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New Testimonies About Alois Irlmaier

The Third World War

The Bavarian seer who died in 1959 knew already about 'Zuban' - boxes: "People also play with them."

(  The Bavarian well builder Alois Irlmaier (+1959) was a exceptionally gifted seer.

The website '' documents testimonies about him.

The Testimony of a Woman

Among others, there was a woman (65) who had visited Irlmaier a dozen times between 1954 -1957 in the Bavarian town of Piding population, 5,300, near the Austrian border.

She reports that Irlmaier made many predictions which have since been confirmed.  

Precise Descriptions

Irlmaier talked about a third world war, according to her report.

This would be preceded by a lapse of faith. Before that there will be a single currency.

In the year of the war's start the Bavarians will be able to mow already in March.

The event will be let loose when things go haywire in the middle east.

After the third world war, things will be so warm in Bavaria that oranges and limes can be grown in Piding.

Credit Cards and Mobile Telephones

According to the woman's information Irlmaier mentioned a "card board" that people would pay with.

He mentioned also a 'Zuban-box'.  'Zuban' was a cigarette factory in Munich, which manufactured filtered, filterless and cigarillos.

Irlmaier added: The "people speak closely in the Zuban-box -- to play with it."

Snowflakes on the Watzmann

The website also cited a man in Berchtesgaden, whose family had befriended Irlmaier.

The man reported that Irlmaier talked about the large snow cap on the Watzmann mountain near Berchtesgaden which lasts year round.

When this cap can no longer be seen, then the great darkness will follow.

In the mean time, the cap is almost impossible to see in summer.

Warnings About the Euro

A man from Siegdorf near Traunstein in upper Bavaria reports that Irlmaier had been asked about the introduction of the D-Mark, how it would be as new money.

Irlmaier is to have then said, that the new currency was ok.

But he warned about what would come after.

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