Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trieste Bishop Fears "Homophobia" Will Become a Crime

It was an issue of the homosexual movement, to explain "homophobia" as a crime. Representatives of the traditional family could expect persecution if they "reject gay marriage" which is feared by the Archbishop of Trieste.

Trieste ( / CWN / jg) The Archbishop of Trieste fears that the homosexual movement is trying to criminalize all who oppose their concerns. The group "Arcigay" demonstrated on 12 January against the bishop. They accused him of being intolerant and racist. Demonstrators had even prevented him from leaving his residence, says the Archbishop. [I hope he plans on taking photographs and having miscreants arrested]

The activists wanted to implement "aberromarriage" and those who were against it, they accused them of "homophobia," said the Archbishop. Their goal is to make "homophobia" into crime. This is a threat to freedom of expression. Who - as the Catholic Church - represents the view of the family founded on the marriage of a man and a woman, would then be prosecuted feared Crepaldi.
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