Wednesday, April 3, 2024

His Lordship, Vitus Huonder Has Died

 Edit: one thing the obituary won’t tell you is about the long war he fought against his own employees in Chur. Despite this, he remained a thorn in their side and earned a good retirement serving as a teacher in the SSPX boarding school at Wangs, Switzerland. He was a steadfast and faithful servant of the Lord and will be missed.

[SSPX] It is with great sadness that we report that His Lordship, Bishop Vitus Huonder, surrendered his soul to God on Easter Wednesday following a series of health problems that proved terminal. 

Bishop Huonder was hospitalized on March 19, 2024, the Feast of Saint Joseph. His illness and an accompanying prayer request was made known on March 25th, Holy Monday, which is typically the Feast of the Annunciation. From that moment onwards, Bishop Huonder showed himself perfectly docile to Divine Providence, and continually offered his sufferings for the Catholic Church. He also showed constant gratitude toward the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), and in particular its boarding school, the Institut Sancta Maria, in Wangs, Switzerland, where he was able to spend his last years with the profound joy of shepherding souls. 

To the end, Bishop Huonder lived a life of prayer and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

Born on April 21, 1942 in Trun, Switzerland, the future Bishop Huonder was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Chur in 1971. After more than three decades of service to the Church, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him bishop of the Chur diocese on July 8, 2007, where he was consecrated bishop two months later. He retired in May 2019. The SSPX recommends his soul to your fervent prayers so that he may reach eternal happiness as quickly as possible. Details concerning Bishop Huonder's funeral will be publicized in due course.



Anonymous said...

He wasn’t half bad.
Rest in peace

Anonymous said...

And you? Are you more than “half bad?”

Sabastian said...

Padraig O'Reilly said...

He's to be buried in Econe near his old schismatic mentor. Deviant to the last.

Anonymous said...

And how exactly was he a "deviant" ?
Enlighten us.

P'O'R said...

There, there, do your own homework, Nemo 3:33 PM.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought.
Go back to playing with yourself, P.O. .

Tom Kirton said...

Bishop Huonder was led with a hook through his nose by reactionaries like the SSPX and free loaders on the run like 'Dom' Alquin the Poseur.

Huonder became so bogged down in his own stupidity that the Vatican had to appoint someone to run his diocese and to make sure that the resident loonies were kept under control.

Anonymous said...

Another ridiculous tale.
He retired in 2019 at age 75, as is required by Bishops in the RCC.
The SSPX asked him to live out his years with them and the Vatican was fine with it.

TK said...

Nemo 1:36 AM says, "Another ridiculous tale."

This is an expected defensive knee jerk from the revisionist trenches. Huonder incompetence and dependence on the Far Side of the Trad spectrum had so badly undermined the unity of the Church in Switzerland that a minder had to be appointed to minimize the damage and to make sure Hounder's exit was according to the books and controlled.
Fact check yourself Nemo.

Anonymous said...


This the expected knee-jerk response from you, the knows-it-all, sees-it-all cockle-burr that cannot stand the thought of an old man living out his life quietly with people who love him.
TK, your jealously of him is consuming you.

TK said...

Nemo 1:00 PM betrays the now deeply embed practice of the highly conservative end of the political and religious spectrum to dish out very generous dollops of exceptionalism to their ethically compromised heroes all the while flogging their 'liberal' opponents to death for the same failures. It's called moral relativism and it's the mill stone around the necks of Trads.
Look at the constant stream of free passes the Trump chorus extend to Bonker who is a moral and social bankrupt.

Bishop Huonder's final choices demonstrate clearly that his real home is with a mob of eccentric backward looking Francophile schismatics and not with the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

That’s why nobody loves you, Gaybrielle.

Anonymous said...

"TK said" - is that like when God said in Genesis 1 and it was so????

Re your comment about Huonder's "real home" being here or there on earth - isn't his real home in heaven (phillip 3:20)? As should be yours. What a load of bilge you spout about a "Catholic Church in the 21st Century." Who established that Church? If Jesus Christ established it, then He would be welcome there along with His Father, but neither He nor His Father, nor Moses, nor Elijah, nor St. John the Baptist nor any of Christ's apostles or disciples nor any faithful Catholic from that time to this would be welcome in your apostasy of sin and hatred. You love your sin: sodomy and you worship Satan. You should thank heaven for Bishop Huonder. His preaching seems to have pricked your conscience. Pay attention to it and repent before you die like Huonder. You can be faithful to (obey/serve) Christ or you can serve (obey) the world, your flesh and the devil. If you continue to choose the latter, you will have no peace on earth and no peace in eternity. You can't fight God. And He's the one you are fighting. It is His commandments. All Huonder did was faithfully pass on His Good News. Well done, good and faithful servant. May you hear the same.

Tom Kirton said...

So glad you got this off your chest, Nemo 9:11 AM. It must be an enormous burden carrying around the moral weight of the entire human race.

Thanks for sharing. Keep soldiering on through the messy bogs of the Trad gossip landscape and, above all, don't miss a date with the psychotherapist.

Anonymous said...