Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Pope’s First Mass is Versus Populum

Setting for Mass Versus Populum

Is the Cafeteria Open?

Edit: according to FatherZ, the new Pope is now saying Mass in the magnificent Sistine Chapel versus populum.  Once you start a ball rolling, it’s hard to stop.  One wonders what other changes will be taking place?  It looks like we’re going back to John Paul II and that Msgr Marini may be looking for a new job soon.

Some of us were brought back to 2006!

Here you can watch the Mass live on EWTN.

One reader asks, “is the cafeteria open?”  Thanks to him for that witty reposte.


Geremia said...

Is this any surprise? He's a Charismatic!

Tancred said...

I’m cautiously optimistic that Rorate’s concern about this man will be justified in time.

Anonymous said...

I bet St.Joseph and the Lord Jesus were better carpenters.