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Persecution of Christians in Austria: For the Sake of State Security

Persecution of Christians in Austria

A house search against two upstanding clergymen faithful to Rome, allegedly because of offering their opinions on or, was in reality to get insight into their activities and personal back ground. 

Commando Raid Against the Clergy

According to press reports two ordained dignitaries, in Vienna and Upper Austria, are supposed to have been the object of house searches by the security forces.

The State Prosecutor in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg in cooperation with the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution.

There are "mountains of admissible evidence secured" that have been secured.

Only: Admissible evidence for what? In order to prove that clergy have drunk coffee in a Café? Or even purchased a newspaper?
St. Veit was burned in oil. He refused to offer
sacrifices to the false gods.  Altarbild von Franz Xaver Palko
 (Ausschnitt), Sankt Veit am Vogau [Bild: kreuz-net]

Catholic -- and Not Homosexual

Both dignitaries will be charged, for the honor of strictly rejecting homosexual depravity ("Sins against Nature", see Moral Theology) not only conducted, but from theological grounds --- following the Introduction of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

This "crime" will be made more severe by the fact that they are supposed to have spread the teachings of the Church on the internet.

Since the -- apparently Christian -- Volkspartei conspiring with the political Left, made homosexuality into the treasured divinities of the Republic by way of a sedition paragraph, aberrosexual activists and haters of the Church, are trying to criminalize Catholics for holding their faith.

Catholic -- and Against the Murder of the Unborn

There is a circumstance which is attached to both clergyman: they weigh -- still in public and with evident success via the internet -- against the liquidation of unborn children.

If one still considers this, which business the abortion advertisers are opposed, that human life is inviolable and protected by (actual) human rights, one understands the outrage behind the interest:

In one single abortion facility in Vienna the abortion Dr. Radauer boasted that in her practice of one branch, she killed a child almost daily: high estimates are 13,000 unborn. 13,000 child murders per 300 Euro add up to 3,900,000 Euro: a "powerful" Republican argument.

Catholic -- and Against Euthanasia

Next noticed there is also for the two Catholic clergymen that the value of human life doesn't boil down to a "break-even-point."

Thus, they reject every form of euthanasia. That makes them even more suspicious.

Clearly "Unteachable"

The "enlightened society" had turned loose their most ravenous hounds -- the Journaille -- on both clergymen: Instead of putting them on the grill, they were brought into public by the most powerful extra-parliamentary entity in the land.

Even with a cue from the National Socialist past on the part of the media Führer Cadres. But the pressure of the media was not effective enough, both clergymen remained -- clearly "unteachable" -- Catholic.

Strong "Tobacco"

If "good" advice doesn't work, "more persuasive" methods must be used.

Perhaps they had once said "Neger" or "Faggot" -- or at least thought it? Or even implied it?

That is some luck, that the original Catholic website "" can be used as an angling point by the media-interested Republicans.

Could the both not simply once have called up this web site? Or sent a report denouncing a clergyman to the Email address Or even mentioned an un-Catholic intrigue by the Vienna Cardinal?

You really have to study -- the best site!

And so it happened that they came: the ladies (?) and gentlemen of security -- the State Security Police and the Anti-Terror Squads.

"Terror" of the Catholic Faithful Needs Anti-Terror

Qualities, "unteachable" Catholics really constitute a danger for the basic values of an "enlightened" society: for abortion and homosexual depravity!

Really that Helps -- the Sedition Paragraph

It actually "grabs" here: both clergymen were charged with expressing "falsity": they had published "possibly" "radical right", "anti-gay" and allegedly anti-Jewish" articles. Even if it isn't right.

With the character assassination words "radical right", "anti-gay" or even "anti-Jewish" the uninvolved , "self acualized" world citizen really accepts that the State Security was being a little "snoopy". Only just a little.

That's to make to order the freedom of speech again: the freedom of Catholic opinions.

The Grist of the Matter

The journalism is a copying and hack job apparatus, has been known for a long time. With blooming flowers like the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", which entitled an article on the 11th of August 2013: "Searchers have confiscated material from". Usually such flights of fancy are "seen" in court.

This manner of proceeding (not only in the media) is clearly: through the matching up of terms rejected in society with the names of persons or internet platforms to destroy the reputation of both.

As a rule that functions also very well.

As a "collateral effect" one may snoop through the private and business background of the affronted.

And these manner of actions have an instructive effect -- for the other Catholics: Don't adopt any Catholic positions (at least not persistently), otherwise we will come "to visit".

In the service of State Security, naturally.


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Anonymous said...

New Worlt Ordenseint. Catholickts wilt be persecutetet and prosecuctet.

Wake up and cease being evil. said...

Maybe these Austrian bootjacks need to hear from the French police who refuse to be bootjacked thugs ever again. Maybe France and Austria need to have their own Oathkeepers group to educate their armed state forces that they have only one Boss and He isn't too happy with their committing evil at the request of their employers.

Wake up, all you civil servant types! It is your salvation at stake, not the people you persecute because they speak the truth that your evil masters can't bear.

Anonymous said...

Our security services use these tactics, methods and language to persuade. Our laws aren't yet as stringent in regard to the anti's but they're gaining momentum it seems.