Monday, September 23, 2013

Over 4,500 Germans Participate in March For Life in Berlin Last Weekend

Edit: in addition to the pro-Life march in Catholic Slovakia, there were 80,000 participants last weekend according to Aletia, there was a Pro-Life demonstration in Berlin. Nothing else on this march appears in the media. Also, there was an event, an ecumenical one reported on and supported also by the SSPX in Germany, of the Pro-Life March for Life in Post-Protestant Berlin with 4,500 participants. Not to fear, the numbers are growing and headway is being made.

SSPX did point out that the Germany media (Including the Catholic) downplayed the numbers at the event. German police authorities estimated the turnout at 4,500.

Here's a report from Kathnews:

Berlin (Catholic news / BVL). More than 4,500 participants took part this year in the March for life in Berlin, which was much higher than last year, in which 3,000 participants were counted. The Chairman of the Right to Life Federation, Martin Lohmann, said "The pro-life movement in Germany is on the rise. Even and especially among younger people there is a growing awareness of life. This is evidenced by the numerous young participants in this year's silent march - an impressive and peaceful witness to life". The March for Life began at 1 O'clock with a rally in front of the Federal Chancellery. The RTL chairman Martin Lohmann stressed: "We are for peace, but against any violence! We are in for real self-determination, for freedom, for true humanity, for tolerance, for creation. Together with Albert Schweitzer we say: Without reverence for life, the human race has no future."

At the rally, a woman who had an abortion of one of her children gave a testimony. "Immediately after the appointment was over, I knew that I had killed my child." An young woman affected by Down syndrome said: "I'm glad that I am in the world, and live!" Hedwig von Beverfoerde, coordinator of European Citizen's Intiative, "One of Us" in Germany, proclaimed at the stage program: "Last week the European quorum reached one million supporters! In Germany alone, more than 92,000 citizens have signed. This is encouraging." Martin Lohmann pointed out at the end of the march: "This year, the Peace March for Life was run without any major complications. The protests against our freedom of movement are ultimately only a strong confirmation that we needed a peace march for life. We say yes to human life and the dignity of every human being, from the beginning until its natural end! We do not want a suicide on demand, prescribed or not prescribed suicide because of old age or disease.

We are for all people, for the life of all people! Those who advocate, referring to his own body, to want to live and love without being patronized, we call for: We like to "patronize" of spirit, heart and mind! We know that we are more than our bodies! Responsibility and freedom have something to do with mind, heart and soul. This is lived freedom. This is the freedom of life. This is freedom for life! We are not afraid of true freedom. We have no fear of life!" March for Life participated with more than 4,500 participants in an ecumenical worship service in the Berlin Cathedral at its end. Here Hans-Jörg Voigt, Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK), gave his episcopal blessing. Planning: Martin Lohmann, Georg Dietlein Photo: March for Life, Berlin 2013 - Source: Burkard M. Lang Link to Kathnews...


Lynda said...

A light in the darkness.

Anonymous said...

What's all this "dignity" of the "human person" nonsense? A rock has "dignity" by the very fact that it was created by the Author of the universe. That phrase is a Modernist label meant to reduce mankind's holy existence to something no different and no better than an amoeba. We are human beings and we are SACRED because we were created in the image and likeness of God and He thought of us from all eternity and we were born, "not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God". We have precious souls and we were redeemed at a most great price. We are very different from the rest of God's dignified Creation and are of much greater value.

Do not let the naturalistic, humanistic language of the Modernists poison your brains. This war could have been won long ago.

Tancred said...

Aged parent said...

You have put into eloquent words a situation that has troubled me for a long time, Anon, and I thank you for doing so. The Church these days is so used to using banal phrases that don't really mean anything much anymore.

Well said.

Aged parent
the eye-witness

Tancred said...

A. Human dignity was a concept used by the Fathers.

B. Martin Lohman is a loyal Catholic trying to do good works in one of the historically most anti-Catholic countries in the world.

I don't approve of the ecuemania surrounding a lot of Pro-Life events, but... I think this event is highly positive and these Catholics will continue to inspire and win over the youth of the next generation by their example.

Aged parent said...

All those triumphalist pro-lifers, "obsessing" about abortion. Have they not read the Pope's interview??

Seriously, they are to be admired greatly for their fortitude. And yes, friend Tancred, I agree with you completely about Mr Lohman. He is an example to us all.