Thursday, October 3, 2013

Will the Heretic Hans Küng Euthanize Himself?

In an interview with Swiss Television, Küng said he was
ashamed to belong to the Catholic Church [Screen Shot SGR SSR]

Model Heretic

Originally from Switzerland, the shoe salesman's son, assigned as an ostensibly Catholic theologian, had his permission to teach withdrawn, because of continuing to spread of heresy in 1980, by Pope John Paul II, whose canonization progresses in the Church.

In an interview with a Swiss radio station on the 20th of December 1979, Küng was completely surprised "of such an action," which puts him in the vicinity of “heretics” (said the interviewer).

Küng is considered to be the mouthpiece of the modernists who seek the protestantization of the Church.

At the same time, the examples of his person shows how far the “Catholic” university has removed from the theology of Catholicism and the (Catholic) Church.

Inferior Opponent to Cardinal Ratzinger

Küng has been hyped by the Left to be the contra-part of Cardinal Ratzinger. Küng, who was transferred early and without teaching certificate at the known Left University in Tubingen as professor of fundamental theology, had already after 1960 made his demand for the abolition of celibacy, who called ecumenism, the destruction of Catholic teaching content, the killing of children in the womb and the ordination of women and promoting the lay chalice.

Demands, which ever since then have been repeated like a neoprotestanten mantra.

Surprisingly, Küng did not transform to the Protestantism of Luther’s fiery anti-Semitism, who has so long ago fulfilled all of  his demands.

When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, Küng had, according to his staff "became ashen, is supposed to have had beaten over the head with his hands." No later than the election of Pope Benedict XVI., he spoke an opinion on the work of Kung.

Visual impairment and Parkinson’s

According to his own report, Küng is suffering from Parkinsons, and could barely write or even read any more due to an eye injury.

Although he was not suicidal, he was “lived long”.

Since now his imagined volume of his memoirs is thus also the last, he would be retiring from public life.

Even Abortion as Publicity Stunt

To enable the advertisement of this last work of the die hard theologian, Küng has addressed himself to suicide attackers (for his own behalf).

What is "a scholar who can not read and write," asks Küng of himself.

The suicide pills of Swiss euthanasia institutions have particularly impressed him. Perhaps he will even be the protagonist of a "self-abortion camp" inspired by a U.S. TV station - with live broadcast of course.

Shallow Grave in Tübingen

Küng has already even picked the shallow grave.

At one time the Church buried the bodies of suicides and representatives of the "dishonorable professions” (like executioners) just outside the church cemetery, for good reason.

SSPX as a Last Resort Before the Descent into Hell

If God deems to treat kindly with Küng, He might send him a priest of the SSPX for confession. As a last attempt to return him from his God forsaken way.

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Dane said...

Aside from being a consummate heretic, he is apparently also a coward.

Lynda said...

Was he not excommunicated? How can he say he is ashamed to belong to the Church? Surely he renounced the Faith, decades ago? It is shameful that Church institutions still refer to his perverse non-Catholic "theology". May he be converted.

Tancred said...

The media's superstar heretic isn't put on display because he's consistent.

Cynthia Gee said...

Kung is a heretic, but when a group like the SSPX says so, it's a dark pot calling a kettle black.

kalbertini said...

Kung is no heretic.A brilliant theology who rejects medeval theology that often had no place in the first 1,000 years of Christianity.There are relatively few dogmas & no agreed upon list.You take a walking step thru history & see how changing,upside down the catholic church has always been & you^ll keep your mouth shut for a month

Tancred said...

Is that how they're rewriting history these days?

Unknown said...

The sspx is not heretical but is trying to hold on to the faith as they have practiced it. I have no respect for people who defy the faith and yet pretend to be catholic and stay in the church to cause division. I will never agree with these people. I have much more respect for Luther who at least formed his own church and went on with his own beliefs, leaving the regular church alone. That is the best way. To me, the papacy means nothing if the pope allows heresy in the fold. I only listen to the prelates that teach what I have always believed before. If there is a split, I will follow the conservative clerics and ignore the liberals.

Unknown said...

If you don't keep your mouth shut, I won't keep my mouth shut. I chose the church in the old days and that is the church I want, not the modern version. I was a protestant and it was getting too liberal so I became catholic because it was a solid rock which I need. I have no use for liberal religion and it is just a coffee clatch and social club and no longer a real religion with doctrines. I only want the old ways or I see no use in going to church at all.