Friday, July 20, 2012

Oregon Man Recovers from Plague After Being Baptized

Edit: the plague is very rare in the United States now.  Certainly, miraculous healings have taken place with the Sacrament.  People are sometimes granted more time.  What will this man do with his?

Most protestants don't believe that Baptism is anything more than an ordinance, without any special character. They usually resent the idea of sacramentality as much as atheists hate the idea of God.

A hospital chaplain baptized the unconscious patient and Gaylord's son, Jake, arrived from Austin, Texas, to say goodbye. 
 Hours later, doctors told his family that he had improved. "Jake got here and all of sudden the next morning he started getting better," said Andrea Gibb, Gaylord's niece.
 "The doctors were like kids in a candy store. They were so excited." Gaylord's case is Oregon's fifth since 1995. None has been fatal.

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