Friday, April 26, 2013

French Police Go Berserk: Arrest Everyone Who Wears Pink Hoodies! Pink Panther at Large.

Arrest Everyone in Fuscia!
Edit: as Galliawatch says, translating from Le Salon Beige, there are numerous reports coming in of people being arrested for wearing the Manif Pour Tous colors and logos. The desperate Socialist government of France is entering a new level of hyperbolic paranoia as it attempts to curb the growing discontent with its social engineering and inability to heal the ailing economy.

A woman was arrested tonight at place du Trocadéro, as she was driving home from the demonstration. Her crime: a flag of the Manif Pout Tous was waving on her car. As he questioned her, the police officer admitted that his orders were to stop any car sporting the colors of the Manif Pour Tous.

It seems to us that you’d have to be a particularly robotic servant of the state to obey these ridiculous, and apparently illegal, orders.

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Anonymous said...

Does Bishop Pontier Freemason have anything to say about enlightenment. fraternity, the good and progress for humanity ? The Craft .

Tancred said...

I’ll bet he’s been as silent as the tomb.

Anonymous said...

That Bruvver Eccles, he's a card inn'ee? That red hat 'n all.