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Old Liberal Gold Instead of Catholic Faith

Matthias Matussek
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Perhaps the Pope and Bishops are finally coming to the conclusion that the Church is supported by the people who form it -- the Catholic Faithful.

( "How distrustful must the German Catholic Church be to tie the Sacraments to membership fees?"

This question was put by journalist Matthias Matussek yesterday in the former Nazi-Journaist founded with the help of his SS-Friends Germany Church-hate magazine 'Spiegel".

Matussek commented on the most recent Leipzig Church-tax judgment in which the Bishops most recently lost their senses.

The Journalist prophesied:  "So the Church will sink in on itself:  the old will die, the young will stay away.  The Church will be built voluntarily."

"No Sacraments Without Church-tax"

The last Dogma of the Old Liberal Bishops sounds like this to Matussek:  "No Sacraments without Church-tax."

Or: "Pay first, then to the Communion rail and the Confessional."

Interior Empty

Matussek sees the in the fact of a Church-tax a "hair raising, but for the time being, tolerable alliance  in which all participate."

The Church secures to itself a yearly intake of 4.8 Billion Euro -- and the state collects a two percent fee.

At the same time the German official Church is, according to Matussek, "sturdy on the outside, but empty on the interior."

They keep out of a conflict with the Zeitgeist

The Journalist referred to a new 'Allensbach' study:  Only 47 percent of so-called Catholics in Germany believe in the Holy Trinity.

With this not even one half in this case pray the Creed.

This scandal should, according to Matussek, disquiet the Bishops -- "not the fact that the Zeitgeist takes offense at celibacy."

Actually the German official Church "keeps out of conflict with the Zeitgeist."

A Pitiful Picture

For Matussek the German Bishops offer the explanation that the tax rebellion was a "serious transgression" against the Church Community, a "pathetic picture".

Even the Old Liberal magazine "Christ in der Gegenwart' (Christ Today) takes note that the Bishops are concerned not "for those leaving, but to save their Church finances."

Matussek compared the situation with a "present day scandalous form of indulgence in the word where everything is only for sale."

In the End the Catholics Remain

He knows, that "our Church will soon sink."

Because: "The Old will die, while the young stay away."

Too late will the Church recognize that those who support it are the ones who form it: the Catholic faithful.

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