Monday, November 5, 2012

News -- New Traditionalist School in Berlin

US Ambassador to Vatican Leaves

The Liberation Theology pick from the faculty of an extremely Leftist, disloyal and thoroughly Modernist, St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota is coming home, although he was born in Havana in Red Cuba.  According to RNS, the consciousness raising "Theology" professor is going to Ohio where he'll teach at the Catholic University of Dayton, Ohio.  He avoided being a beacon of truth during his time at the Vatican and focused instead on "dialogue" and social justice issues.

New Traditional School in Berlin

Germany.  The Traditional Institute of St. Philipp Neri in Berlin will start a new seminary with a school in Berlin.   It will be called Baronius Academy.  Today the facility will be adopted. Provost Gerad Goesche has canonically instituted the priestly training facility.  The Rector is the former SSPX Priest, Thomas Jatzkowski.  The study plan is readable on line.  Audio copies of the courses are available for a fee.

Money Works Not the Faith

Switzerland.  A painful and embarrassing "cuddle evening" in the so-called open church in the eastern Swiss city of St. Galen was supposed to have taken place on the 4th of September.  Swiss Church-tax organization 'kipa' wrote this.  The already planned evenings were cancelled.  The St. Gallen Reformed have put the meetings in question. They were planned by Catholic Project Director Thomas Joller.  Because of "cuddle evenings" several members have made contributions to Open Church.

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