Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vatican Wins Case Against "Titanic" in German Courts

Bonn ( / CBA) success for the Vatican: The Hamburg Regional Court on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction against the current edition of the satirical magazine "Titanic". As the court on Tuesday the Catholic News Agency (KNA) confirmed must "Titanic", the front and back not the current issue

The Vatican Secretariat of State had previously commissioned a law firm with the enforcement of a cease and desist order. "The cover and back of the current edition Titanic are illegal. They violate the Holy Father in his personal rights", says Matthias Kopp, spokesman for the Bishops' Conference.

The current edition of the Frankfurter magazine is apparently referring to the Vatileaks affair. It shows under the title "Hallelujah in the Vatican - The leak is found!" Saluting a photo of Pope Benedict XVI. with a means of image manipulation, there is a urine stain plastered on the cassock. "Titanic" oversteps any degree of reasonable criticism, says Kopp. [There was also a picture of the back of the Pope with a brown stain on the back cover of the magazine] "This is already a legal review which is confirmed." For that reason, "Titanic" was invited to deliver a cease and desist declaration.

In an apparently satirical intentioned initially by saying "Titanic"-editor Leo Fischer, the title show a Pope celebrates after the revelation of the spy affair "Vatileaks" and in exuberance spills "a glass of lemonade" over his cassock. They would not sign the cease and desist for the time being.

"Titanic" also a spread letters signed by Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State, to the Bonn lawyer Gernot Lehr, who specializes in media law. Thus the Pope asked him, "to proceed against the violation of his privacy rights." Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi also confirmed the injunction on Tuesday to request, but referred for more detailed information to the German Bishops' Conference. 


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