Thursday, July 18, 2013

SSPX Italy Critical of Pope's Take on European Immigration

Edit: some people have friends who think you can make an orderly society where the rule of law out of any culture.  We suspect pecuniary motives for ignoring the problem, among more diabolical ones. Earlier popes were convinced Islamic immigration to Europe was a bad idea.  What's changed?  Certainly, Muslims are as hostile as they ever have been?

(Rome) The SSPX is sharply critical of the visit by Pope Francis on the island of Lampedusa off the Tunisian coast. The Italian District of the Society speaks of a "distorted progressive simplification" of a complex question, like the mass immigration of Muslims and especially to Europe.

"Since the 9th Century the popes, among them saints, have undertaken to equip fleets and preparations to ward off the (armed, of course) advance of the Muslims in the desire to preserve the Catholic faith where it had not been destroyed by the Mohammedan invasion. Pope Bergoglio wanted with his trip to Lampedusa, to reduce the question to a simple formula: There are the destitute, who are appealing to rich egoists, but they allow them to die at sea, and we rich are all guilty," said the Italian district of SSPX in a comment on his website.

"Even if this message should contain a small truth, so that it might be represented without serious complications as a problem. It is also true that no one should be refused necessary assistance in danger, but at the same time the Masonic plan for the creation of a multi-cultural society can not be underestimated, especially when one is Pope, and therefore is responsible for the defense of the Faith," says the SSPX.

Therefore, "the gestures and words of Pope Francis have been characterized by distorted progressive simplification from the celebration of Mass on a boat with sacred objects made of scrap. Gestures, aimed at rapid popularity for a particular audience and especially in the media," it says in the concluding comments of the Italian District of the SSPX.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Mapsfor
Translation: Tancred

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[They got the message]

More than 700 migrants arrive in Lampedusa in 24 hours
Pope visited same port last week

Rome, July 18 – More than 700 migrants arrived in less than 24 hours at the southern Italian port of Lampedusa, creating an emergency at the same place visited last week by Pope Francis. Coast Guard staff were struggling to rescue migrants on rafts and small ships arriving on the tiny island through the night in sometimes dangerous conditions. One patrol boat intercepted 69 migrants; another 31; yet another 188. Mid-morning Thursday, a Coast Guard aircraft spotted 200 people crowded on a 12-metre wooden boat in Libyan waters. The pope chose Lampedusa, closer to Africa than Italy, as his first trip as pontiff to focus attention on the many asylum seekers who die trying to cross the Mediterranean. “To the dear, Muslim immigrants…the Church is close to you in the search for a more dignified life for you and your families,” the pope said on July 8 in Lampedusa. The southern Italian island receives thousands of migrants every spring and summer, who disembark from the North African coast. Yet its migrant holding centre was made to accommodate a maximum of just 300 people.

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I was going to say something about the One World thing. But I suppose I shouldn't. Seems like there's a lot of opposition to the Concept, moving right along to one world chaos. Nations with sovereignty with borders is a good concept inn'it?

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Pope Francis knows what's goin' on in the neighborhood.