secretary of the Congregation of the Faith, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone Curia to Sister Lucia. At that time, the  93 year old  nun had confirmed this interpretation of the Pope's.

Pope Benedict XVI:. Third secret is not yet fulfilled?

A little later, Bishop Kurt Krenn of St. Pölten said that Cardinal Ratzinger, did not share the interpretation of John Paul II relating the vision to himself. In fact,  Pope Benedict XVI then expressed himself very cautiously  on his 2010  Portugal trip, and left open the possibility that the prophecy has not been fulfilled, or at least not completely satisfied.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Voz da Fatima
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Fr Blake posted a piece about 'sign and symbol' as, my interpretation, being the only means at times, left for a Pope to communicate. Who knows, maybe Popes have wanted to release the full text, and do a complete consecration, but would the BiShops agree?

On making the Pope a Puppet:


'there is a large body of highly placed clergy beginning with Cardinals and down to monsinger any exercise of petrine authority obsoleces and falls into destitute...the pope no longer exercises Papal authority...to make sure that the petrine exercise of those keys, ceases...'

C.J. said...

There were no soldiers, arrows or bodies of religious. There was not even a dead pope. Liars all of them! Especially Dirty Berty Bertone.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

p.s. 'scuse to satanic grammar, my Dictaphone skills are...well.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

are you referring to ' On 16 September 2006, Cardinal Bertone, after only one day in his job as Cardinal Secretary of State, released a declaration explaining that the "position of the Pope concerning Islam is unequivocally that expressed by the conciliar document Nostra Aetate" and that "the Pope's option in favour of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue is equally unequivocal."??

if so, exactly what is unequivocal?

Anonymous said...

Is this the old and worn out "the pope is surrounded by enemies" excuse? I've been hearing that since Paul VI. It has gotten old.


jac said...

The Vatican wants at all price convince us that the document released in 2000 is "authentic". But nobody claimed, except a few extremists, that it was a fake. There were other means to make it un-authentic, for example in hiding an important part of that document.
Oddly enough, in 1960 the press release saying that the 3rd Secret would not be revealed mentionned in particular that "the Church cannot warrant that the WORDS the Virgin purportedly told to the children are authentic".
The question is:
Where are those WORDS in the text released in 2000?
THe Vatican stays dumb.