Sunday, December 8, 2013

200,000 Protest Aberromarriage in Taiwan

(Taipei) 200,000 people demonstrated on Saturday in Taiwan's capital, Taipei against efforts to legalize "gay marriage".  The German media hasn't to our knowledge reported a single word about it.
The "People of the Family" have called a  protest along the lines of the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous. More than 200,000  Nationalist Chinese came and marched in front of the presidential palace. Taiwan's parliament has begun  debate on a draft law with which marriage is to be extended to homosexuals. The mass rally not worth a line in the  media. Deutsche Welle did not report the rally to protect marriage and the family, but instead that HIV-positive people in Taiwan were "not welcome".
The BBC, however, reported. In its interviews, Taiwanese citizens voiced their concern that children are condemned by the "gay marriage", including adoption rights for homosexuals by law to have to grow up without a family. The protesters accused the politicians who support the design of trying to impose opinions by law. Under the new law, one must consider homosexuality as something "normal".  Yet the state must not dictate opinions. The articles published in Taiwan polls for "gay marriage" are contradictory. According to the BBC, the resistance against the legalization of "gay marriage"  is continuous.


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A list of what the people do not want but is foisted upon them anyway:

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Israel and Global Judiacism.