Friday, July 20, 2012

The Murdered Syrian Defense Minister Was Greek Orthodox

The Syrian Christians will be in serious danger if the Sunni terrorists continue. Under Assad, they are safe.

( The murdered Syrian Minister of Defense, Daud Radscha (65) was Greek Orthodox.

This was reported by a free journalist Andrea Ricci today on a German website independent of the media bosses, 'Compact Magazins'.

In May Radscha had survived a poisoning by the "Free Syrian Army".

This group is a band of Sunni terrorists, who have been armed by the US-Israeli power block.

Nest of Terrorists Dug Up

Ricci informed 'Compact Magazin' this morning by telephone.

He reported that the Syrian government troops have freed an outlying area of Damascus from terrorist incursions.

This was still proceeding, up to the city center and even penetrating to the hotel where Ricci was held up.

During the night, the situation cooled down.

The West is Seized by Fear and Panic

The detonations on the edge of the city continue.

There, the helicopters of the government were in action.

Ricci maintains that the terrorists never had even one single city district under control.

The surprise operations were undertaken much more to spread fear and panic.

The Western Media Bosses Disinform

Presently the situation is peaceful.

After the havoc wreaking terror attack against members of government, President Baschar al-Assad immediately named a capable successor and appeared on television.

Suggestions that he had sent his family out of the country has been demonstrated as Western disinformation.

Christians in serious danger

In his Hotel Ricci has noticed a "grim resolution": "We will defeat the terrorists!"

As to the situation, Ricci explained:

"The Christians here will be in serious danger if the Sunni terrorists continue. Under Assad, they are safe."

Unsuccessful Strategy

The staunchness of Peking and Moscow in the UN Security Council has -- according to Ricci -- has contributed to the calming of the situation:

"Apparently the terror of the last days has, above all, attempted to shake the position of the Russians and the Chinese."

Ricci commented: "That is unsuccessful".

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