Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Catholics Are Not Welcome at “Liturgy” Celebrating Homoheresy by Bishop Gumbleton

Edit: Gomorrah “Masses” in Detroit at evil IHM Sister college will continue indefinitely at present.


Geremia said...

That's certainly a schismatic Conciliar church with a Conciliar bishop.

Anonymous said...

When is Pope Francis going to do something. "Rhetorical". Alas.

anon said...

I remember asking the same thing.

When will Pope John Paul II do something about this sinfulness?


When will Pope Benedict XVI do something about this sinfulness?


Maybe it is God's turn to ask.

Tancred said...

There is discipline, but it doesn't seem to happen enough to all the right people.

anon said...

Nor strong and public enough. The list of bishops and cardinals who give great public scandal to souls and go without public discipline is miles long. That there is no public discipline is a scandal in itself because the apparent silence indicates approval.

I am a mother. No way do I permit bad behavior around my children (whether by my own child, the child of another, let alone an adult) to go unchecked. It gets an immediate "Halt!". The offenders are told why they were wrong and that an apology/explanation is in order along with a promise not to repeat the offense. Depending on the offense and who committed it this may or may not be done off to the side. Regardless, it is done. And the children who witnessed the bad behavior are counseled as to what took place, why it was wrong and what was done about it. Everyone is happy including the offending party who is often very grateful for being made aware of their error.

That is the norm for how a mother guards her children's little minds and souls. How much more a father? How much more a pope? I'm afraid that these occasional private disciplines just aren't good enough.

Tancred said...

Pope Benedict was firing 2 Bishops a month. Most of them never got on the news in English. The only one which got much publicity was a dissident Bishop in Australia.

Anonymous said...

It's all Vatican II's fault!

Anonymous said...

Even a smart (_X_) such as yourself can be occasionally be right.