Monday, November 5, 2012

Rome Pilgrimage: Secretary of State Manipulates Papal Letter

Staatssekretär Tarcisio Kardinal

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The new Vatican -- which is whipped into harness by the Old Liberals - is currently in the past,  now they are putting the thumb screws to the Traditionalists.

(  The Traditionalists have to "recognize" the New Mass.

That was in the words of greeting by Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone to the Pilgrims of the Traditional Pilgrimage "Una cum Papa Nostro".

Its high point was a Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite.  It took place on Saturday afternoon in St. Peter's Basilica.  The welcoming speech was read during the Mass.

The text appeared today at the Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano'.

"Not Excluded"

Cardinal Bertone explained that the Pope had responded to the expectations of the Traditionalists with the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum'.

He cited from the accompanying letter of the Pope on the Motu Proprio, which was directed to the Bishops.

There it was said that "the celebration is not to be excluded according to the new Liturgical books".

And:  "A complete exclusion in any case would not even be in agreement with the recognition of the values and the sanctity of the rite in its new form." -- said the letter.

"Completely recognize"

In contrast to that the Cardinal formulated in his words of greeting that "the value and sanctity of the Ordinary Form is to be completely recognized".

He required to bring the unity of faith in the year to expression.

Only:  In the disintegrating Conciliar Church everyone believes what he wants.

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Aged parent said...

Your Eminence, Cardinal Bertone:

I do "recognize" the New Mass. I recognize it as a colossal mistake, an insult to my intelligence, an unnecessary and destructive liturgy cooked up by a committee of bureaucrats, a laughable banality, an insipid, lifeless, charmless mess.

I hope that addresses Your Eminence's concerns.

Aged Parent,
The Eye-Witness

Jim Dorchak said...

It seems that the requirement to recognize a particular Mass has been put into unchangable acceptance on the modernists in the form of the MP, but what do I know eh?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I don't see the contrast. I read the original Motu. Both forms are valid; neither is to be denigrated. This isn't rocket science.

John said...

I'm a tiny bit confused by this posting. Last I knew, FSSP, ICK, and one other group had been authorized by John Paul II to practice according to the traditional form. In 2007, the Traditional Mass became more recognized by virtue of Summorum Pontificum; every priest is ALLOWED to offer the traditional Mass, even if he's not in a traditional order.

Could this article REALLY be meaning to say that SSPX and like-minded groups continue to demand that the Novus Ordo be tossed? And being rejected?

I can't imagine that the Holy Father will tolerate dismissing the newer form of the Mass. I simply don't see it happening.

Jim Dorchak said...

I just seems that the modernists in the Church assume that if you are a traditionalist that you do not accept the validity of the new Mass, but we are to except that everything before VII and its spirit did not exist. (it is a wonder that Christ existed if you read things uder the modernist VII candle)...I attented (reluctantly) the NO and I accept the validitiy of the NO Mass as do most traditionalist I know. Bertone's premis is that if you are traditionalist you are in essence outside the Church. What is good for the goose is not for the gander that is my point.

JTLiuzza said...

How many times must we hear this from the old guard of modernists. The more they speak about accepting the "new" mass the more it becomes obvious that the fabricated liturgy is on it's way to the dust bin where it belongs and, in fact, was DOA.

As for me and mine, we'll joyfully and humbly worship Almighty God through the Liturgy crafted by the Holy Ghost over millenia. Not by the cheap imitation pasted together in a few years during the age of aquarius (valid and licit though it may be).

servo said...

Yeah, whatever. It doesn't change the reality of the New Mass, watered down for ecumenical and modernist purposes. Oh, sorry, I guess I'm supposed to say 'Ordinary Form' now.

Anonymous said...

I am totally discouraged. Most bishops, in the main, kept silent in America while a pro-abortion president won re-election... now I read that the Traditional mass is 'wink wink nudge nudge' being denigrated by Bertone. Catholics have lost their moorings in America. God help us.

Django said...

What do you expect from the Cardinal who continues to promote the party-line lie about Fatima? He is part of the problem. Maybe someone should ask him how "converted" Russia is.

Dolorosa said...

He is one of the wolves in sheep's clothing Our Lord warned us about in the Bible. We have not received the full 3rd Secret nor has Russia been consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima requested. The New Mass is protestant and very much like Luther's Mass: