Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faithful Catholic Priest Sues Campaigner David Berger for Libel

The Saga Continues

Edit: David Berger was a theology professor who also taught in the Diocese of Cologne until he was finally fired over his appearances in indecent clothing on an immoral dating website.  David Berger has since been campaigning to get removed from the internet.  This time he's stepped on a legal land mine.

(Herzogenrath)  After intensive evaluation by several attorneys, Dr. Guido Rodheudt, a speaker for the faithful to Rome, Priesternetwerks (Priest Network) has filed a complaint with the District Attorney of Aachen on December 12th, 2012, against Dr. David Berger for abuse, defamation and libel.  The object of the complaint were his statements in an interview which were published in the Aachener Zeitung December 15th, 2012, last Saturday.

"I believe he distanced himself so clearly from, because it could have otherwise become dangerous for him. A few months previously, he had not distanced himself and for a long time he used the page as a willing instrument, in order to bring his ideology to the people.  An approval of the site is the same thing as a collaboration on the other hand."

When the Aachner Zeitung pointed out that the District Attorney assigned from Berlin was not proceeding against Pastor Rodheudt, Berger said:

"Rodheudt has a close connection with Jolie, who has always had a connection with  It's interesting that the homepage posted a Rodheudt organized Liturgical event in Herzogenrah a few hours before it went offline.  I am therefore convinced, that there was discussed and that it was a signal to those responsible that the arch was under strain."

The legal case against Dr. Berger became necessary after after the vulgarity of diverse allegations now by many in the local media from him, were inflicted by his statements in the interview and rendered serious damage to Pastor Rodheudt's reputation as a priest. Pastor Rodheudt sees himself as the victim of a campaign that Dr. Berger is directing in his own interest, because he, as a practicing homosexual and therefore as someone who is openly against the moral standards of the Catholic Church, does not hold any official position in the Church anymore.

"But I am not directly or indirectly causally responsible for the professional demise of Dr. Berger, nor are the Christian moral laws, which he has failed at toward myself, despite the fact that I represent as a Catholic priest," says Pastor Rodheudt. Pastor Rodheudt is exposed as a representative of the Catholic Church a proxy war, the Dr. Berger against the Catholic Church as a whole leads because they have "discriminated against" him from his point of view in that it does not adopt his morals. In this context, David Berger does not hesitate to put innocent people under suspicion in public, without having facts to prove this.

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Anonymous said...

Not knowing the particulars, that is what is actionable in this case, I do hope David Berger will be taken down a peg or two.

Tancred said...

It's right there in the article, I think. David Berger is maintaining things about Father's relationship with that he has no way of knowing.

Maybe he's using his passive aggressive gaydar?

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll wait and see how it crinkles out.

Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen said...

On 16 Dec 2012, I also filed a complaint against David Berger by writing to the police office of my federal state Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW). Aachen also belongs to NRW.
Berger is quoted in a hate article against me, published by a homo-website. According to this article (which is the main target of my complaint), Berger defamed me as being "neurotic".

Tancred said...

Are such grounds often the source of many successful lawsuits in German civil courts?